Madhurima Tuli PAID A HEFTY PRICE for hitting Vishal Aditya SIngh with a frying pan

Bigg Boss house is getting heated up with every passing day. The fights between the housemates are shocking to an extent that this year we just didn’t witness a contestant being slapped or hurled abuses at, we witnessed someone being thrashed repeatedly by a frying pan.

Yes, you got it right. We are talking about none other than Madhurima Tuli and her ex Vishal Aditya Singh who recently got into a fight and it took an ugly turn. It happened so that Madhurima called Vishal, “Behenji” and Vishal then threw water on her face. Madhurima got so infuriated that she kept hitting Vishal with a frying pan for a long time. Bigg Boss had to intervene himself to prevent this from happening.

And Bigg Boss didn’t let go of this violation of his rule that easily. As we know it’s a family week on Bigg Boss 13 and Madhurima had to pay a price by not welcoming her mother in the show. Her mom was supposed to make an entry in the BB house today but the channel informed her that her entry has been cancelled.

A hefty price to pay for anger, isn’t it?

  1. Madhurima should not get away with this kind of violence on national tv. Vishal should not b in this kind of relationship. Agreed they both argue but big boss should take a firm decision n should evict Madhu immediately. So sad to c Vishal being tortured with a frying pan. She is a threat to his life if she stays in bb house any longer.

  2. बैचारा विशाल !
    ये दोनों ही बकवास हैँ ।
    शायद बाहर और भी बुरे…….
    Sid is the best

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