KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 18

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Shot 18 ..
The Episode starts with kunj smiling like an idiot oh my god why she is this much cute babaji she looks more pretty when she is “Jealous” ..”Mah Jealous Baby” He smiled again soon ani comes there and tells kunj that someone came to meet him …

He composed himself and went towards door to welcome the officer he greeted him and welcomed inside …

Nikhil my name I am here in the behalf to inspect if you both are staying together or not he said while kunj nodded ..

Yeah I know myself kunj he said forwarding while Nikhil too greeted him glad to meet you he said while both headed inside …

So where is your wife ??? Nikhil asked ..
Twinkle kunj called out while twinkle who was present in kitchen came and sees them …
My wife twinkle kunj said slipping his arm around her waist while twinkle too greeted him ….was looking at kunj …

He asked them many questions why they want divorce blah blah blah they answered everything well and was sugar coating each n Everything behaving like an ideal married couple …

I liked you both alott you know guys  I visited many homes who was forced to stay together when I visit them their behaviour shows that they want divorce anytime soon and was just stuck with each other but in your case it’s different are you really willing to divorce with your consent ??? He asked ..

Twinj was silent …twinkle looks at kunj expecting him to answer this question as he was the one who started all this but kunj didn’t said anything just stayed silent …

Nikhil looks at them and smile he coughed to gain their attention “well I have taken your much time now the last thing which I wanted to say “AS ALMOST 3 MONTHS COMPLETED BUT IF YOU WANT YOUR DIVORCE TO HAPPEN SOON THEN YOU CAN APPLY NEXT MONTH “ he ended ..

No we want all the 6 months then we will tell our decision regarding this kunj said ..
It’s okay then glad meeting you both Nikhil said and stand up to leave …

Twinkle was just looking at kunj while he too looks back at her Nikhil who was going turned and saw them he smiled again .
THEY WILL NOT GET DIVORCED FOR SURE” He murmured and left from there …

Kunj broke their eye contact and left to the room while twinkle simply followed him kunj sees her and broke the ice ..
You wanna ask something ??? He said and turned towards twinkle ..

Yeah I am not able to understand you that day in court you wanted instant divorce but now you can get it after a month your are denying for it and want more time why ??? Twinkle asked ..

Kunj smiled yeah I know at that time I wanted divorce instantly because I didn’t wanted both of us to suffer in this namesake marriage but after staying with you for this much time I realised they are many things which are needed to be unfold for that I need time kunj ended ..

Plus I know you hate me that to the core that you don’t wanna see me around for you a second more but the truth is “I STILL LOVE YOU “He confessed and left from there leaving a shocked twinkle behind …
@ London :::
Usha and shanaya was instructing the chef’s for the lunch while Varun came after sometime sees armaan sleep he smiled looking at him …

He is too cute sometimes I wished to eat him he said and picked up armaan and was admiring him..
Whom you wants to eat Mr husband shanaya asked sitting beside him ..

Him Varun showed armaan while shanaya smiled ….
You have completed my life bringing him Varun said while shanaya looked on ..
Yeah for your happiness only I decided to go for baby she said …

But shanaya still you should too give him time I know you wanted to focus right now on your career but atleast when you are at home you should take care of him na rather than his nanny…

I don’t know why you and kunj always behind me nanny is there for him na plus you are there kunj too takes care of him shanaya said frustrated …

Usha came and called them for lunch Varun shanaya Bebe usha sat …
My whole family is here except kunj and yuvi usha said ..

Yeah Varun said I feel kunj shouldn’t divorce twinkle he ended while shanaya usha n Bebe looks at him ..
Why ?? Usha ask ..

See na mummy ji he also loved twinkle and got married to her then why divorce he should start his family too Varun said ..
It was his decision Varun no one forced him shanaya said ..

Okay leave that waise I planned for our visit to India for the next fashion meet that was going to be there in Mumbai there all can meet kunj and yuvi Varun ended …

When we have to go ?? Bebe asked with excitement ..
Hold on Bebe it had time for the fashion meet but as I am handling this year I have to go 2 months before so after a month we will go there if you all are ready ..
Yeah we all are ready Bebe said and rest nodded soon they all had their lunch ..
@ India( twiditi enterprise)
Hah finally today’s work is completed yuvi said resting his head against his chair while Aditi who was sitting opposite to him smiled …

Got so much tired today ?? She asked while he nodded in yes ..
Yeah it was hectic kunj + twinj also left so or else kunj would have handled Everything yuvi said while Aditi too agreed …

I think we should leave now she said while yuvi too smiled ..
Yeah let’s go he said and got up ..
I have to talk to twinkle to I am coming to Sarna house Aditi ended ..

