Belan Wali Bahu 27th May 2018 Written Episode Update: All men sleep outside on road

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Belan Wali Bahu 27th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All men of house are eating veggies. Lata says atleast eat cooked food. Prem says Devi this is enough for us.

All men are doing yoga and screaming as saints. Lata says to roopa that my love lift has gone bad, without Prem, I am sad. Roopa says we will find a solution. Lata says Meinka will distract them. I will be Meinka for Prem. Shalini you do it for Jitendra. Roopa says I will be Meinka for Laddo’s ghost.

Lata comes to her room and thinks he can do anything for wine. Prem is praying. Lata asks him to take wine. He takes glass from her and says how people drink this? it stinks, he pours it out. Lata thinks my seduction wil distract him. She asks him to tie dori, he ties curtain dori, she says tie dori of my blouse. He says no that is not something done by a saint, wear simple clothes. He leaves.

Shalini comes wearing white saree and starts dacing around Jitendra but he keeps praying, she tries to seduce and pours water on herself but he moves away from her and asks her what are you doing? if someone sees you like this then that person will be distracted, he leaves.

Roopa is wearing seductive saree, she asks Laddo’s ghost to look at him, he says let me to prayers. She sits on terrace and says I wont leave till you look at me, I will seduce you, she dances around him. Scrap seller comes there and sees her dancing like that. He says what are you doing? Roopa asks him to leave. Roopa says I will try again, she dances around Laddo’s ghost but he keeps his eyes closed and keeps praying. Lata and Shalini sees Roopa seductively dancing and are shocked. Lata asks what are you doing there? she says I was cleaning and exercising. Roopa comes to them, Lata says my Meinka planned failed, Shalini says mine too, Roopa murmurs mine too. Lata says what can we do to bring them back? Shalini says seems like they will remain like this for life. Roopa says I have thought something to make them fine. Lata says you sent them to saint and see what happened, Roopa says it will work this time.

Scene 2
Dada says to Prem that I am tired of this world, we should leave all this behind. Roopa comes there and says your head saint called, he said that you have 3 challenges to pass then you will go towards God’s path, first challenge is to sleep under a moon. Jitendra says that is very easy, all men should sleep under the sky. Roopa says saint asked to not use any sheet as earth is your sheet. Dada says what a nice thought, we will sleep outside, they all go to sleep. Lata says they left happily, Roopa says night is remaining.

All men are sleeping outside on road. They wake up, Dada says there are so many mosquitoes but we shouldnt be worried about them, they are made by God too. They try to sleep again. Scrap seller asks when did you become saints? mosquitoes will bite you and kill you. Prem mosquitoes will become saints too. Scrap seller leaves. Naren says there are many mosquitoes here. Prem gives newspaper for Naren and says this have world’s news but we dont have interest in worldly things so three will sleep and one will fan us using this newspaper, lets go to sleep. Jitendra says great Swami, we have to wake up at 4AM to take shower. Dada, Jitendra, Prem sleeps, Naren fans them. They take turns to fan others. Shalini comes there and wakes them, she says its time to take bath, Shalini says to men that as per your head saint, you have to take bath with cold water, then you will have last challenge to pass.

Roopa says sorry Dada, Prem and others but I am mixing ice in your water, I hope you bath with this icy water and this saint dream will leave you all.

PRECAP- Prem, Dada, Jitendra and Naren comes after taking bath from icy water, they are shivering. Prem says it was a good experience to take bath from that water.
Roopa says to men that you have to take last challenge efore your head saint takes you to God’s path, Lata says you have to walk on this. They see a path of burning coals where they have to walk on. They all are stunned to see it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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