Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts Sandhya seeing the Naxals. The insider leaves. Sandhya sees the dog and thinks her doubt was true. The chief asks his men to burn Sandhya. Sooraj senses something bad is going to happen and prays for Sandhya’s well being. The Naxals keep wood on Sandhya and burn her putting kerosene. They are happy that Officer Singh is in their arrest now. The men leave from there. Sooraj feels restless and looks at Sandhya’s photo. The fire is shown. Its morning, some cadet is running through the jungle. Its Sandhya. She thinks how she escaped from there. She comes to the base camp and thinks who can it be from them, who is the insider. She hides to keep an eye on them. She thinks the insider will know where the Naxals will take Officer Singh, I know who is he, everyone

are my friends, who is he cheating us.

Rahul and Roma talk about Officer Singh and Sandhya. She sees the dog again and says this is the same one, I can know to whom he gives the message today. She stops the dog and ties a paper to his leg. She asks him to go now. She hides and looks to whom does the dog go. The dog goes to Zakir and Zakir rubs him. Sandhya doubts on him. The dog then goes to Rahul. Rahul talks to him. Roma then makes the dog eat the biscuit. Sandhya thinks he did not eat biscuit by my hand. Sandhya says no one took the chit, who is the insider. Sandhya thinks what to do now, she says I will keep an eye on the dog, the insider will come to take the chit.

Sandhya sees Roma coming to the dog to take the chit. Sandhya is shocked. Sandhya thinks of how Roma has been close to her. She says I trusted her so much and she cheated everyone. She says now I will not spare her. Sandhya holds Roma by the gun and Roma asks what are you doing. Sandhya calls everyone there. Everyone come there and ask Sandhya what is she doing. Sandhya says Naxals took Officer Singh.

Zakir does not believe her. He says leave her. Roma says I think she is joking. Sandhya tells them that this is not a prank, she has cheated everyone. Rahul says why will Roma do this, she is our friend. Sandhya says she is a part of naxals group, who are helping them. Roma says what are you saying, how can you blame me. Sandhya says Roma is lying. Sandhya says Roma took Officer Singh to the Naxals. Rahul says you are mistaken. Roma says I belong to a good family. Sandhya aims a gun at Roma. Sandhya asks everyone to move back. Roma says we are friends, what happened to you. Sandhya says stop this drama now. Roma says are you mad. Sandhya says I know her truth. I have seen Officer Singh there.

Sandhya tells them that Roma mixed medicine in food and I had kept fast so I was in my senses. Roma says even I had the food. Rahul says I made her eat, she is right. Sandhya says you had taken the antidote of that drug. Roma says what are you saying, what happened to you. Roma says now I understand, Officer Singh said she will give my name for Best Cadet and so you got jealous and thats is why you are doing this. Roma scolds her. Rahul says Sandhya you are wrong, I was with Roma, Roma was worried for you when you were disqualified, don’t spoil our friendship. Sandhya says you think she is true and I m doing this for the trophy, I will prove myself right.

Rahul says move the gun, I won’t let you hurt Roma. Sandhya tells them that Zakir damaged my compass but Roma got disappeared, she fooled us. Zakir thinks about it and says enough Sandhya. Zakir says we won’t believe any story, all this is rubbish. He says you are lying. Officer Singh is not kidnapper and I will prove it, I went to talk to her but I was not allowed inside, she is into some discussion. Zakir comes in between. Roma thinks. Zakir asks Sandhya to trust him and signs her to do as he says.

Sandhya and everyone catch Roma. Roma smiles. Sandhya sys she will take us. Officer Singh is tied by the Naxals and taken somewhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So this is how Sandhya will win best cadet. Zakir should be given another chance too.

  2. Thanks for the update<3

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