Madhubala 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks guests to sit.. so she can get refreshments …! Producer calls out to RK n he says doing ur film! The producer says the script is for Madhu.. its female oriented ..! He says earlier din make such films but u have inspired us..! Madhu comes n says.. dun wanna work on films! Producer says no other option! Madhu says wanna take a break for a while! The Producer says..when ur ready we will start! RK says.. Madhu wont do this film! Producer says every film of mine is a blockbuster.. the storyline is strong.. tell her! Her career will zoom..! RK says.. i cant explain not convince her..she doesnt wanna do films as she is pregnant! Producer is shocked n congratulates her n says. .dinno about it. .! He leaves! Sikky follows him! Dips says.. whether it was a golden chance or

not for Madhu this can be huge for me!

Bittu tells the producer sorry ..the deal din work ..! Sikky offers to step in ..! The producer says.. no probs..! Dips calls out to the producer..! She says the deal can still work out! He asks what? Dips says. .u can work with Madhu ..! She wants to work with u but hesitant to speak in front of RK! She suggests to meet Madhu outside the mansion .. on the way when she is going to meet her mom! The producer agrees! Dips smirks! Madhu hears knocks on the door n says.. Radha-Pabho need not knock n RK can leave! RK brings a cradle n says..its not for u.. its for our junior! Madhu is taken aback..n smiles n says so sweet but she fumes.. n says mom is upset with dad! RK says mumma maan bhi jao.. Pappa sorry keh rahe hain! RK says din wanna tell him but! Madhu says.. doing a lot that he shouldnt have! RK says sorry ..Madhu can u do this?? RK says din wanna say but he was insisting so much..! RK says even if others find out..what difference it wont reduce ur market value! Madhu says told u so many times dun wanna do films. .why u dun trust me? RK says sorry..! RK says singing lullaby to baby is my duty n Madhu says cleaning babys pee n poop too n RK says n what will u do? Madhu smiles!

Dips says.. finally u were right. .u have successful ph .. a kid .. anyone can be jealous of u! RK says. go down.. someone is waiting for u! Dips says. .who? RK says the one to tape ur mouth! Dips says whatever u got .. u got. .but not Madhu..! She became Superstar .. cant sign new projects.. feel bad for her! She asks what about u?? Dips says Madhu looked excited do the producers film …her eyes were shining. .but..! RK says.. dun need to repeat but listen.. Madhu doesnt wanna do films! Dips says.. Madhu is a human being..anyone can make mistakes! Dips asks where is Madhu her? RK says. .at her moms place! Dips says taking so much time! RK says. become Right Kameena becomes Right Killer. leaves! Dips says.. as u wish.. she leaves!

RK calls Madhu..! Madhu is in the producers office. .her cell rings ..its RK…! RK wonders where Madhu is? Dips watches from afar n smirks! RK slams his moby on the couch..! Dips says. .a few more days and then u will be over the Chawlbala! Producer says need only 3 months.. script is ready! Madhu says its still no! Producer says.. if ur saying no for RKs sake . .i will convince him! Madhu says dun wanna do films. .my answer is no. n Bittu lured me here..! Producer says read the script once! Madhu says no use.. answer is no..! Producer says.. thanks for ur time. .thanks for coming! Madhu leaves..! He gives script to Bittu try n change Madhus mind..! He assures to talk to Madhu again! Madhu and Bittu return n she tells Bittu thanks for bringing me home! Bittu tells Madhu to rethink n atleast read the script..! He says he is a big producer.. we gotta respect him. .read it.. n we will say din like it! Madhu slams the script on the side table ..! RK tells a producer that.. if u want to sign RK .. pay high signing amount.. Rs. 1 crore..! He says.. Sath jeeyenge Sath marenge par Sath film nahi karenge! He cuts the call..! RK sees the script and fumes..!! He recollects Dips words! He sees the 2 Crores cheque signing amount ..n wonders Madhu said she wont.. n grinds his teeth!!

Part 2

Madhu comes and RK hides the cheque! He asks met ur mom? Madhu says yes. n chatted too! RK says so happy? Madhu says coz met mom after ages. .she says all were nuts about us. n our film… she says all clicked pics with me! They were happy for me! RK says. .happy to see so much of love? Madhu says yes.. !! RK says ur so pretty..! Madhu says ..say something else! RK says n u like peoples admiration on ur beauty. .n u like the attention on urself. .its all driving u crazy! Madhu asks waht do u mean? RK says.. ur becoming a star! Madhu says told u million times dun wanna do films! RK says tumhare kehne aur karne me farak hai… if u dun wanna work then what is the script n cheque doing here? Madhu says i dunno about cheque! RK says it came from where the script came from! RK says u dinno.. about this? Ur hiding all this? Madhu says the producer just gave me script! RK says ur lying! Madhu says.. telling the truth!

Part 3

RK says the worry for baby .. not coming to my films promotions was only excuse n the moment a big producer came u went running to him? Madhu says u know how important the baby is for me! RK says this cheque shows that! Madhu says ur misunderstanding..! She says Bittu forced me to go there..! She says told him ..i dun wanna work in his film.. he forced Bittu ..! RK says.. so he has a tree growing money to distribute to all? Madhu says ur problem is the cheque.. ! She tears it..! She says trust me now? RK says. u tore this one but if someone offers Rs. 5 Cr. then? Madhu says then what?? Finish the sentence! RK says . .nothing left to say.. its all over! RK walks off! Madhu breaksdown holding her tummy n says nothing to worry. .pappa was angry so..! Madhu says.. all will be well..!

Later at night.. Radha brings milk for Madhu n finds she is in pain..! Radha asks her to sit and rest this condition! Radha tells her that in this condition dun take too much stress. .i know RK is too short tempered but dun take his words to heart..! Radha says all can hear the matter between u two.. i dun wanna interfere in this. but as mom ..want u to know that for this family n the kid.. take care of urself.. !! Radha tells her to stay calm..! Madhu is in lot of pain but doesnt tell Radha! She goes to get gajar-pudina juice! Madhu recollects RKs harsh words n sulks!

Precap — Madhu is on the phone. .n trying RKs number.. he doesnt receive the call ..!! RK is driving in the rain! Madhu screams out to Radha n Pabho Radha Dips come to her! Madhu keeps screaming!

Update Credit to:Armu4eva

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