Ek Boond Ishq 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mj is going to meet tara, nandu tries to follow him but loses his sight, she says where he gone?
mj comes in room and sees its decorated, tara comes and says come, its good you came before 10min, if you were late I would have cut your legs, mj says I am already injured by you, she ask mj to sit on bed and closes his eyes, she brings a pastry and candle on it, mj sees and says its beautiful, tara says more then me? he says no, tara ask him to blow off candle, he blows candle, he makes her eat pastry and eat himself, tara wipes his face, rubaro tu.. euk boond ishq pae hoon zinda… plays. nmj ask where is my gift, tara says I forgot it, mj says I came here risking my life and you doesn’t have gift for me, very bad suseela, tara ask him t close eyes. she kisses his cheek, mj says call doctor I am dead, he takes tara in arms and says now return gift.

Scene 2
nandu comes to kala’s servant, nandu says rudra gave me money to give it fake mj so take me to his house, servant says who fake mj, nandu says rudra told me everything so take me, she says what are you saying, nandu shouts and says bablu, you know bablu, I want to meet his wife suseela, she says oh suseela okay I will take you, she says one sec I have to tell rudra, nandu calls tara, tara is sleeping with mj, she takes call, nandu tells her that you were right, mj is fake, he is bablu, he has wife suseela, he was not in his room today so he must be with suseela so I am going to his house, tara says how will you go there, nandu says I have fooled kala’s servant amrapali, tara wakes mj up, nandu sasy I have to go now, I will tell you after reaching there, tara tells mj everything, she says there will no society no bablu, no suseela and our game will be over. what should we do, mj says if we will not be there then amrapali will rudra and rudra is difficult to handle but nandu can be fooled easily.

Scene 3
amrapali says to nandu that we shouldn’t come here early morning that suseela is more crazy than bablu, nandu says I don’t have anything to do with it, marapali says suseela scolded kala also, amrapali says what if suseela beat me, I will not go, you go if you want I am leaving, she leaves. nandu knocks the gate, mj is making tara go inside house from back window, nandu is shouting to open gate. mj says say anything but remember I love you, tara says I love you too, nandu comes to back side and sees bablu on window and calls out to him, mj runs from there. she knocks the gate, tara puts on veil and scolds nandu as suseela, nandu says bablu has sent me, tara takes her inside.
in villa, all ask where is mj, adi says her use to meet jairaj 1st then go anywhere, what weird behavior of his, rudra says don’t have doubt like tara, he had injury on head, mj comes there, jairaj ask where were you? mj says maarning walk, jairaj laughs, mj says I will take bath, jairaj says rudra was saying that you had bath in morning, mj says oh, rudra covers up saying that he came after jogging and is sweating so let him take bath again, mj leaves from there. rudra says to jairaj that maybe mj is doing wierd things but dont forget mj need our support, we should try to make him fine not doubt otherwise he can go mad, jairaj says I should know that my any question can have wrong effect on him, you are right.

Scene 4
suseela/tara gives nandu tea, nandu what was the need, tara says right its just faarmality, my mother In law used to say that even if pig comes home give him something, I was throwing this pale tea but you came, nandu stops drinking tea and says I cant drink, she gives him money saying its your husband’s income, he is not here so giving it to you, nandu sees bablu and suseela’s pic, suseela says 5000 rs, how bablu earned this money, nandu says you can earn more money than bablu just come with me home and tell everybody that you are bablu’s wife, tara says who give money for such small thing, I will not come, you are luring me, nandu says okay, I will bring some people to your house, tell them you are bablu’s wife, you can do that, tara thinks I have to tell this to mj 1st, nandu says what are you thinking, I am telling you come home, just tell them you are his wife, tara thinks and says will ou give me this necklace you are wearing, nandu agrees . tara says okay I am coming wait here, she goes to call nimmo as mj might be with rudra, nandu thinks to call tara and calls her. tara’s phone rings, nandu turns and sees suseela’s phone ringing, she is stunned, tara tries to cut, nandu cuts phone and calls again, phone again rings, nandu comes to suseela and says tara.

PRECAP- nandu brings suseela/tara home. jairaj ask whats all this new drama, nandu says its now new but old drama, its played by this mj, I wanna tell you that this is not mj but bablu and she is his wife suseela, rudra is stunned..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. maast episode

  2. Thrilling & nail biting epi

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