Madhubala 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK asking Madhu why is she scared. Madhu says your life is in risk. He says what, who will kill me. She says disease. He says I m fine, see what is she saying Dau ji, the tantrik did this. Madhu says doctor told me about your disease and I have hidden it from you, I can’t be away from you, else who will give you medicines. He says when did you give me medicines till now. She says the veg juice which you take two times a day, I mix medicines in it. Bittu asks what disease does he have. Madhu shows the medicines and says this is your medicines, which you have to take two times. She asks how can I live RK alone in this state.

Dida asks what happened to RK. RK says I was 12 years old, when my parents were killed infront of my eyes, I m not afraid of death, tell me what happened to me. Madhu says life risk. I can’t tell any details. Everyone is shocked. She makes RK have the medicines and gives him water. He takes it and says why did you hide this what did you get. She says I did not wish you to take any tension, but I had to tell this truth when this matter came out to make us separate. RK says Dau ji, will you leave us alone for two mins. Everyone go out.

Dau ji sits at the garage thinking about RK and his moments. Bittu comes and sees him crying. Dau ji says I can’t live without my RK, I lost my elder son years back and now RK. Bittu says nothing will happen to RK, trust Lord. RK thinks how Madhu safeguarded him and gave him medicines. He apologizes to her that she was taking care of him, and he shouted on her, he blamed her, sorry. Hum hai tere deewane……………plays…………..

He says I want your love. She says don’t shake your trust, I will always be with you, and see you will get well soon, I will never leave you. They hold hands. RK says I know. He asks tell me what my disease. She says let it go, you will get tensed. He says I promise I won’t, just tell me once what happened to me. She says heart disease, you have a hole in your heart. He is shocked, He says just this much, I m a lover, so I have this heart disease. He holds his heart and talks to it. Madhu cries. He says all my heart is yours. She hugs him and says now our love will heal this. RK looks worried.

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Dida talks to Bittu and Leela, and says this can affect Madhu’s child too. Bittu asks him to be strong, how they have dealt with problems after Rishabh and Madhubala’s death. He says my heart says Lord will bring them out of every test, don’t worry. Dau ji comes and says I m leaving now, I m sorry if I hurt you. He folds his hands. Dida says no, don’t embarrass me, we should be sorry, its our mistake. We have blamed you, but you did not say anything. Dau ji says what to tell you, you love Madhu and I love RK.

He asks her to pray for RK’s life. Dida says sure, RK is Madhu’s life and Sindoor, and we will never let her become a widow, we will pray for RK. Leela thinks one’s pain is other’s happiness. Agni is happy and thinks how will I stop RK if he comes here, if RK asks for his property then. She gets Leela’s call. Leela says it’s a great news. Agni asks what. Leela says RK is dying, he has a life taking heart disease. Agni says what are you saying. Leela says let him die. Agni says yes, its good news. Leela says till he is alive, he will be here in chawl. Agni is happy. She turns and sees Bhanu. He greets her.

Madhu and RK have a talk. RK is upset as life is joking with him now, as she gives him tablets. He says first I have bullets and now this tablets. She says nothing will happen to you. Ishq hai…………plays…………… He says you be with me, I won’t need any medicines. Madhu gives veg juice to RK and says she is fasting for their relation. He drinks it. Dida and Dau ji come to them. Dida apologizes to him. Madhu dons the pallu seeing Dau ji. Dida says I blamed you for all wrong reasons, I m sorry, forgive me. RK says what are you saying, I never saw my Dadi, you are my Dadi, you should not say sorry, but hold my ear to make me walk on right path.

Dida says yes, I will pray to Lord to make you fine. RK says Dau ji, now nothing can happen to me, as she will fight for me with Lord and Madhu will fast for me. Dau ji says I will go now and come tomorrow. RK says live here with us, this is your house. Dau ji says I will come to work in garage, as you say. RK says fine, but don’t work, and lets refresh village memories. Dau ji says I still have strength, I want to meet you daily by this reason. He blesses them and leaves. Madhu smiles.

Bhanu eats food and talks to Agni. He says he fooled police and came here, now he will end food and kill her. She is shocked and says I m your sister in law, I m sorry, I don’t want to die. He says I never forgive anyone, Tara was going to village and I made her work in the fields. He scares her and smiles. Agni worries.

Madhu gets Madhubala’s diary and says she will read it. Dida says no, keep it back, I did not had courage to read it till now.

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