Meri Bhabhi 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone happy knowing about Kittu’s pregnancy. Papa hugs Mummy and says I can’t believe it. Anand says lets meet Kittu first. Anand comes to Kittu and asks are you fine. He says congrats Mummy. You will take care of yourself and the baby. Shraddha hugs her. Kittu smiles. Everyone come to Kittu and hug Kittu congratulating her. Mummy says we did not know about this as we all were worried. Papa says you made us happy. Papa asks Ishaan to get sweets. Mummy asks Kunal to meet Kittu. Kunal says I will meet her later, she should not worry now. Mummy says let Kittu rest now. Shraddha comes to Kunal. Ishaan brings sweets and gives it to everyone.

Kamini comes and asks how is Kittu, is she fine. Mummy says yes, she is fine, its a good news. Everyone are happy to know that Kittu is pregnant. Kamini says I will meet Kittu. Kittu comes and is angry on Kamini. Kamini blesses her. Kamini says you will stay with me now and I will make you take rest, I will make your fav food for you, I m very happy. Kittu says I m not happy. I don’t want to become a mother. Everyone are shocked.

Kamini says don’t worry, its natural. Kittu confronts Kamini and says I m afraid of you, you can ruin your children’s happiness for your dreams. Anand asks Kittu to take rest and goes. Papa asks Ishaan to make the car ready. Mummy tells Kittu they will wait for her near the car. Kamini is angry seeing Shraddha and leaves. Kunal talks to Kittu and says relax. Shraddha holds Kunal. Dadi and Nani tells Kamini that Kittu is also angry on you. Kamini says I will never accept Dhruv. Nani says you are ruining your family being adamant.

Dhruv is happy knowing that a baby is coming. Mummy and everyone come home with Kittu. Mummy asks Kittu not to be angry on herself because of Kamini. Ashish asks Jaya to give good news too. Mummy asks Kittu to take rest. Mummy sees Kunal standing. Mummy asks Anand to take Kittu to her room. Anand and Kittu leave. Papa sees Kunal and his bag. Kunal tells everyone that he will stay in their house now and he can earn to support his family, Mummy says yes, you will stay with us. Ishaan says welcome to shergill family.

Anand takes care of Kittu. Anand and Kittu are very happy. Kittu tells Anand that they should arrange a surprise for Shraddha and Kunal as they did not celebrate their suhaagraat. Kunal is playing with Dhruv. Shraddha looks on and smiles. Dhruv runs. Shraddha says you took such a big decision for us, I know it was tough for you, you should have given some time to Kamini, I m sorry I was very angry seeing Dhruv like that. He says you also left Dhruv to marry me, is it not my responsibility. She says I m so sorry. Dhruv smiles seeing them and comes. He hugs Kunal. Kunal and Shraddha kiss Dhruv and laughs.

Shraddha and Kunal are surprised by Kittu’s arrangements for their suhaagraat. Kunal and Shraddha gets closer romantically.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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