What a relationship do we share? (Saath nibhana saathiya) chapter 2

Recap: (baa finds out that sona is marrying sahir only for money, she tells meera to stop the wedding.)

Sona comes down and sits in the mandap. Also sahir comes in and sits in the mandap. The pandit starts the rituals. He tells them to put the garlands on each other, then the sindoor, then the mangulstra just when he is about to…

Meera: stop!
( all get shocked)

Kokila: meera! Why you saying this for why should they stop.

Meera: dadi this wedding cant happen this sona this churail is marrying sahir for money so she marries him and runs away with it all.

Sona: oh hello! Madam are you stupid! Why would i do that i love sahir how could you put such a blame…

Baa: sona! Meera is right im the one who told her to stop this wedding beacause i heard you talking on the phone to a man and saying… She tells them everything.

Sahir: what! Sona you cant…

Sona: no sahir are you going to belive these two look your baa is old she…

Sahir slaps her.

Sahir: dont you dare utter a word about my baa if baa said that its right understood!

Sona gets shocked! All the guests start talking.

Sahir: sona did you want to marry me for your money yes? or no? Heh he shouts tell me???

Sona: yes! I did i was going to marry you for your money i… But i still i truly love you…

Sahir holds her hand and drags her out.

Sahir: you truly love me. Naahhh wrong you used me. Just used me you dont e dn know the meaning of love! He starts to cry. Get out!!!

He closes the doors on her.

Baa starts to feel pain in her chest and dizziness.

Kokila: baa! Baa what happend.

All run to her. She faints.

Gopi: ahem ji we need to take bas hospital.

They all go to the hospital the doctor checks her.

Doctor: look mr parag but you mother has had a major heart attack and she has obly got afew hours left.!!!

Everyone get shocked!!!

Kokila: no please save her she cant leave us please!

Everyone start to cry!

After afew hours baa wakes up.

Baa: gopi hetal kokila you lot have looked after my house alot and now that im leaving you all take special care of it and gopi you promise me you will keep our family always together.

Gopi: i promise i will she hugs her.

Baa: meera and vidya come here.

They go.

Both: baa please dont go leaving us your the strength of our family.

Baa: meera look promise me you will fulfil my last wish.

Meera nods yes sobbing.

Baa: me and rashi always wanted you and sahir to get married meera and please marry him you and him will always be happy together meera. Honsetly meera hes perfect for you.

Meera and sahir look at each other in shock.

Baa: meera i hant got time give me an answer.

Gopi: baa its not right they are cusens

Baa: so what i married my cusen its called an arranged marriage.

Meera: baa i promise… That i will marry sahir and your right its better of you make a decision for me because baa you ate always right she starts to cry baa i promise you im ready to spend all my life with him.

Everyone get shocked!

Sahir: but meera how can we marry.

Meera: so what sahir before sona us two were going to get married on elders saying so why not now.

Gopi: meera if your ok with it then i am but dont feel pressurised doing this because nobody is forcing you.

Baa: yes dear no one is its your choice but i have always wanted you to to get married but never said it because she starts to get cold.


Her eyes close and her hand falls out of kokilas. She dies…

Everyone start to cry.

Meera: baa look please wake up baa im even ready to marry sahir please baa.

Whole modi family look on crying.

Precap: they do baa’s death rituals. Meera tells gopi her and sahir are ready to marry each other. Everyone look on shocked!:(

  1. Iqra khan dont get angery but in hindus cousins cant marry so please respect our religon its a request

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Sahir Sona marr is stopped.Baa died.shocking.Her last wish is 2 get Sahir Meera get married n they agreed.How can Rashi n Baa think of getting them married?They r bro sis.A,ong hindus such weddings r sin.plz bring a twist that Meera n Sahir r not blood relatives

  3. This is utter nonsense how can sahir marry meera her sister…pls. right something that is logical

  4. Omgg guys im really sorry actually i never knew im really really sorry. Plus after today im posting none anyways dont have time. But they werent blood realtives in this anyway they were really far cusens but forget it dont wanna right anymore.

  5. Guys im really really sorry actually they are like family friends in this it but that was going to be reviled but the comments are really awful so i dont want to post anymore anyways. And im sorry if you did think that. Sorry once again guys.

  6. Guys read the second posted message first one was wrong!

  7. jasmine Rahul

    contibue d story.dont discontinue it.but make changes that ahem n jigar r only family friends n meera is sahir’s friend

  8. Even I find it weird. Cousins getting married is quite disgusting and awkward. They lived like brothers and sisters together- it is so disgusting. Sorry for my harsh comment but if I saw this on tv I would stop watching it.

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