Sasural Simar Ka 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Soniya’s butler gives her breakfast. She’s reading the news paper when she reads the news that fake soniya obroye fooled Singhanuya’s. She crumples the paper and throws it away. She says how dare they publish my article.

Scene 2
Jhanvi asks shaureya to hurry up. She says let me help you and comes out of the car. Mata ji asks roli and simar to look at the stuff for guests. Soniya asks Sid to come over her place. Sid says i can’t its a pooja here at my place. i will come when it ends. She says i don’t care about pooja. Sid says but i do. I can’t come. Try to to understand and disconnects the call. Soniya is really angry.
Shaureya and roli have left the to come. Roli says i wanna talk about something important. Mata ji says yeah go ahead.

Pari is so worried about the timings. Mausi ji says look they’ve come.
Shaureya gets out of the car and says wow the weather looks warm here. Shaureya comes in and says whats wrong? You all look worried. Mata asks where were you and where is jhanvi ? The time is running out. Jhanvi comes out of the car and says Mata ji my earring lost in the car. Jahnvi says the Tyre was punctured and shaureya had to fix it. I forgot my phone home and his phone was off so i couldn’t inform. Shaureya says to roli wow you didn’t tell your family roli. Simar says we are not into your tricks now. Shaureya says like you have forgotten what i did to her.I could’ve killed her if i wanted to. Look at her hand i gave her bruises. Its better to kill slowly instead of killing at once. Simar says if it was like that she should have informed her. He says i have frightened her she won’t even say anything about that to anyone.

Scene 3
Mata ji says daddu ji must be so happy today. The children have shown that they still love him. I wish this new shop is blissful for the new generation. The pooja starts. Sid gets a call from soniya ji and he turns the phone off. Roli and Simar are looking at jhanvi’s hands. Mata ji breaks the coconut and everyone claps. Pari asks Mata ji to inaugurate the shop. When mata ji inaugurates in the name over the board is Aarav Sweets instead of daddu ji’s name. Everyone is so dazed. Achna says today this shop is really name as your son’s shop. people start talking that does this new name means separation of bahardwaj family. Rajhinder says did we gave this sop to you to see this ? Mata ji says stop rajinder its not the time now. Sid goes up and says this is the new branch of daddu ji it will never disappoint you with the quality and taste. Mata ji says give everyone the sweets. Sujata says to jhanvi that pari has deceived us today. I feel so bad. She’s hurt us all. jhanvi says its a special day we should make it special. We should not blame pari bhabhi before listening to her. Simar gives them both sweets. Shaureya asks Roli to give her sweet. He says sweets for the shop or jhanvi’;s bruises. Roli look at jhanvi. When Simar gives jhanvi the sweets he looks at her hand. Simar sees the bruise on her hand. She asks what happened to her hand jhanvi says it was a little accident i am coming back in a moment. Jhanvi leaves.
Roli says to shaureya you must be ashamed to play the same game over and over again. Simar comes and tries to say something. He says she must have seen the bruise on jhanvi’s hand. Roli says we can’t ignore him its about life of jhanvi. Simar says we have to do something.

precap-Sujata says to achna that its better the relationships stay in their limits. You better go back to you home. Achna says i am leaving right now. pari says its not good the way you insulted my mom. If she goes will go along her with aarav.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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