Mahabharat 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 12th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with drapdi proceeding towards bheem n yudishtir , krishna says don’t waste ur strength in punishing urself but in punishing those who had behaved bad towards my friend u(yudishtir) have to saow the seeds of dharma n strength again.arjun says u follow ur pran(promise),draupadi says i will tie my hair only when i will wash them by blood of dushasan ,bheem says i will do that for u panchali,maharaj dirtrashtra n his family will neve gain such(peace) now onwards.

A servant comes to blow of lights in duryodhans room, on asking he says its gandharis order, duryodhan goes to gandhari n asks the reason on this she says these lights are giving false light ,hastinapur is in dark now,shakuni says u see dark because ur blind folded ,gandhari says i know that n even that u love my children a lot n its that love which has lead him to this situation those pandu putra will come to kill my children,duryodhan says don’t u trust my strength gandhari says keep mum even after all that u have done in sabha u still trust ur strength ,dritrasgtra says don’t worry after vanvas of 13 yrs we will give oandu putra back their wealth, shakuni says this will not happen on this gandhari says till now i have stopped u from doing bad(adharma)but now do something though bad but kill those pandau putra if Krishna joins them my family will be destroyed.

Here pandu putras n druapadi leave for vanvas ,Krishna says go succeed in this 12 yrs train urself well for mahabharat ,Krishna says arjun go to kailash n take blessings of god mahadev for fight, he says bheem u go in the sharan(favour) of god hanuman,nakul sahadev go to ashwini putra they will teach u to support u battalion, n yudishtir n draupadi go serve the saints. Arjun says Krishna to take subhadra eith him ,Krishna says for sure n will also train ur son as a soldier n will be known as abhimanyu. All pandvas take krishnas blessing n leave.

When the pandavas are abt to leave they see duryodhan coming , they give him space to enter the castle ,the pandavas n duryodhan share a cold look , followed by dushasan n mamashri shakuni ,these enter with wicked smiles, duryodhan pulls off the pandvas flag n hoists his in the lace.

Subhadra why is that always adharma wins krishna says don’t worry subhadra this is the beginning of a new era….

Precap: Nakul goes to bring water but falls down unconscious slowly all brothers except yudishtir who is confused….

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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