for a change (swaragini) Episode 29

Hii darlings tnk u very much.for ur support .
Laksh:iam really sorry .I didn’t mean that

Rag:have u finished ??can I leave???

Laksh:I lovee u ragini

Laksh:yes I really love u but sorry for what I done to u

Rag:sooo u love mee really?

Laksh:with a smile on his face yes.

Rag:but I don’t love u any more .nd haa I excused u

Laksh:don’t hate mee plzz I can’t bare it .

Rag:I will not hate u laksh because for hate also I should remember you which I don’t want to .I forgetted about u nd move on in my lifee

Rag left from there

In office
Rag gets manav call
Rag:haa manav tell mee

Man:u forgot how can u doo this I told u naa today I will introduce my lover to u

Rag:sorryyy really sorry I wil bee there in 10 min

At coffee shop
Manav:come sit rag .she is my to be fiancee ankita
Rag:shocked doc ankita???
Ankita:hey what a plesent surprise .soo u r rag manav always tells about u

Man:excuse mee can anyone tell mee whats happening

They explained
Man:ohh nd haa anku u told that u will introduce ur friend to mee

Ankitaa:was about to talk
Voice:I came nd sry for the delay
Rag nd man saw him nd were shocked as he is our cuty naughty laksh

Ankita:u alredy know him rag nd manav this is ……

Ank:u know him
Man:haa he is rags friend naa I met him nd ha he is famous criminal lawyer too

Rag:ok manav I should leave I have to do my work naa

Man:ohh common iam giving permission to waste my money nd u r doing to much

Laksh:was staring continuesly nd rag felt uncomfortable

After some time
Rag:ok I will leave now my dad will worry about mee

Laksh:I will drop u nd u two continue ur romance byee

They went nd laksh went to bring his bike from parking clot rag want to avoid him soo walking fastly a bike came nd stopped before her

Rag:I can goo my own

Laksh:not listened her dragged her towards him

Rag:what r u doing its public place what every one think

Laksh:soo plzz with out making an issuee get on the bike

Rag sat nd he dropped her at her home

Rag:tnk u nd was about to goo

Laksh:won’t call mee inside
Rag :noo thanks
Laksh:ok nd he kept his bike side nd strarted going in
Rag:can’t u listen I told noo
Laksh:iam going to see my mamaa nd my family
Lak:u don’t know naa my mom is only ur busa

Rag:really then its good I wil bring janaki aunty to my paa he will bee happy nd tnk u very much

Laksh:u don’t know how to say tnk u for a lover

Rag:don’t know nd u r not my lover .got it

Laksh:ohh commonn he hold her sholder nd took her in

Rag was shocked to see janaki there

Rag:aunty she ran to her nd hugged her

Janaki:not aunty anymore call mee maa
Rag was confused

Shekar:she bought a praposal of laksh to u nd iam very happy that at last my sister excused mee

Rag was shocked

Screen freezes with shocking face of rags

Recap:may bee marriage

  1. Dont marry thrm that early dear
    He insulted a lot..
    Ofcourse he had a reason but he can say no in another way also

    1. Hmm she will not forgive him soo easily nd about marriage sorry dear

  2. Wow awesome di but marriage ragini doesn’t forgive laksh na and she should forgive him so easily if u l make them married also don’t make her apologize him easily make her to show some attitude this is just a suggestion di u can write ur own I know u l make it like a magic one

    1. Sorry type mistake she should not forgive him so easily

    2. Tnk u priya darling nd yaa she will not frogive him that easily but marriage will happen

  3. super waiting for next part

  4. wowww yaar…awesome….pls make episodes long

    1. Tnk u tani darling ya I will try for it

  5. Awesome but if marriage happens then also she should not forgive him easily

    1. Hmm for sure she will not forgive easily nd tnk u nikki darling

  6. superb….cant wait for next…….

    1. Tnk u will try to poste it today kriya darling

  7. Awesome surprise

  8. Awesome di

  9. Hi. I liked ur ff.if possible can u give me all ur previous links. I searched a lot but Ian not getting ur ff. That’s why.


  10. nice epi akka nenu clg ninchi ippude ochenu. thanike cmnt ippudu sesthanu. i think rag lak ni pelly sesini tharvatha semikali(forgive)

    1. Hmmm ha ha ha ur telugu is nice chellamaa

    2. y am wrong? u know tamil?. nan thapu thapa pesurena? am killing ur telugu? i like telugu very much. i can understand but i dont know to speak

  11. Awesome

  12. Superb my dear naughty di. Waiting for nxt.

  13. Akka wen r u going to update next part ?? Or have you already done that ?? Bcoz I can’t find part 30 of ur ff anywhere that’s why I’m asking ….. Plz update fast Akka I’m really excited to know what’s next

  14. Enjoyed very much ur ff is really the best

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