Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 45)

sorry guys for missing the song in the episode.

Gowtham asks Madhubala about her health and tells about a important meeting with someone who could be their sponsers.Madhu smiles and asks him to work without any tension and shevcan manage it very properly.She dials the number and asks about fixing the meeting.she gets shocked when the person asks her to come to Sutata studio as soon as possible.She tells the news to Gowtham and both of them gets ready to leave to the studio.Madhu remembers entering the studio once before,falling in love in AK,then marrying Raj.she gets very much disturbed.

Chandru reaches the studio with a gun in his hand and enters the place with a cap almost covering his face. he searches for Raj and finds him sitting in the chair near the heroine and talking about the scene.Chandru thinks to solve all the problem by the day and walks towards Raj. Deepika comes home runninv and falkz on the sofa crying .Madhoo and Aarya finds Deepika very much upset and asks her the matter in RK mansion.she didn’t tell anything and sobs,she opens her mouth and tells them about a teacher who tried to molestrate her in the school.Aarya gets very much angry.

Madhu enters the studio and walks along with Gowtham to meet their sponsor who happens to be Raj ‘s filmdirector.Mr.Hariprasad.they wata because he was engaged in some activity near the camera.Chandru asks Raj to turn and asks him for a autograph.Raj asks him the details and writes with love RK.He fumes on seeing the words and throws it in the dustbin.he thinks for a while and cuts the rope attached to chandelier (big light ).and goes from there with a satisfaction.Madhu heads the word “Raj everywhere “and turns to see.she sees Raj walking down the chandelier and sees it falling,she shouts “Raj”and runs toward him to save him from the injury.all the people in the set gets so much shocked.

Aarya leaves to the school and finds tjd particular teacher ans beats him black and blue making him fall on the groung unconscious. Rohan and Sonal sees this gets very much afraid. Rajini comes to give lunch box to Rohan and sees him beating The master and shouts at Aarya to stop or else he would die die to injury.she teues to separate Aarya and the master and atlast gives a slap over Aarya ‘s cheek and asks him to shut up for god’s sake.the master gets up takes a metal rod to hit Aarya and hits Rajini by mistake.Aarya holds Rajini and shouts at her name.The master runs from there.

Madhu falls on the floor with Raj.Both of them escapes from the big injury.he sees The girl who saved him is Madhu and gets so much happy, Gowtham runs toward Madhu and lift her to see whether she is injured or not .Raj gets jealous on seeing Madhu and Gowtham together.The director asks about the incharge of light to answer his question ,Raj asks Madhu to sit for sometimes and gives him water to drink,she denies,he says “Dont blabber,you only got discharged yesterday and today you”,he sees her getting the glass from his hand.she sips and sees Raj .Gowtham asks Raj not yo worry and he will take care of Madhu very well.he leaves from there seeing
Madhu with a pain in his eyes.Madhu sees the direction where he left.

Precap:Rajini sees Madhoo in the hospital and tries to go from there.

  1. pls unite them soon but today epi was superb now you are heading towards 50 superb soon hurry up

    1. hey I am going to write it for 75 episodes due to your wish.

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      OK yaar janani I love your ff but pls show less characters for me it is little confusing gowtham,aarya,deepika,rajini,skb,rk, raja,madhu,rohan and last epi you shown one man throwing something on Raj poster Na sooo pls I am reading for your effort and I love this show soo only pls don’t add more characters sorry if I hurted you but pls take my suggestion

  2. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    superb di………

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Janani where is the next epi yaar I am waiting????

    1. I have send it,sorry for delay.

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      It is OK pa I am waiting for your ff only daily

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