Beintehaa 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 14th April 2014 Written Update

Moulvi saheb and starts nikah of Zain and Aaliya. He asks them if they accept the nikah. Aaliya thinks their story started with hatred, but now she is realising that slowly they are becoming life partner. She says Zain is the world’s best damad and jiju that she helped her parents and sister. She thinks love has not started yet, but he is his best friend. She says she will accept the nikah thinking Zain as his bestfriend. Moulvi saheb asks Aaliya if she accepts the nikah. She says she accepts. Everybody around there congratulates. He then asks Zain if he accepts the nikah. Zain thinks he was thinking of getting rid of Aaliya, but now he has a new relationship with her and thinks if she would not have been there, he would have missed a lot. She helped him and his whole family, she helped Fahad getting out of betting racket and is risking her life for his sister Barkath. He says he will re-marry her and will not let her go from his life as he is habituated of her. He says he accepts the nikah. People around congratulates again. Ishq ishq hai…. song plays in the background.

Aaliya congrats Zain for the nikah. Zain says he married Saira. Aaliya says even he married Rashid, not him. Zain asks her to stop joking and start searching Barkath. They watch carefully each bride and groom. Aaliya says everyone has dorn a veil, how will they identify Barkath.

Usman, Surayya, and Fahad come there and see Zain and Aaliya getting married. Zain calls Usman and says he had to remarry Aaliya as there is a very tight security. He asks him not to come near them. Aaliya asks Zain they were to marry last, but people here changed the order and says it means Nasir and Barkath’s nikah will be last one. Zain calls Fahad says Barkath and Meer Khan are around. He asks him to ask media to reveal each couple’s face. Fahad agrees and goes. Surayya asks Usman to find Barkath soon. Usman says goons are all around and he does not want any his daughter get into trouble due to their one mistake.

Meer Khan sees Usman thinks he destroyed Usman 18 years ago and will destroy him again, he says Usman should not have come here.

Reporters ask the organizer that they want to check face of each couple as they have got a news that a 70-year-old man is marrying a young girl. Organizer says they cannot ruin someone’s privacy. Reporters say it means their news is true. Organizer allows and reports check each couple’s face. Zain, Usman and everyone are shocked to see Nasir Khan’s face. Zain remembers seeing Nasir’s pic in his old age home. Reporters insists to see Barkath’s pic. Nasir says they both are marrying on each other’s wish. Lady removes her dupatta and everyone are shocked to see an old lady instead of Barkath. Organizer says reporters he told nothing wrong is going, but they didn’t listen to him. Zain/Aaliya thinks they must have hidden Barkath.

Organizer come to Barkath’s room and asks her to come for the nikah. Surayya asks Zain if she saw Barkath. Zain says no, she asks him to find her soon. Zain and Aaliya go in search of Barkath. Moulvi asks Nasir if he accepts nikah with Barkath. Nasir says yes. He then asks Barkath if she accepts Nikah with Nasir. She does not say anything. Meer gets worried and asks her to says yes. Zain and Aaliya hear Moulvi calling Barkath’s name from a room. Zain informs Usman and they all try to enter the nikah venue to stop the nikah but goons stop them. Meer Khan says Barkath is his daughter and pressurizes Barkath to accept the Nikah. Nasir asks who are these people. Usman says he is father of Barkath. Barkath hears Usman and stands up astonshingly. She removes dupatta from her face and her face is revealed.

Precap: Surayya tries to touch Barkath, but Barkath takes her hand off and asks who is she.

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  1. Thats the only serial which does not drag away anything for a period of time. The show have a unique magnet.

  2. Thanks MA. Nice episode.

  3. They are wasting time by containing the same thing…

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