Beintehaa 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain asks Ghulam and Shabana to take their daughter from his house. Aaliya says she want to stay with him. He says her first month of divorce station from today and says first talaaq. She says she can stay with him for 3 months till he repeats talaaq thrice. He asks servant to shift Aaliya’s bags in another room. Aaliya says when their relationship has finished, it is injustice to wait for 3 months, so she will move from there now. She says her Allah Hafiz/goodbye. Zain does not reply and goes from there.

Aaliya says her parents that she wants to take her items. Fahad says a soul of our house is gone, so items does not matter to them, she can take whatever she likes. Shaziya says these people will take away everything. Surayya says let her take whatever she likes, she can give anything to get her unlucky face from there.

Rehan says Zain that he is not doing right. Fahad says dad took Aaliya’s name as his last word, he loved and believed Aaliya so much, but she herself took Usman’s life. Rehan says maybe someone else complained instead of Aaliya. Zain says he saw his dad dying in his arms and prays nobody sees that moment. He says after that incident, he cannot allow Aaliya in his life.

Aaliya enters her room and sees her items scattered all over the room. Kaise hai ye udaasi chayi… She looks and her and Zain’s marriage pic and starts crying vigorously. She takes her trunk out and picks all her items. She looks at her pic with Zain’s blood. She reminisces Zain writing love notes for her and picks them all. She keeps Holi Quran and Usman’s pic also, carries her trunk and leaves from there.

Ghulam asks Aaliya what did she do. Aaliya says she did what he wanted, to get away from Barkath Villa. Rehan comes and says she did a mistake. Aaliya says he does not know her and Zain’s relationship, Zain has removed her from his heart now. She asks Rehan to drop her parents to their hotel and says she will go somewhere else and find her identity. She walks on the road with her trunk and reminisces Zain divorcing him at burial ground and at home. She gets drowsy and falls on the ground unconscious.

Shaziya says Aaliya would have taken precious things and Zain/Surayya let her take them. Surayya asks Shaziya to stop her nonsense and asks Zain to inform Rehan to get divorce papers ready. Zain asks Shaziya to clean his room as he does not want to see Aaliya’s traces.

Rehan sees Aaliya unconscious on the road and brings her home. Dr. Habeeb says he did good by bringing her here. Zain calls Rehan and invites him and Dr. Habeeb for Usmna’s Quraan khwani and asks him to bring divorce papers also.

Precap: Rehan informs Zain that Usman has done something with nikah nama/marriage certificate that he cannot divorce Aaliya.

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  3. I think aliyas pregnant

  4. I thnk aur zain ki property aliya ka naam pai rhte shyd

  5. guys any 1 remember the spoiler news on facebook after divorce between zain and aliya rehan marry with aliya i m not confirmed but about 1 months ago this news i get to know but i m not sure what happen next?¿

  6. I thnk n Nikah nama some thngs s related to mehar….

    1. yeah bc usmaan talked to qazi for arranging the haaq meher

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