Dil Dosti Dance 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon was with the bag Rey sent her, Raghv comes to her office and says that the bag suits you as always. She thanks him and asks what it is about. He says you should congratulate me, I got St. Luois its 10th dancer. Sharon asks is it 10th or 11th. She says Karma is also joining St. Luois. Raghv says his sourses tell him that Karma’s joining is impossible. She tells him to ask Ishika deposit her fee as soon as possible. Raghv asks for a leave but before that he asks is it a birthday gift and wishes her Happy Birthday. She says it is tomorrow. He says he will wish her tomorrow, she tells him to get lost.
Vishnu comes to college, Ishika was looking for him. He gets her her fee. She says that someone will watch them, as there has been a theft. She says she will deposit it just now. She asks why he came by himself, he says he thought about helping her with the forms. She tells him Raghv filled all the forms, she judged her quite earlier. Raghv takes her before the office is closed, Vishnu is left alone.
They all practiced dance in the D3. They ask about Swayam, he was talking on call about the birthday arrangements. He was telling them to reach the place when he tells them to. He apologize them that it was about planning Sharon’s birthday. Swayam says it isn’t done about the 10th dancer yet. He says he shouldn’t have taken the responsibility. The buck him up that he is doing a great job. Swayam laughs. Bharat takes the attention to Karma who stood with Huma. Swayam goes to him; he asks is he joining the D3 academy again. Karma looks at Huma and says nods. Swayam hugs him and welcome him back. They all dance together. Huma fell unconscious; they take her to the medical centre.
Sharon is excited about her birthday, at 12. She picks up her phone and finds no missed call. She thinks why Swayam didn’t call. Swayam was in the hospital. It was 12.30; Sharon watches her cell phone and lies in the bed in a bad mood saying he forgot her birthday. The doctor tells them Huma is alright, it’s nothing serious. He says she will be discharged tomorrow morning. Sharon’s mom puts hand on her eyes, she asks why were you so late and turns to see her mom. Her mom wishes her happily. She says thankyou to her. Her mom says she must be receiving a lot of calls. She gives her her favorite pendant for her 21st birthday and hopes the life remains sparkling like this diamond. Her mom asks what gift did Swayam give you. Sharon says he is quite unpredictable, he wishes a bit differently. She gets a call, her mom leaves.

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They all come to Huma’s room; Swayam says they informed her parents they must be here right now. Huma gets worried hearing this. Swayam tells her to do take a leave from the rehearsals. She takes her cell phone, its battery was dead. Swayam finds his; he forgot it in the garage. Simmi stays with her while they go to look for the phone.
The pizza men wait outside Sharon’s house, but Swayam isn’t picking the phone. They leave. Nil tells him to relax. Swayam says dance mania is just hear, you must chill.
Swayam watches the missed calls on phone and realizes he forgot Sharon’s birthday. He tells Nil and Vicky there are 30 missed calls by someone other than Sharon. They think it’s some other girl. Swayam explains it’s the delivery man.
Sharon gets Rey’s call, he says she must be celebrating with Swayam. Sharon thinks he calls me daily and today he is behaving as if hasn’t got a mobile.

PRECAP: Sharon finds a bouquette, card and chocolates in the parking lot. Raghv tells her in the corridor it’s him. She comes angry into her office, Swayam was there sleeping on the couch and the office was decorated to its full.

Update Credit to: Sona

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