Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 57)

both Raj and Rohan comes inside the ward to see Madhu.She was still unconscious and cannot feel anyone’s presence in the room.Rohan hugs her and says”I won’t make you to do my homework mom,I will itself manage it ,please get up ,please “.Madhu doesn’t respond to him ,The nurse comes inside the room and asks both Rohan and Raj to wait outside because she need to give some medicine to Madhu.Raj says “Don’t worry Madhu, your son will be yours”,he walks away from the room when suddenly madhu hold his hand .
RK and Madhoo leaves from Rajini’s home and they goes in search of Aarya in many places. yhey comes back to home being so tired.RK gets angry on Madhu was fixing his marriage with this girl who has some bad past in her.Madhoo consoles him not to worry and they finds Aarya sitting in the portico.both of them runs towards him and asks him where he went and many questions.Aarya asks Madhoo “Why did she cheated me Di?”.Madhoo sits near him ,says in a mild voice “She didn’t Aarya,she told the truth to you”.Aarya remains silent.Deepika comes from room and sees three of them talking and gets happy to see Aarya back.She thinks something.
Raj cannot believe his eyes,Madhu opens her eyes and signs him to come closer to her,Raj leans towards her,she askshim to promise her not to separate her son from her .Raj gets tears from his eyes ,he nods her and leaves from there with tears.Madhu smiles thinking about Raj’s promise.she asks the nurse to call her son who; s sitting out.Raj sits in the reception and sees the rain drops ,he gets up leave from there ,Rohan comes running towards him and shouts”My mom want to see you,come soon”,Raj gets confused and walks towards Madhu’s room.
Both Madhu and RK discuss about aarya’s matter with confusion about what next to be done.
Deepika:May I come in?
Madhoo: Sure beta.
Deepika:Why are you so dull,I need to say something to you?
RK:Not now,you just leave
Madhoo:Yaah,not now.
Deepika:but it a good news for you.
RK:What good news?
Deepika:About Madhu di
RK:My daughter,but where is she?
Madhoo:Mmmm you don’t take stress.
RK:me ,I am happy Madhoo.very much happy.
Madhoo: Deepika,you go and ask Aarys to have food,I will come in a minute
Deepika:But chachi,why are you not reacting ?
RK:Madhoo,I think you know it before isn’t it?
Madhoo:Mmmm yes.
RK:why did you not say about it to me?
Madhoo:She asked me not to.

precap:Raj reaches his home and sees it decorated.

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