Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th April 2014 Written Update

*Kokila drags Jigna inside after taunting Jigar. Everyone leaves. Jigar is left alone in the angan. Hetal is worried, Hetal asks Parag to tell Kokila.

*Rashi is worried about Jigar. Jigar is having a difficult time sleeping in the angan. Rashi throws pillows down and both of them text and have a cute moment.

*Gopi is sleeping on the bed, but Ahem also comes onto the bed and both of them are shocked. Ahem goes down to sleep on the floor. Gopi is shown blushing.

*Parag is trying to make Kokila understand but she not willing to.

*Gopi wakes up to Ahem’s alarm. Gopi takes to Ahem,but Ahem turns the other way and continues to sleep. Then Gopi wakes him up, Ahem gets mad on how she dared to touch. Just then they hear footsteps and think its Kokila, Ahem hastily hides the blanket. Gopi opens the door and its Chirag. Chirag asks Ahem is he forgot to send their client the file, he asks Ahem to do it right away.

*Ahem gets mad on Gopi saying its all your fault that this happened. Vidya walks in and asks Gopi why Ahem was shouting on her. Gopi says its nothing and takes Vidya to go get ready for school.

*Dhawal gets this call asking to do the work he told to or else his family will get hurt. Gopi is feeding Samar-Sahir-Vidya. Kokila comes. Kokila thanks Gopi for feeding her kids. Kokila and the kids hug. Right then Jigar comes down all dressed up. Hetal signs him to take off the blazer. Then Hetal tells him to drop the kids to school. Kokila is against it but, Hetal convinces her.

* Rashi unknowingly comes and says your phone. Kokila catches it says whose phone. Gopi covers for Jigar. Jigar takes the kids and leaves. Rashi tells Hetal we have to do something or Jigar will be out of the house.

*Kokila is in the mandir praying. Gopi gives her the taali. When Kokila forgets some verses, Gopi & Meera help her out. Kokila thanks Meera-Gopi for helping her. Gopi asks Meera where she learnt this. Meera says in the mandir.

*Dhawal is leaving in a hurry, Urmila stops him and asks him to get some stuff. Dhawal refuses. Kinjial-Urmila have a tiff.

Precap : Rashi-Gopi are executing a plan. Kokila gets a flashback of her memory

Update Credit to: DancingDiva

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  1. Quicker
    I need to find out what happened

  2. Feel sorry for jigar

  3. Do not know how long will this drama continue??

  4. it is dragging already one week passed since and episodes have become smaller. A person who never troubled anyone is getting abused by kokila,.poor jigar feel sorry for him. radha is roaming around just like that. she should be troubled that would have been better atleast.

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