Balika Vadhu 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Saachi proceeding towards Saurabh hesitantly. Saurabh asks her to hug him as he is just 2 steps far. He reminds her that he will help her to patch up with Vivek if she spends few hours with her. Saachi asks, if Suman knows about his doings. Saurabh says, she knew only little things and says it is easy to fool mothers. Suman thinks he made me a fool. Saurabh says, we shall do some action and asks her to hug him passionately.

Vivek opens the door. Saurabh is shocked to see his family standing at the door step. Saachi runs and hugs Vivek. Saurabh gets tensed. Suman slaps Saurabh. Even Roshan is angry on him. Saurabh tells her that he didn’t do anything, it was Saachi’s plan. Roshan slaps him hard and asks him not to utter a word. He says, we have heard everything. Saurabh tries to say, but Roshan asks him to shut up. Saurabh tries to take Suman in his words. Suman asks him not to touch her and says she is ashamed to have given birth to him. She says, I believed you and not Saachi. Your true face came infront of us. She asks him to go away from her sight. Vivek tells him that you deserves to be in jail. He calls the Inspector and asks him to take Saurabh. Saurabh tells Vivek that he will come back.

Kabra’s are ashamed. Shiv tells them that he hopes that they will accept Saachi. Anandi tells them that Saachi didn’t tell them anything and Saurabh told her everything. Saachi kept quiet for you people and not even informed Vivek. Saachi didn’t want you both to be away from your son. Shiv says, we shall go back to Party. Suman says, let us go home. I can’t be able to face your family. Roshan asks Shiv to enjoy the birthday and says they are shattered. Suman tells Anandi that she will come someday and apologize to her family. Shiv says, we can understand. Suman looks at Saachi. Roshan and Suman leaves. Anandi tells Saachi that everything is fine now. Shiv asks her to smile.

Dadisaa comes to have dinner and asks for Jagya. Ganga says, he is in Jaipur. She tells about Gauri’s plastic surgery and doctor will operate her tomorrow. Dadisaa says, he will come tomorrow. Ganga says, no. He have to take care of her for few days. He can’t come soon. Dadisaa prays for Gauri’s health. Gehna looks at Ganga.

Rakhi asks Saachi about her parents. Saachi says, she will tell later. Party continues. Daddu cuts his birthday cake with his family at his side.

Jagya comes to meet the plastic surgeon. He thanks the doctor for taking up Gauri’s case. He asks him to make sure that Gauri takes the medicines on time. Jagya says, he will inform her mother. Doctor tells about the operation in the morning.

Saachi, Vivek and Rakhi comes home. Suman stops Saachi and goes towards her. She says, if you decide to leave this house then I will be sad, but I won’t complain to you. I have doubted on your character and said so much. She feels bad and apologizes to Saachi. Saachi asks her not to apologize and says you are not at fault. I will stay at this house. We want your support and blessings. Rakhi smiles. Suman hugs Saachi. Roshan smiles.

Vivek hugs his father. Suman says, we are all with you. We repents for doubting her. Saachi says, you are like my mother. Rakhi says, shall we take her inside. Suman says no and gets the aarti plate. She does their aarti and welcomes her.

Jagya tells Gauri’s mom that she has to be empty stomach in the morning. Gauri calls Jagya and asks him to be at her side during the operation. Jagya is in dilemma.

Gauri’s mom tells Shivani that Gauri’s masked will be removed after the operation. Gauri is shocked to see her new face after the operation.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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