Meri Bhabhi 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal telling Purshottam that he loves Shraddha. Purshottam is shocked. Kunal explains him how he got in love with Shraddha. Kamini hears all this and is shocked. Purshottam says you like her, its fine, but this matter is complicated, I can’t think what will everyone think. Kunal says you just once hear your heart for my sake please. Purshottam says I always find my happiness in your happiness. He says your mum hates Shraddha and she will never agree to this relation. Kunal says I will talk to her and explain her. He says please support me. Purshottam is tensed. Kamini gets angry hearing all this.

Kittu comes to Anand and teases him. She says I need money to buy things for myself as there is no marriages on the cards. She says Shraddha and Kunal are ready

for marriage. Anand asks who is Kunal marrying. Kittu says he told me that he is in love. Anand says I told you he loves someone, ask him who is she. Kittu says he told me he will tell me later. Anand says I will ask him. She says do it later, first give me money. Anand says maybe Shraddha convinced him to marry. Kittu says yes, this trip has done magic on them. Anand holds Kittu’s hand and says come, lets go on a trip together. He kisses her hand and looks at her with a smile.

Dhruv is seeing Kunal’s photos in Shraddha’s laptop. jaya comes and says even I want to see. Dhruv says no way, I will see it first. jaya says ok, you see it, then I will see. Dhruv says you can’t. everyone has to see it and asks her to leave. She starts acting and fools Dhruv. She sees the photos and is shocked to see Shraddha and Kunal closer and dancing. Mummy sees jaya and asks where is Dhruv. jaya says he will be coming back. She tells Mummy about Shraddha and Kunal’s photos. The laptop gets hanged and Mummy leaves angrily without seeing the photos.

Mummy sends Dhruv for tuition classes. Kittu brings tea for Papa and Mummy. Mummy says did you talk to Shraddha about Rohit. Kittu says yes, she looked happy. Papa says I told you. Mummy says so we should make them meet. Kittu says yes, if Shraddha does not have any problem. Shraddha comes there and looks happy. Papa says I wanted to talk to you, he asks Mummy to talk. Mummy says you talk. Shraddha says I took time from you to think, she says I took Dhruv’s opinion also. She says I m ready for marriage now. Mummy and Papa are happy. Shraddha smiles. Papa hugs her and says you have made the right decision. Kittu says I guarantee about the guy.

Shraddha says I want to talk to Kittu. Papa says ok, let them have a talk freely. Papa says go and talk. Papa says Shraddha is so much shy and laughs. Shraddha and Kittu talk in the kitchen about the proposal. Shraddha says I m somewhat afraid, I could not think that Kamini would think this way about me. Kittu says yes, I know but we also found it strange, Mummy was not ready for this proposal but she left it on you. Shraddha smiles. Kittu says Papa and I are happy about you. Shraddha says Dhruv is a small kid and gels with everyone easily but after marriage, if any problems comes up, how ill I take care of Dhruv.

Kittu says what…. Shraddha starts talking about Kunal. Kittu is puzzled. Shraddha takes Kunal’s name and Kittu is shocked. Shraddha says Dhruv likes Kunal a lot. She tells her how Kunal proposed to her in Ajmer. Kittu is stunned to know that Shraddha likes Kunal. Shraddha says I m sure if Kamini has thought about this proposal, she might have thought about Dhruv also. Purshottam looks out for Kamini at home. Kunal also tries to find her. They think where she went. Kunal says where did she go without having food. Purshottam calls Kamini but she does not take his call. They get worried. Kunal says what happened. Purshottam says did she go to Shraddha’s house after hearing our talk.

Kunal says how can she go. The servant says Kamini went out. Purshottam and Kunal gets tensed. Kamini comes to Shraddha’s house and hears everyone talking about Shraddha and Rohit. She taunts Mummy and everyone. Anand asks whats the matter. Kamini says I stopped Shraddha and everyone but see what happened. Kittu asks Shraddha what was she talking about Kunal. They hear Kamini and come in the hall. Kittu asks what happened. Kamini says Kittu, you always think I m wrong. Papa asks Kamini whats the matter. Kamini says you all lied to me about Rohit’s proposal, but she is after Kunal.

Shraddha is shocked hearing this. Kamini says great Shraddha, you cheated me. Anand says stop it. Kamini says ask Shraddha, whom does she love, Kunal? Papa says what are you talking. Mummy says how can you think. Kamini blames Shraddha for everything. Papa says enough. Everyone are shocked.

Purshottam and Kunal come to stop Kamini. Kunal asks her to stop it. Papa asks them to leave and says we won’t keep any relations with your family. Kittu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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