Yeah most welcome he said and they went towards his car ..
Wait ! Aditi said while yuvi looked on puzzled ..
What happen ? He asked

You sit I’ll drive today she said ..
What ? Yuvi asked ..
See you are tired + if you drive then to we are done with this world and I don’t want to reach heaven this soon Aditi said while yuvi too laughed ..

Atleast we will stay in heaven together he stretched the last word ..
Enough now give me the key she said while yuvi throws it and she catched both smiled …both sat in the car ..

Ready for the drive Mr Luthra ???
Yes miss khanna he said soon they journey started ..
Sarna house ::
It had been three hours since twinj had that conversation after that kunj didn’t saw twinkle …he was looking for her when saw her sitting in law planting small plants …he too sat beside her while she didn’t even looked at him …

They both didn’t talked kunj was trying to help her but each time was getting ignored by her huhuh siyappa queen he murmured …

Don’t call me that twinkle said n looked at him ..
What ? Siyappa queen ? He asked ..

Yeah that only why you always call me that huh she said and takes the water pipe in her hands kunj snacthed it from her hand …

Huh you are siyappa queen only I’ll do watering he said but twinkle step on the pipe and water stops ..

Kunj was surprised and holds the pipe below his face while Twinklee moved to snacthed pipe from him stepping aside
As soon as twinkle steps asside water splash on kunj face while he was shock his whole face drenched in water …

Hogaya siyappa twinkle murmured looking at him ..
You are gone now kunj said and was trying to catch her ..

No no no don’t kunj she said running but it was late as he already made her drench too in water and laughed ..
Tit for tat he said ..

Ahem ahem haven’t we disturbed something yuvi voice interuppted them ..
They sees yuvi and Aditi standing …
Hahah kunj you are looking cute yuvi said and laughed ..

Acha ruk Tu kunj said and directioned the pipe towards yuvi but yuvi moves asside and water falls on Aditi …
Margaya kunj said and throws the pipe ..

You I won’t leave you aditi said and picked up the pipe and pointed towards kunj while he pulled twinkle before him making twinkle drench again …

Ahh sadu Sarna twinkle pushed kunj and takes pipe from Aditi and makes kunj all wet she turns and signs Aditi both makes yuvi condition same and the war started ….soon the throws the pipe aside fully drenched…and sat on the grass ..

This all started because of this siyappa queen kunj said …
Huhuh how I’ll go home now Aditi cried while kunj looked at her ..

Yeah you won’t even fit in twinkle clothes to change he said and smirked ..
Huh ? I can fit okay don’t say anything to me or else …Aditi said
Or else what kunj cuts her off …

Yuvi and twinkle signs each other and got up from there leaving them alone to fight …

I have beared them till now I seriously don’t know yuvi how you are going to bear them in future together twinkle said while yuvi looks at her shocked ..

It means you know ??? Yuvi asked shockingly …
Yeah I can read your eyes Mr Luthra FALLEN-AT-VERY-FIRST-SIGHT twinkle said making him more shocked …

Maan Gaye maata aapko yuvi joined his palms together while twinkle laughed both went inside …
Kuditi was still fighting they notice twiraj was not there ..

When did they both left ??? Aditi asked
When you were busy fighting with me kunj replied rolling his eyes ..
You started okay don’t blame me Aditi said ..

Haan Haan go and changed don’t spoil my wife clothes okay take ones in which you will fit fatso kunj said ..
I’ll kill you Aditi said while kunj already left …

Aditi went inside and reached twinj room twinkle had changed already and took out clothes for Aditi…
Arey done with fighting so soon change now twinkle said ..I am going to make tea come join me soon she ended while Aditi nodded and left ..

Soon she changed and was coming out from twinj room at the same time kunj was entering …
What you were doing in my room ?? He asked ..

Stealing your precious gems ? she answered see I got fit in her clothes and I want to give you a suggestion even you will fit in her clothes if you try once aditi said while kunj fakes a smiled she left downstairs …kunj went to change …

Twinkle was preparing tea while yuvi was helping her …
Yuvi plz pass me that sugar bowl twinkle said while he nodded ..and looked at Aditi coming he was lost in her..

Yuvi yuvi twinkle called again and sees him she hits him slightly…making him come out of his dream land …
What happen Aditi aksed …

Wo someone’s is busy staring at the beautiful sight Twinkle said …
What ? Aditi asked ..
You wanted sugar na Twinkle yuvi said hurriedly gives her while Twinklee was supressing her laugh …

You are in kitchen yuvi ? Aditi asked ..
Haan sometimes I come to help twinkle I love to cook he said …do you also cook like twinkle ? He asked ..

Twinkle started laughing kunj who heard while coming inside kitchen too joined twinkle …
She only knows to cook people kunj said and laughed ..while Aditi frowns …

Don’t say like that kunj she prepared soup for me and it was tasty twinkle said ..
I know how much tasty it was kunj said and they laughed again Aditi too laughed with them ..

