A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 13

So here I am with the episode 13.
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Scene 1.(Sarna house)
Its morning.
Bell rings…usha and manohar’s room close to the entrance so usha get up and goes to open the door along with a vessel as she thinks it is the milkman.
Usha opens the door and is shocked.
She calls everyone down.
Usha: Bebe…kunj….yuvi…sab log jaldi neechey aaiye.
All come down hurriedly and are shocked.
Bebe: Surjeetey tuuuu..!!!
Surjeet his wife Anita and their son cherry are standing on the door.
Surjeet: Yess bebe its me…are u not happt seeing me.
Manohar: But bhaiyaaa youuu..
Bebe stops manohar and says let them come inside.
Anita: (Touches bebe’s feet) peri pauna bebe…I missed u so much.
Yuvi and kunj are not at all happy to see them back.

A flashback is shown.
Surjeet asks bebe for his share in property as anita has filled his ears that bebe will give all the property to manohar and his sons…Bebe refuses to do segregation of property before her death.
Surjeet threatens them that if he doesn’t get his share he will leave the house and go…bebe is firm on her decision and refuses to change her decision… surjeet angrily leaves the house with anita and cherry…bebe is shocked to see that and gets her first attack but is saved by the doctors.
Flashback ends.

Kunj: I can’t bear them infront of me for a second… dont u remember bhai what bebe and this family had to suffer bcoz of them.
Yuvi: How can i forget all that happened 5 years back…this cherry gets on my nerves.
Kunj: U r right bhaiya…he is such a womanizer(thurkey).
Cherry comes and hugs both of them.
Cherry: So how r ull my handsome brothers… i missed u so much…he smirks.
Usha: I’m glad ull came back now we will live togethern again like a big happy family.
Anita: Ohhh ofcourse… she smiles evilly.

Scene 2(taneja house)
Twinkle calls kunj.
Twinkle: Good Morning kunj.
Kunj: Good morning in a pale voice.
Twinkle: What happened kunj…y r u tensed.
Kunj:(shockingly) What how do you know I’m tensed.
Twinkle: I’m ur best friend…if i won’t know then who will know… now tell me whats the matter.
Kunj tells her everything about surjeet and his family coming and how they left the house etc.
Twinkle: Chill kunj…they are ur relatives…everyone does some or the other mistake in life…even tauji did…but now that he has realized his mistake just forgive him…everyone shud get a chance to improve…forgive them and accept them.
Kunj is stunned with her statements
Kunj: Omg…teri tabiyat to thik hai na twinkle….my siyappa queen is soooo mature…pehle kabhi tuney mere saamne itni maturity nahi dikhai…I’m impressed.
Twinkle: Mai to hamesha se hi mature thi tumney notice aaj kiya.
Both of them laugh.
Twinkle: Btw kunj i had called bcoz no one is home so i thought of calling u.
Kunj:(surprised) Whatttt…what do u mean..???.
Twinkle: Ya no one is there at home so u can come here we can study in peace…maa and dii hav gone to gurdwara.
Kunj: Ohhh to aise bol na meri maa…I started doubting ur intentions. (He laughs)
Twinkle: Ohhh plzzz….If i had to call for that purpose I wud hav called Ranbir kapoor why wud i call youuuu.
Kunj: Hahaha zameen per aaja twinkle tere liye to mai hi bana hun…tu bas meri hai…kisi ranbir kapoor ki nahi.
Twinkle is surprised by that statement.
(Hasi bangaye from Hamari adhuri kahani plays)
Kunj: (After realizing what he had just said).Mazak ker raha hun…mujhe kya tujhe jisko bulana hai usey bula…I’ll come in 10 mins.
He cuts the phone…twinkle smiles remicing his words.

Scene 3(sarna house)
Anita is in her room. Cherry come there.
Cherry: Soo mummyji…we r back into this house…now we will show them how powerful we are.
Anita: Yes baby…they will pay the price for messing with us…(she smirks)
Cherry: I heard Yuvi and Kunj are getting married.
Anita: Yesss…and the first step of our revenge will be breaking their marriage. I won’t let this family be happy at any cost.
Cherry: I’m with you mummyji… we will ruin all their happiness…but how hav u planned something.
Anita: Ohhh yes ofcourse… just wait and watch how I stop this marriage.
Twinkle and Mahi had come to greet and meet anita and surjeet… and they overhear their conversation… they are shocked.
Twinkle: Now i know why kunj was tensed on thier return.
Mahi: Yess twinkle yuvi told me everything… we will hav to tell kunj and yuvi about this.
Twinkle:No dii they are already tensed…i don’t want to give them anymore tension… we will solve this matter ourselves… are u with me dii
Mahi: Ofcourse twinkle…I’m always with you…we will mot let them break our marriage.
Twinkle: Yess diii…ab to yeh shaadi ho ker hi rahegi.
They leave. While they are leaving kunj and yuvi see them.
Yuvi: Jaan u came here and didn’t even inform me…nyways come with me I’m planning to renovate my room b4 marriage.. come nd tell me what all changes u need….yuhi leave.
Kunj: Twinkle what are you doing here…why had you come here..and why didn’t u inform me.
Twinkle: Omg Mr kunj sarna…so many questions together… I’ll tell u but first breath atleast. I had come to meet anita taiji and surjeet tauji and my devar cherry bhaiya….maa had sent us.
Kunj: Twinkle no need to get close to them…you dont know them…and thar cherry he is a big Womanizer (thurkey) …just stay away from him…promise me u will never go to meet any of them when I’m not with you.
Twinkle holds his mouth and they hav an eyelock(sajnave plays)
Twinkle:Ufffff kunj….chill…i promise i won’t go to meet any 1 of them when u r not there with me…but plzzz dont get so hyper it will affect ur health…and i cant see u in any pain…they look at each other lovingly(Hasi bangaye plays again).
The screen freezes on them.

PRECAP- Anita and Cherry will keep trying to stop the marriage but twinkle and mahi will always succeed and will get married to their prince charmings.

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