Madhubala 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu asking RK to leave her. Hum hai tere deewane ……………….plays………….. RK says I will do as you say, as I can’t see your tears and blood. Everyone come there. Dau ji asks who dares to kill her. Madhu faints. RK asks her to open her eyes. Bhanu is tensed seeing this. Dau ji asks Bhanu to kill the shooter. RK says come Rani, I will take you to hospital. Agni and Tara have a talk. Adni says she did not die. Tara asks who did this. They leave.

RK asks the doctor to tell how is Madhu. He says she is fine. He says check her well, why did you bring this machine, check her well. He says its BP machine, she is fine. RK aims a gun at him and the doctor gets tensed. RK says she is my Rani, I will kill you if she is in pain. Dau j asks RK to let the doctor do his work. RK says check her. The doctor checks her BP. Madhu opens her eyes and then closes. The doctor says BP is normal. RK scolds him. Madhu looks at RK.

Its night, RK sits by Madhu’s side. He thinks of her words that she got shot because of him. Bhabhi comes to ask how is Madhu and asks him to make her drink this haldi milk and take care of her. RK says fine. He looks at Madhu. She wakes up and sees him. RK asks how are you. She gets up and wears her specs. RK asks are you fine now, have this haldi milk, it will cure the wound, its time for medicines, have it.

Madhu reminds RK of his promise to let her go from this house. RK agrees and she says promise, but what will Dau ji and family, will they allow me to go. RK says I will make them agree, no one can stop me from keeping my promise. She thanks him. Hum hai deewane…………….plays……………… She shakes hand. RK says now our hearts will meet. She asks what. He says I will also come with you to Mumbai. He asks her to have medicines. She takes it. RK says I will be back. He leaves.

RK comes to Dau ji and says I want to take Madhu to Mumbai. Dau ji scolds him and says no one can go out from here without my permission. RK says I m your blood. Madhu hears them. RK says I have decided, so send Madhu happily. Agni smiles and thinks they will be free from Madhu and RK. She looks at Bhanu. Tara says what mistake did we do, that you are leaving us. Bai ji says its Mumbai’s water’s mistake, where he stayed for two years.

Ashok says its not easy to start a life in new city. RK says I have everything in Mumbai, money work house. He says Abhay Kappor was the hero, he deid and his property is mine now. Everyone is shocked. RK says lets go there, we all can progress there. Dau ji scolds him. He says we will not leave from here and won’t let you go.

RK says even I don’t to go from here but I have promised my Rani. He leaves. Bai ji says RK is not our son. Dau ji says RK did not see my anger and love. He says I did your upbringing, not to leave this house one day with your wife. He says I swear of Kaal Bhairov, if you go from here, then I will die. Madhu and everyone are shocked.

RK packs their bags and says Rani don’t worry, I will do all the packing. Madhu is tensed. He asks her why is she upset, we will leave tomorrow morning. She says I heard what Dau ji said. He says till he is alive, we can’t go from here. RK says he loves me so he does not want me to go, why are you afraid. She says I did not run as it would have ruined everything. RK says there won’t be any fight, no blood, happy now. She says how will I be happy if anything happens here.

She says they don’t want you to come with me, don’t leave them. RK says even I don’t want to leave them, but I m helpless, I promised you, I did nto become a good son for Dau ji and good brothers for my sisters, not life gave me a chance to do something for you, you hate me and want to go far, I will prove that I m a good husband. He says I will fulfill all the promises of marriage, even if I have to die. He packs the bags.

Bai ji cries. Dau ji asks her to shut up and tell RK to show them leaving. He says bring my gun. Bhanu comes there and says RK can’t go with his wife from this area. RK says I can make you see stars, I keep quiet because of Dau ji, don’t test my patience. He asks Dau ji to stop Bhanu from following him. Dau ji says if you are staying here, then talk to me, show me by running from here. RK gives a good reply and says I preach you like Lord, love you more than my father, try to understand.

He says I m helpless, come with me to Mumbai, Dau ji and RK will rule there. Dau ji says fine, give me my heir and then go with your wife to Mumbai. Bhanu gets angry. RK thinks.

Bai ji scolds Madhu and says we have hatred between us, now I will take you where you get punished for lifetime. Madhu is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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