How much I wanted these “A PERFECT FAMILY MOMENT” ME ADITI KUNJ TWINKLE Plz babaji fulfill my this wish yuvi thought and joined them in laughing session …

Ani came there and told that someone came while yuvi Aditi went outside to look while twinkle was pouring tea …and kunj was helping her …

Aditi sees Aisha with ranveer and Ali and jumped to hug Aisha while yuvi was confused and fake a smile seeing ranveer …he too met them and went in kitchen and ask Twinkle to go while they will arrange snacks …

Twinkle too met Aisha and hugged her tightly while KUVI came after her and placed everything on table along with their servants help ….

Twinkle introduced them to each other while all sat there and was enjoying their tea n snacks ..
I am so so happy to see you all here Twinkle said and smiled ..

Even I am twinkle puttar well we came to invite you all for Ali wedding … I’ll be really glad if you all join us in this happiness Aisha said ..
Arey we will come even if you don’t invite is twiditi said …

Gadhies that invitation is for kunj and yuvi not for you both as I know even more than me you both are desperate Ali said and ranveer laughed …

Aisha was taking to KUVI while Ali bends towards aditi even ranveer …we can see it’s kunj house yuvi too stays here and twinkle is his wife what are you doing here ?? Are you planning to become twinkle sister in law Ali whispered …

You and your dirty mind aditi said frustrated …
Ranveer you tell me if I am saying right or wrong ?? Ali asked ..

Yeah even I agree Banda smart to hai ranveer showed thumbs up while Aditi pinched them both ..
Ouch they both said together …
What happend Aisha asked …

Uhmm nothing aunty ranveer said glaring at Aditi while she smiled at him …
Chalo then I’ll take a leave it’s a destination wedding so we all are leaving day after tomorrow at night Aisha said …

Wow twinkle said in excitement …
Well before that I have planned a dinner for all of us so plz come ranveer said while twinkle and Aditi nodded ..even kunj and yuvi too come ranveer ended while they too smiled …

Soon they left from there while KUVI was confused seeing ranveer behaviour and twinkle and Aditi was happy for Ali …
Both the girls hurried towards twinj room to decide what to wear while KUVI went to yuvi room …

He invited Twinkle and Aditi that makes a sense why he invited us ? Kunj asked ..
I don’t know bro yuvi replied ..
Huh ?

I think he really didn’t want our business rivalry to come between our relationships so yeah may be yuvi said ..
I hope so I don’t want any other plan from his side kunj said ..

Leave na let’s decide what to wear yuvi said …
Wedding is of Ali not yours baby kunj said while yuvi frowns ..
Huh waise what happened that officer came today or not ? Yuvi asked ..

Kunj told him everything what all happened ..as soon as we will be back from the wedding we have to find out …

The mystery behind Leela maa death ..
About twinkles surgery what they both are hiding …
How twinkle lived without anyone beside her …

And I don’t know how many things are going to be unfold so yeah enjoy the wedding after that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STARTS kunj said while yuvi too nodded ..
I hope we gets a clue soon yuvi said …
@ twinj room ::
Twiditi has decided what to wear for dinner while they both sat on the bed …
Arey I forgot to ask why you came here twinkle said …

Haan yeah I was going to ask what doctor said I didn’t got time in office also as your lovely husband is not leaving you for a second …

Nothing much she said my wound is fine now just few medicines and I’ll be fine like before Twinkle said ..
Hmm thank god ..Aditi replied and looks on lost somewhere …

What happen ? Twinkle asked ?
I don’t know what’s going on in his mind(kunj) he asked me several time about your surgery in these few weeks I toh nearly told him that you lost ..

Twinkle cuts her off don’t make me remember that Aditi it was a painful phase of my life ..I never understands him sometimes …

Once he left me promising to come back at any cost but never showed up ..
I told about my condition to him he saw the messages but never replied …
Now he is curious to know after I lost it twinkle said sadly …and he says that he still loves me she ended palming her face …

Don’t be sad twinkle I know what you went through …but wait still love you means …

I don’t know that I just know one thing if he would have been with me at that time I would have never lost my most precious thing twinkle said a tear escaped from her eye …

They heard the door opening kunj entered and saw twinkle pale face his doubt increased more seeing her ..

Sorry to disturb I came to take my clothes he said and went while twiditi sighed …
Screen freezes ..
Heya I am back again ???
Thanks to all for their reviews on last one but I am little bit disappointed but sometimes chalta hai ?plzz share your views guys ???
Well it’s time for black n white mail ? my favourite want episodes and suspense to reveal soon keep sharing your views ?? now your choice ??
So yeah I have read comments and I am quite impressed with the guesses let’s see if it’s true or not in the upcoming chapters till then enjoy the wedding ?
Bye bye allahafiz ?
Do remember me in your prayers ??

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