Maha Epi – Ishq Subhan Allah 27th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Gazala dies

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Ishq Subhan Allah 27th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is locked in cell, she coughs and asks for water but officer doesnt listen to her. Zara says listen to me.
Female Inspector is with Kabir, Kabir says where is mty wife? inspector says you have to answer our questions, Kabir says if I dont find my Zara then I wont spare you. Inspector asks if he ever hurt his wife? he says why would I do it? I am an educated man, inspector says maybe she left you because she couldnt bear your anger. Kabir says why would she leave me? inspector says maybe she was tired of your issues. Kabir says she is not a weak girl to leave me like that, she would fight against injustice, I will find my Zara, you can hide her anywhere but I will find her, she didnt runaway nor will I runaway because I am not a coward, he leaves. Inspector says he loves his lover like I love my lover.

Kabir meets Imran, he hugs him and says there is no report of Zara anywhere and that inspector said Zara left me, I will find her.

Officer tie Zara’s hads, Zara says what are you doing? God will not spare you.

Kabir sees a video of Zara getting arrested, he watches it again and sees name tag of female inspector Gazala who is same inspector who told him that Zara left him. Kabir is stunned and says I know this inspector.

Inspector Gazala comes to Zara’s cell. Zara glares at her and recalls how she said that she killed her husband Siraj. Gazala asks her to look down but Zara doesnt, she starts slapping Zara and asks her to look down but Zara doesnt, she beats her and grabs her hair, she says we dont let anyone talk with eyes here, she hits her head on cell bars. Zara grumbles for water and says I didnt kill your husband. Gazala says you killed him and I will take revenge for it.

Imran searches about Gazala, he says she is an incounter specialist. Kabir says Shahbaz is not taking call too. I dont understand she was helping us before, did Siraj buy her? Imran says its not possible, he shows him news of Siraj getting hanged.

Gazala drowns Zara in high pressure water, Zara cries for help.
Kabir says Siraj is not alive then why she is doing this? Kabir says to Imran that Zara’s life is in that woman’s hand and I wont let anything happen to her, he leaves.

Officer brings clothes and jewelry for Zara. Gazala glares at her and makes her wear jewelry, Zara asks her what she is doing? she recalls how Siraj made her forcefully ready too. Gazala says I want to see what Siraj saw in you, Zara says you are Siraj’s wife, you dont know what devil was in his mind. Gazala says there is devil in every man’s mind but women like you provoke it. Zara says there is a difference between people like you and me, we show our beauty to our husbands only. Gazala says you cant show it to your husband now.

Kabir comes to male inspector and asks how much money did you take to hide Siraj’s case, if you dont tell me then you will be stuck with commissioner, he was involved in that case, tell me what relation Gazala have with Siraj? inspector says Gazala have gone mad after Siraj;s death, she was Siraj’s wife. Kabir says oh God thats why she is keeping Zara with her? where is Zara? inspector says she have kept her in high security jail. Kabir leaves. inspector messages someone.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to Gazala and says where is my wife? she got lost outside your police station. Gazala says maybe your wife ranaway. Kabir says stop telling me lies and do your duty. Gazala asks officers to arrest him. They arrest him. Male inspector whispers to Kabir that I have done your work.

Imran calls Reema and says things are not right here. Reema says same here, all are worried, we are not able to contact Shahbaz. Imran asks to take care of things there, he ends call.

Imran comes to police station, he says to Gazala that my friend Kabir and Zara are missing, he sees her name and glares at her, Gazala laughs and says prepare for their deaths, she asks officers to throw him out.

Zara is tied and hang from noose, she is standing on stool, there are rats on floor. Gazala says I used to make Siraj eat with my hands but he stopped when he started chatting with you. Zara says it was not me, I never chatted with him, I didnt look at another man other than my husband, I never provoked him. Gazala throws food at rats so they become more aggressive. Zara asks her to not misuse her powers, she says what about my husband? Zara says if you want to take revenge then kill me. Gazala says I saw love in your husband’s eyes for you like Siraj used to love me so I will kill him first infront of you. zara says no dont hurt my Kabir, he didnt do anything, kill me but leave him. Gazala throws her stool away, Zara hangs from ceiling, Gazala asks her to shout for her husband like I cry for my husband every night, Kabir will go to Siraj, you will die too but after Kabir. She cuts her noose, Zara falls on ground and whispers for Kabir.
Kabir is surrounded by some goons. Zara feels his presence in jail. She says Kabir? Gazala says what a connection, he is here. Want to listen his voice? Goons start beating Kabir in another cell. Zara cries for him ad shouts Kabir. She tries to run to him but Gazala stops her. Zara asks her to beat her but pleads to leave Kabir. Gazala asks her to goons to stop beating Kabir, they do. Gazala starts beating Zara badly, Zara cries in pain. Goons are beating Kabir too. Gazala leaves Zara in cell. Goons covers Kabir’s face in chili powder, he screams in agony. Kabir tries to leave cell but they keep beating himg. Kabir whispers Zara dont be scared, I am coming to save you. Zara in another cell says Kabir why did you come here? if anything happens to you then I wont be able to bear it.

