Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th April 2014 Written Update


The episode starts with Bela asking Shivani why is Sumitra spending so much money and says she will not go to picnic with her. Shivani says Sumitra is planning something big and requests her to come to picnic. Bela agrees. She takes her for shopping and selects ear rings. Vendor says it is 500 rs. Shivani says she will buy it for 450 rs. Bela asks for 50 rs. Vendor says he bought it for 120 rs. Bela says 50 rs or she will go. Bela says he will agree for 100 rs. Vendor calls her and agrees for 100 rs. Shivani buys it and gifts it to Bela. Bela gets emotional. Shivani says they are looking good on her and says she has to shop for other family members and drags Bela for shopping.

Raghu is having lunch. CEO comes and asks if it is home cooked alu sabji. Raghu says yes. He says he likes home cooked food and eats it. He asks who prepared it. Raghu says his mom prepares it.

Baburam sees shopping bags in Shivani’s hands and says she is wasting money. Bela says Shivani bought it by bargaining a lot. Shivani then gives gift to everyone. She even gives it to Sumitra. Sumitra angrily accepts the gift. She gives gift to Maya and she thanks Shivani and asks if she forgot Latha’s gift. Shivani gives Shalwar Kameez to Latha. Latha says she did not wear shalwar Kameez in her life. Shivani says we wear clothes for our comfort, so she bought clothes which are more comfortable and look good. Shivani insists, even Baburam and Nishi insist. Latha accepts gift and smiles. Raghu comes. Nishi shows her gift to him and says Shivani bought gift for everyone. Raghu asks where did she get money from. Shivani gets tensed and says she had some money. Raghu says she came bare-handed from haveli. Shivani says she had some saved money and says she is tired now and will get freshen up and goes from there.

Raghu comes to her room and asks not to hide from her. She says she had some old itemss, which she sold and and bought gifts. Raghu searches Shivani’s jewellery box and asks where are the silver coins. Shivani does not reply. He says maliksaa used to give you silver coins every year, where are they. She says she sold them. He asks how can she sell them, those were gifts of maliksaa. She says she wanted to buy clothes to family members, so she bought it. All are going to picnic, so she thought she should buy shalwar kameez for everyone so that they are comfortable during picnic. Raghu how can she sell the coins for him. She says his family is her family. Raghu asks sorry to her. Shivani says it is ok, he can say anything to her any time, she will not feel bad. Do dil bandhe….. song plays in the background. Raghu goes from there.

Maya listens Sumitra talking to someone and says nothing wrong should happen. She asks whom she was talking to. She says she was talking about tomorrow’s picnic. Sumitra asks Maya why did she accept Shivani’s gift. Maya says she did not like it, but since she cannot give it back, she accepted it. She says Shivani is also giving gifts now. Sumitra says Maya even she is liking Shivani now. Maya says she does not like her. She asks nail polish from Sumitra. Sumitra says she will bring it and goes. She thinks she would have been caught, but escaped and should be careful hereon.

Sumitra comes out of the house and buys a white powder packet from someone. She thinks with this, Shivani will be defeated and her husband will be permanently hers.

Sumitra drags Raghu in to her room and shows him wearing western dress. She asks how is she looking, she wore it just for him. Raghu says she cannot go to picnic in this dress, it is not good. He asks not to do this, beauty is in simplicity. He asks her to wear Shivani’s gifted dress and gives her shawl to hide her modesty.

Nishi says she wants her skipping rope. Shivani goes in to bring it. Sumitra locks Shivani and thinks she will go to picnic with Raghu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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