Ek Boond Ishq 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
Tara says you are a body guard you are not here for time pass. Go to store room someone is there. Balli goes to the store room and says who is here ? Tara has hung all the photos there. Tara says memories are here mj. I made this dark room like the one in our house. omakr is coming that way. tara says photography was your passion. She recalls mj with his camera. She says look here, this is the camera you used to capture photos with. I used to hide these photos to tease. Do you remember that you used to met me here when you said to taya ji and nandu that you are bablo. Tara says not even this you filled my hairline in this dark room.
omkar is coming that way. Balli takes a photo and stares at it. omkar is about to open the door but he gets a call and leaves. Balli sees a photo of an earing. He tears is apart and says do you have any other fake story to tell me ? Tara says I am not telling you any fake stories. This is our past. He says why don’t I feel all this ? please I just came here for a job for pari’s future. Tara says I know this is difficult for you but this is more difficult for me. I know you will remember everything. She hugs her and says I did this all so you can recall everything. Someone comes and open the door. its pari. She says mice. tara hugs and says please I hate rats. pari says there is nothing to be scared. You are the mice yourself. Tara says you are calling me mice. Baloli says don’t talk like that pari. She says I talk like that. I call her mice but you never stopped me. He says lets go pari. he is about to leave, he sees omkar. tara comes there. omkar says was there a meeting inside ? Pari says balli and mice inside. Tara says yeah there was a mice inside this body guard came and killed it. You know how many times I have been attacked in this house.

Manat comes and asksa rani to give her a glass of water. She sees pari eating the noodles. She says you don’t know how to eat them ? Let me tell you. She sucks a noodle. pari says that was good. she gives one to pari. Balli comes there. Pari says she is so nice she taught me how to eat noodles. Balli says you should stay away from extra nice people. He says manat madam I wasn’t you to stay away from pari. She shouldn’t play with people that are against their own family. I am just here to protect sia madam and I will.
Balli asks pari to sleep. She says I won’t sleep until this top tosses well. Why don’t you try it ? he says promise me you will sleep after that ? She says okay. Balli tosses the top and says now go to sleep. Tara comes there and says give it to me I wanna paly with it too m.. Mr body guard. She tosses the top and says it looks easy to plea but why can’t I toss it ? He says its a toy but you need a calm mind to play but your mind isn’t calm. You don’t have control over heart. tara says do you have ? He says yes. tara says lie, you don’t listen to your heart. Balli says its too late you should go to your room and sleep. Omkar goes to his room. Balli wonders why they sleep in different rooms.

Scene 2
laddo has abducted manat. She drops water on her face with a knife. Manat gets up and says how am I here ? Who brought me here ?
Omkar is looking for manat. Rani tells him that she went to jod but she didn’t return. Driver comes in with a parcel. Tara says its mine. omkar says whats in it ? She says gift for pari. omkar says to mj I didn’t appoint to protect her from her own husband. Just go and stand away. Balli says you gave me this job. If a husband is right there is no need of body guard.Balli goes and stands on the other side. Tara says till when will you keep this lie alive that I am sia. The day I find the reason why you have kept me as sia here you will repent everything. tara says to balli come and stand with me, You have to be with me all the time. danger can be anywhere everywhere. Am I wrong omkar ? He leaves in anger. Tara says I heart this gift will remind you something.

Laddo says you were jogging and suddenly you were in my alcove. says its will be dangerous for you to mess with us. Laddo laughs and says tell me what you were saying on phone. Manat says we are of the same view. We should help each other. Laddo says I don’t need help. I could kill you there but you have iron heart that’s why I liked you. and if you want laddo to continue liking you don’t ever be loud.

Precap- tara says to pari we should name it something. They are suggesting different names. tara says lets ask balli. balli says the name tara is suggesting.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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