Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Harish says sorry is more big than any mistake. Adi says to officer that he wants to talk to his brother for 2 mins. Adi tells Rubel that he don’t want to talk. Rubel says I know, and it is fair enough. He asks him to listen to him. He says my explanation can’t change the situation of you or our family. He says I always compete you for everything since my childhood. He says I compete with you and I admit it was my jealously and incompetency. You always won and I felt more jealous. He says I brought you in this condition but I am not happy. I messed it and cries. He says Chachaji and his family manipulated him and took the advantage. He tells Adi to forgive him and make him lose. Adi turns to him now and says my younger brother have grown up today.

You won today. Both the brothers hugs and cries. Rubel says sorry. Avantika tells Harish that Dad has won. Rubel says he will surrender and will be happy living in this lock up. He says he is feeling guilt free. Adi jokes that this is not a 7 star hotel sweet where you can enjoy. He says he talked to Pankhudi about it.

Harish says let this brother’s union happen later and asks Adi to meet Pankhudi. Harish, Avantika and Rubel leaves. Adi and Pankhudi hug each other while the PKDH song plays in the BG. Kapil gives money to someone called Mishra and asks him to do the work. Pankhudi tells Adi that he is looking lean. Adi says don’t do the melodrama and says he is not delicate. He says they are doing their work and he is doing his work. Pankhudi says you can’t hide your pain from me. She says Chachaji and Chachaji have to pay for their mistakes, she can’t let them stay happily. Adi says you had changed a lot and asks will you beat me after I come back home. Pankhudi hugs him while the PKDH happy version plays in the BG. Adi says to tell the truth, he was scared but because of mom and dad, he got strength. He says he has faith that his mom and dad is waiting for him. And he has hope that she will free him and take him with her. Adi says he misses her and her childish fights. Officers knocks on the door, Adi says my bodyguards came and asks her to go. He asks her to smile and go. Adi calls Pankhudi and she stops from leaving. Adi then asks her to go, while Pankhudi is in tears.

Kailash calls Preeti and asks her to come to the adoption centre. Preeti asks him to do without her. She says Sameer doesn’t like her meeting with him. Kailash says why you didn’t tell me before and says I don’t want you to have any problems because of me.

Rubel says he will leave for Mumbai from here. Avantika asks Rubel to have lunch with them, Rubel says no. Pankhudi tells Rubel that she didn’t give him permission to say no. Rubel says ok bhabhi. Harish asks do he have evening flight?Rubel says he forgot his cellphone and will get it. As they come outside the CBI office, Rubel looks for the car. Rubel tells that he hired a car and is waiting for the driver. Kapil is seen standing there in disguise. Rubel is coming towards him but then his car comes and they leaves in the car. Kapil turns around now.

Officer informs Vikram that some Mishra wants to meet him as he has some information about Adi. Vikram asks him to send him in. Mishra comes and says Aditya is innocent and offers him bribe and says this is a gift as you are letting him go easily. Vikram looks at the money and thanks him. Kailash comes to Sameer’s cabin and says can I come in. Sameer says yes. Kailash says he will not take his time and will come to the point. He says Preeti told him that you had misunderstanding her. Sameer says he is upset and it is justified. Preeti comes and looks at them. Harish informs Pankhudi that Rubel reached the airport. Pankhudi says she will leave now. Harish says Vikram is calling them to his office.

Sameer asks Preeti, why she is so shocked. Kailash came to solve our problems. Kailash says he is genuinely concerned but says he shall leave. Preeti says Kailash came to Mumbai with his wife to adopt a child. Sameer tells Preeti that she was hiding about Kailash. Preeti says why would I hide? Sameer says he is having work and leaves. Avantika asks Vikram, why he called Pankhudi? Vikram tells Pankhudi that she gave a good sweet. He says thanks. He asks do you know what is the punishment for offering bribe. 7 years of rigorous imprisonment. are you ready? Avantika stands up from her chair and says she will not keep quiet if he keeps a false allegations on them. She says someone is trapping them.

He asks Mishra to come in. Avantika says Pankhudi can’t do it. Vikram says he knows that Pankhudi couldn’t bribe him. He says his men followed him, outside someone was waiting for him but ran away. Kapil calls Chachaji and says that he missed the flight and will come on the next flight. Chachaji fears if Mishra speaks the truth. Vikram says they will find him very soon. Avantika asks who the hell had sent you. Mishra says that the person didn’t tell him about his details. Harish says did you saw his face. Officer says his face was covered. Avantika asks Mishra to speak the truth. Vikram says he will handle him. Harish says someone is trapping Adi. Vikram says may be Adi is saying the truth or may be Adi is the culprit.

Food tray gets slipped from Revathi’s hand and falls on the floor. Chachiji scolds her and asks her to clean the floor. Pankhudi comes and tells Revathi not to clean and asks Chachiji to clean the floor instead, shocking her and Sheela.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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