Kabir and Zara are dragged to main part of police station, they run to each other and hug tightly. Gazala smirks. Goons try to separate them but Gazala says leave them, let them hug for 30seconds. Kabir and Zara tightly hug each other. Gazala says time finished. They are draged away from each other. Gazala asks everyone to leave. Kabir runs to Zara, he says we didnt kill Siraj. Gazala says your wife killed him, she wants to steal other husbands, my Siraj left this world here and you both will die here too. Zara says you are police officer, I didnt make that profile, it was fake one. Kabir says your husband wanted to marry someone’s wife, think about his character. Gazala points gun at them. Zara comes forward and says if you want to kill then kill me but for Siraj’s sake leave Kabir. Gazala says you both decide who will die first. Zara says me, Kabir says me, Zara asks him to listen to her to first. Kabir says I cant see you die first. Zara says how will I die when I see you dead? I cant see you dead. Gazala says lets play a game. She puts only one bullet in a gun and says lets see who will die between three of us, She gives one to Kabir and says game is that you will shoot me first, if I get saved then you will shoot your wife and if she get saved then you will shoot yourself. Kabir says what if we both get saved? she says then I will shoot you both. Kabir points gun at her and shoots but its empty. Gazala asks him to shoot his wife, he cant, Zara points gun at herself, Kabir closes his eyes and prays for Zara’s safety, he shoots but there is no bullet. Gazala asks him to shoot himself, Zara says no, he says goodbye, he shoots but there is no bullet. Zara and Kabir hug each other. Gazala says you both will die with my hands, Zara says I will die first. Gazala says your husband will die first. Zara says no. Kabir says will you not ask me if I am doing for duty or because of love? she recalls how she asked him earlier too. She asks love or duty? he says love and only love. Zara smiles at him and hugs him tightly, they both cry. Gazala smirks and points gun at Kabir but Kabir still have that one bullet gun in his hands and shoots Gazala, bullets fires and hits her chest. Gazala falls and dies. Flashback shows when Kabir was hugging Zara, he changed bullet’s position on first one and shot her. Zara and Kabir both fall down and sigh in relief. Kabir laughs and hugs her. Zara smiles and feels peace in his arms.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Cathy

    Okay so i decided to read yesterdays and todays (sunday) written update and decided to watch the shows without subtitles, so i can comment with everyone else, but first an observation, is anyone else more then slightly annoyed by the lighting effect they’ve for some strange reason decided to do, i’m talking about the light constantly flashing in everyones face, like someone standing with bits of mirror and deliberately aiming it at the actors faces, i would bet cash money that those actors hate it. LOL, but back to the show, really enjoying this and loving the romance happening and yes i agree with everybody that Kasmirs air seems to work wonders on Kabir, they should perhaps bottle it and take it home with them, So they’ve just thrown Zara in Jail and i’m going to pause to watch the “Handmaids tale” on regular tv then i’ll be back.

    1. I’ve noticed the flashing too Cathy.. Can’t understand how the director wasn’t aware of that, it’s irritating and distracting… And no, I didn’t see maha episode, we here on the west are like stepchildren, we are treated badly on zeetv…so you, Allybrew and myself are in that category. I have to rely on Desitvflix tomorrow to see Friday’s episode + weekend mahaepisodes…???

    2. Cathy

      Boy did those two have a bad day, they did an excellent job..eisha has a good range of acting and she did a great job, i think they could have had some bruising happening after the beatings..just to be a bit more realistic but other then that it was a great episode.

    3. Hey guys I’m tring to comment in the forum but it is not posted i have been posting these many days before not regularly but frequently. why now it isnot posting

  2. Sorry friends for the late post…got tied up a bit.. Hi Tejeswini…welcome to the forum, happy to have you here and I’m sure we’ll be friends as well, just one tiny thing..i don’t understand Hindi too much but your words look awesome so I’m guessing you said something interesting …??

  3. Well… I enjoyed the high drama and suspense. I love when Kabir and Zara both refer to each other as “my Zara or my Kabir “…so cute! I’m not too pleased to see Siraj go though, he was so handsome, sometimes the most gorgeous men get the villain roles and then they have to be killed..not good for me!! I was hoping that in the conversation with Gazala, Zara would have exposed Rukhsar’s dirty deed but I was disappointed.. I’m mighty pleased though that Kabir finally realized his feelings for his wife and reassured her he is saving her out of love and only love, not because of duty… Now, I call on Kabir and Zara to stay in Kashmir and have a second honeymoon but this time Kabir should drown his wife in bliss, away from detestable Rukhsar…for sure Rukhsar is going to die of envy to see them so close after all the harm she tried to place them in… So, what now of Miraj?? What’s his position in the scheme of things now?? SMH… Why did writers hang Siraj?? Damn, I can’t see his good-looking face in the serial anymore!!!???

