Madhubala 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK calls Tamanna.. Aunty ..! She chides him and asks to go to his room! He says wanna  go to Gudiya..! Tamanna says may be upstairs.. RK says.. not there and he starts to throw a fit…

Tamanna fumes on him .. n tells RK to go to his room .. ! RK keeps repeating . Madhu is walking on the road .. all lost … ! Self thot … one way to Mama Chacha.. one to Mathura and one towards AK’s mansion .. show me the way to save him .. (RK)

Madhu closes her eyes n hears… aarti of PK …Tamanna scolds RK and gets servants to forcibly take him upstairs.. ! RK keeps screaming .

The procession of PK is going towards the way that leads to AK’s place..! Madhu turns and walks with them ..!

Nikhil says .. Madhu is smart .. why should she sacrifice herself for this enemity? AK says.. Madhu wont go anywhere.. and will do as i say ..

RK keeps trying to get out of the room but servants dont let him ..! He starts to feel breathless …and is looking for his inhaler but cant find it..

All get worried.. and look for it …AK shouts on everyone .. ! RK runs from there …

Madhu drops her bag and sees RK’s inhaler in it .. ! Dolly sees him and brings water for him .. but he throws the glass…

All worry for him .. n right then Madhu comes back and RK literally crawls on the floor towards her n she gives his inhaler ..!RK walks off and Madhu follows ..

Part 2

Madhu is standing outside with RK and asks him what he is seeing and he says.. lion in the sky .. Madhu says.. cant see.. ! RK says.. lie down and see. .. he sees Fish .. n Madhu says cant see.. Madhu asks RK if AK made him run? RK says no .

Madhu asks why then u were sick? RK says coz of gudiya .. u left me and i was looking for u … n Tamanna scolded me .. n got tired n culdn find inhaler

Madhu asks why looking for me? RK says have something to give u ..

Part 3

AK says u came from outside.. need to do shuddhikaran n this ash is of ur wedding ..!

Madhu says am back but not coz am scared of u .. but to help an innocent and helpless..!

Madhu says ..Woh majbur zarur hai .. par akela nahi .. aab se mai uske sath hun . uska saya banke …

<Precap — Madhu tells AK .. that the property papers u brag of ..what will happen to it once ur of 38? Nikhil and all are shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. Nice madhu what you told his right because she is rk daughter she will be like rk only.then I think now onwards the story go interestingly.

  2. Her after she love rk and she definitely she y teach ak a lesson that he never forget in his life. And madhu will show the real face who killed rk family and harsvadhan and he will repend for is mistake to madhu and rk

    1. I agree piya der storyline Is getting more n more interestin. ak deserves to b taught a lesson buh he did lyk madhu buh wen he found out shes rk daughter, sudden enemity? dey only did dat cos rk wasn’t der buh wen he agreed 2 come bck dey changd storyline

  3. yh priya sanah agree wiv ya both I jus love rk n madhu scenes absoloutley amazing n this new rk is already falling in love with madhu I mean did u see hw much concern he had for. even if he is mentally disabled he does have feelings. N rk(Vivian)is der best actor he actually convinces me dat he is lyk in dat state. n madhu(drashti)is der best n beautiful actress too she is jus perfect suitin for madhu n new madhu., perfect jodhi,.N ak needs to b taught lesson I rly wnt him to shove off so more rk n madhu scenes he shud marry tammna n rk, madhu go to another house.

  4. yh i agree with u 3 too. rk acts rly lyk his actor n drashti is jus FAB amazing.

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