Qubool Hai 14th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 14th April 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 14th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is shocked at mamu’s confession of having killed her mother. She remembers her haunting nightmares. She falls unconscious while all are tensed for her. later, she wakes up on the bed, with dilshad next to her asking her about her health. She wakes up and asks for mamu. Asad signals him and he enters along with razia, with his head hung low. He comes beside her and she asks him why he did this. he says that there’s no reason why he did this, and that he wanted to tell her the truth, but was afraid top lose her, after having gotten her after such a long time. He says that had he not told her the truth, he wouldnt have been able to face her, and says that the biggest of punishments would be less for him. Mamu tells zoya, while she sits tensed,

and all others are distraught that he is willing to get any punsihment that she gives him and would accept even if she wants to send him to the gallows. She says that she always wanted to be with her father and thought that he must have been helpless that he never met her, but he always did it to hide his crimes. she says that haider may have forgiven him for his crimes but she wont. All are tensed, as she rants in shock that he killed her mother. Zoya says that she would give him a punishment that is above all this and is the strongest punishment of all. She says that from today onwards she breaks off all relations with him. mamu is distraught. She says that today onwards he isnt her father and she isnt his daughter. Mamu is heartbroken, as she says that he would never meet her or see her ever again and asks him to leave this house forever, as his life is his ultimate punishment. He nods his head in compliance. He streches his hand to bless her, but she turns her head away. He resignedly moves out of the room, casting one last cursory glance at his daughter, zoya, who stoically looks away from him. She too breaks down, crying incoherently. Razia too leaves after him, while dilshad composes zoya. Asad too sits beside her.

Mamu gives one last glance at his house, as he has his bags pakced, and razia too comes with her bags. She says that he took all her blames on himself and prevented her from falling in everyone’s eyes, but says that she cant face herself, as tanveer and she together conspired against him. she says that she isnt a good woman nor a good wife. she says that she maynot be forgiven, but she requests not to be stranded, and wherever he goes, she would come too. Mamu nods in compliance. they both take their bags and leave the house. Just as they turn around, they hear the sound of the musicbox, that humaira has in her hands, teary eyed. They both get emotional. Mamu raises his hand in blessing, while humaira` and razia are teary eyed.

Haider asks humaira about zoya, in their room. She says that zoya is getting better. humaira wipes her tears and asks him to go and meet zoya, as she would feel nice. he is hesitant, and says that zoya is in shock, and she would need some time to accept the truth of life, and that this isnt the right time to meet her. She asks him if a brother has to wait for the right time to meet his sister. He turns around surprised. She says that she always felt a relation between them but never knew that this relation has such a strong history, and remembers how she had insulted haider and zoya’s relation. She asks him that zoya is his real chutki. he gets teary eyed as he nods his head in compliance. She asks haider to go be with zoya, as she is very alone, and wiping his tears she tells him that zoya needs him, her brother. He cups her face and she hugs him tightly, as all misunderstandings clear up.

Zoya watches old video recordings, where she is yooung and is playing with her brother, who gets a doll for her. she is shocked. She turns around to find the same doll, lying on her bedpost, which was haider’s gift to her, on her marriage to asad. she turns around to find haider standing in the doorway, overwhelmed. zoya looks at him in shock, as she remembers their moments together. She comes to the conclusion, that he is after all her brother. He comes in saying that when he felt for the first time, she was like his sister, he was right as she truly was. He tells zoya the truth, that she is the chutki, his best friend, his young sister who destiny had estranged from him. He says that he doesnt blame destiny now, as they have met again. Zoya is overwhelmed to know that he is her brother. they both hug each other. Asad and humaira watch this and are hapoy for their better halves.

The next morning, all the ladies are taking care of nazma, and advise her to take care of her health. Asad tells zoya that she too needs to rest. dilshad too says that they need to take care of zoya too. The doctor comes in and they all start anxiously asking questions about nazma’s health. the doctor says that in the first month, morning sickness is natural. they all are confused, as nazma’s fifth month is going on. The doctor informs the family that she is taklking about zoya and that zoya is prgenant. they all get to congratulating her, while asad is shocked still. dilshad blesses them both. He takes zoya aside. asad asks zoya that she couldnt know that she is pregnant. She is casual about it, while asad asks her how could she not identify the changes in her own body. Zoya says now what, as she didnt get to know. asad says that she’s a girl and should have known. Dilshad finds them arguing. Zoya says that he too isnt a girl that he should know and think of all this, and that she couldnt understand if she’s pregnant or not. She again gets to reprimand her for being so controlling. asad asks her to come along then to the room for resting, and she doesnt. but he picks her in his arms and takes her insistently, while all the ladies are amused. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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