    1. Cathy

      Now Allybrew knows how i like a good bad boy (heaven) so i’m with you hoping beyond hope that siraj is still lurking around ready to pounce…:) i’m sure they didn’t get rid of him for real.

  4. Cathy and Allybrew, you know what is going to happen now, zeetv Caribbean will cut the two mahaepisodes in four, so that means we will be four episodes + at least two episodes behind…never mind girls, that’s what Desitvflix is there for…to make zeetv Caribbean look foolish …

    1. HI Naz, I was wondering the same thing, All weekend I’ve been following Desitvflix hoping that they would show the Maha episode but alas is seems on Wo Ap Se was deemed worthy to be shown, But waiting to see what happens. Now if only Kabir would behave just like this with Zara when they get back. Just be loving and affectionate in front of everyone, the look om Rukshar’s face would be priceless. As for Miraj, I am beginning to think that Rukshar is also a target in his plan. I am thinking that Siraj found out she created the fake profile and that she was the one he had been chatting with all the while falling for Zara’s face. So she more that anyone is to blame for his death. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him

  5. Could anyone confirm that SIRAJ is dead or alive?????
    In spoilers we can see miraj explains his plotting and take siraj name as his gameplan but here gazal is saying he was dead
    To Whom SI was messaging aboit kabir ???
    I think siraj must played a plot of his death to escape from jail
    Hope we can siraj again and his obseSsion for zara so that once again kabir will clear his misunderstandings about zara which are going to be plotted by rukraj and expresses his love by saving her again and again
    Hope siraj gets a hood time space in show unlike past episodes

  6. Could anyone confirm that siraj is dead or alive????
    In spoilers we have seen that while miraj explaining ruksaar his gameplan he mentioned it as siraj’s plot while here in kashmir Gazal and others were saying siraj was dead
    To whom SI was messaging about kabir
    As far as i think this death drama must be plotted by SIRAJ to escape the prison
    Hope SIRAJ comeback to the show and we can bis love and obsession for zara again and kabir will once realize his love and gets cleared by the misunderstandings about zara which are going to be plotted by rukraj and expresses his love through saving her again and again
    Hope SIRAJ will get more screen presence and episodes this time unlike the past siraj episodes
    Waiting for SIRAJ

    1. Even I want to see Siraj again. But Imran shows Kabir the news of Siraj’s suicide. So I don’t think Siraj is alive. Or maybe Siraj manipulated the news channels into believing that he is dead.

      But after Kabir and Zara return from Kashmir, Rukhsar continues to chat with Siraj on the social networking website. Siraj accepts her friend request on social media and also gives her his phone number because Ruksaar wanted to speak to him about Zara. So, does this mean that Siraj is alive and is waiting for the right time to pounce on Zara. I hope so. If this happens, the bond between Kabir and Zara will strengthen and Kabir will realize his love for her.
      But why did Siraj get obsessed with Zara when he was already married to the lady police Ghazala
      Also what is Miraj’s plan? Who sent him? Why did he stop supporting Rukhsaar? What did Zara request him when he gave her a lift in his car and why did he start supporting her after that?

  7. Hiiii frnds, thanks Naz for your gesture. Siraj is dead and Miraj is his brother, once Miraj called Zara as Zara bhabhi, gays u see the new prom. it’s about Rukhsar n Zara ki face off. Plz aab is Rukhsar Ko hatavo yaar, bahut irritate karrahi hai is ladiki.

  8. wow, finally it was so good to see kabir in love with zara. very beautiful moment, also the tragedy and evil was ended and love victorious. every disaster plan of siraj or miraj or rukshar will be overcome by Zara and Kabir Mohabat.
    this is the next show after ishqbaaz that i enjoy. always appreciated the chemistry in shivika. ofcourse they are now 2 years old. but kabir and zara are fantastic. zara looks very beautiful in her bhurkha.
    siraj seen her beauty and now finally her husband kabir has seen zara inner and outer beauty.
    it was a lovely episode both the saturday and sunday.
    looking forward to more moments of Kabir and Zara and hope to see their love grow more stronger and deeper. from all shows on all channels, Ishqbaaz was and is a good show, which does not drag but moves on.
    it is good to see the same in ishq subhan allah and hope to see Kabir and Zara grow. also please put an end to the evil Rukshar. her evil thoughts and ways make her look ugly. how can kabir fall for her only.
    all the best Zara and Kabir. they rock Ishq subhan allah.
    also please upload the episode on the zee app

  9. Hi, can I ask? The Saturday and Sunday episode, are they a continuation of the normal storyline or is it on its own? I am confused as that time during the Bootu special episode or something, their appearance was not related to the storyline at all. Can someone help to clarify my doubt please

    1. I did watch the saturday & sunday episode. it was in continuity from the friday episode and hope fully looking to its continuity to today’s episode.

