Mahabharat 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 14th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with duryodhan hostuing his flag in place of pandvas flag in aryavadh. Duryodhan says mamashri he new era has began n i have all the fear erased from my life .mamashri says no duryodhan ur fear is not earsed they are just going away n i have put a detective agent behind them . Krishna says (duryodhan) fear the pandvas that is ur failure n these pandavas are on the path of succeed.

A leap of few days is shown, n pandavas setting their houses in forest, nakul asksdraupadi to give him a vessel goes to gets some water, on his way back he hears roaring of tigers. When nakul doesn’t arrive for long time bheem n sahadev go in search of him n find him unconscious , the same roars are heard by these two, bheem goes in direction of that voice n wen turns back finds sahadev unconscious . wen bheem n sahadev don’t return arjun goes in search. He finds the 3 brothers unconscious he shocks to see them he realizes his brothers are dead n some evil force has taken their lives.arjun removes his dhanus(archer ) n warns that force that if the force doesn’t give his brothers life back he will destroy the lake. Here yudishtir goes in search of brothers and asks draupadi to take care of herself n if none of the pandavas return she should seek krisha for help.

Yudishtir goes in search of brothers and finds them dead on ground, he sits down n requests the evil force to arrive in front of him, he says i don’t have any fear against u n i don’t want to insult u plz arrive i front of me. A huge man arrives in front of yudishtir ,he says im the owner of this lake n no human has the right to take water from it,ur brothers have without permission taken water from it so i killed them.yudishtir says u haven’t invented the source so don’t have right over it, the force says answer my three questions n i will give ur 1 brother back,yudishtir agrees.

The first question is what is life n death , yudishtir says god is life n life is world n death is just an illusion, life n death is all in hands of god. Life leads to death only wen the world ends. The force says the answer is satisfactory , ask which brother u want, i will sugesst u to go for bheem. Yudishtir says its true but if my 3 brothers are dead bheem will not forgive me n so will arjun ,arjun will also not like this,n even my mother will not like this, so i will opt for nakul who is youngest.

The force turns into god he says im ur dharma pita i had given u to kunti u have satisfied me im proud of u i will give away all ur brothers lives back.

PRECAP:Bheem is worshipping lord hanuman , but a monkey comes a stills ladoos(sweets ) from bheem , bheem runs behind him n says will kill that monkey he holds the tail of monkey but couldn’t lift it the monkey turns into lord hanuman….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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