  10. For everyone who is asking if the Saturday-sunday episodes are continuation of normal story, answer is NO. Those two episodes was just like a movie, it started and then end. From Monday the story will continue where we left on Friday. Any inquiries or suggestions about this show please let me know, I am associate writer of this show and will reach your feedback to Main writer and my team. Thanks

    1. Cathy

      Shashwat Rai..Hi and i really like this show a lot, i don’t know if you have any influence on what happens with the affiliate Zee stations primarily Zee Canada,, Carribean, U.S.A U.K etc But please could we get back in sync with or at least get a few days behind India’s showings,,,,These shows are ruined and broken up and shown in such a way that we can’t keep up with what is happening here and seriously im on the point of cancalling my Zee station because of the frustration and just watch the shows online..Thank you.

      1. Shashwat

        Hi Cathy, first of all thanks for liking our show. Actually I m just a writer in the show and the issue you are talking about is channel related. But I will try that your issue will reach to the channel. Keep watching Ishq Subhanallah. Thanks.

    2. I don’t understand “The Saturday and Sunday episodes are like a movie”. Could you please explain?

      1. Shashwat

        Means the story of sat-sun episode was not connected to the main story. It was a altogether different complete story like a movie, it started and end, you don’t need to wait for next episodes.

  11. Shashwat

    For everyone who is asking if the Saturday-sunday episodes are continuation of normal story, answer is NO. Those two episodes was just like a movie, it started and then end. From Monday the story will continue where we left on Friday. Any inquiries or suggestions about this show please let me know, I am associate writer of this show and will reach your feedback to Main writer and my team. Thanks

    1. Hi Shashwat, I’m happy to see a member of the creative team here. For too long, our concerns on the various serials have fallen on deaf ears and it’s reassuring to know that you have reached out to us on ISA’s comment section. So far, I’m pleased with the concept of your team bringing to the audience the backdrop of the life of a Muslim community, although we’ve had Qubool Hai before, it didn’t quite portray the sentiments of the Muslim family unit. ISA is sooo much more realistic and I can identify with a lot of customs but may not conform to a few issues regarding the roles of women in the Muslim unit. It’s commendable to have a vibrant, educated and charismatic female lead who knows what is required of her role in the society and family and she’s not someone who would be bulldozed by the dictates of male dominance. I believe that Muslim women are just as good in leadership roles as Muslim men, I’m by in no way advocating for feminism in the broader sense but just to say that I believe in equality across the board. I’m pleased as well with the fast paced sequences, I dislike when a story is dragged on for ages, that’s when my attention begins to stray…it comes across to me that the writers have no other plots lined up and are just buying time. I’m sure that when I’m done typing this comment, I’d realize that I left out a few points…. The entire cast is super duper, especially the leads, they make an awesome couple. I can speak for the other viewers that we absolutely adore the romance, after all…most if not all of us here are women and I’m telling you that is what we want, we want a happily married couple fighting battles together, in the way their bond will be stronger, just like how we just saw in Kashmir where both Kabir and Zara swear they would lay down their lives for each other, how romantic is that!!! Like the face of adversity, there’s strength and together Kabir and Zara would conquer their enemies. Ayesha’s role touches our hearts, so does Reema, and so does Zara’s parents, even Shabaaz’s turnaround is positive… You all are awesome, keep up the wonderful work at your end…the writers job is to keep us glued to the serials but in a positive way and I know it’s a monumental task to write good stuff but you all are doing great so far… No reincarnation, black magic or ghost stories… PLEASE!!!… And I definitely hope that you are a member of the creative team and this is a not some joke… Peace!!!

      1. Shashwat

        Hi Naz I m amazed by the hard work you put in your comment, your analysis is to the point. We write shows for the audience and try to give them good entertainment but problem is that we can’t make everyone happy so we just try to stick with story. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t but our job is keep trying. Anyway I will make sure that your feedback will reach to main writer of this show Mr. Danish Javed.
        And I wish I can share the upcoming tracks with you to proof my authenticity but that will spoil your enjoyment. Thanks a lot. Keep watching Ishq Subhanallah

  12. Nina

    There were the fearful episodes on the weekend. The kidnapping, violence, lawlessness, impertinently, deception assailed to our heroes. I have liked the acting of lead actors in the tensed sciences.

  13. Cn any1 tell me which ws the other episode Zara asked kabir love or duty plzzzzzzzzzzzz any1

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