Pavitra Rishta 27th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 27th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali telling Ankita that it is just a phase of Naren where he was mad behind you and new in this phase he is mad behind Ahana/Pari. Ankita says he married her and she is his wife. Rushali says she knows that she does not like Naren going near Pari, but she has to bear with it. She says Naren will become mad again if truth is revealed. She says she does not understand about her insecurity, Naren has married her and Shekhar will be marrying Pari, so everything is sorted.

Shashank and Mansi with family are having food. Shashank asks Mansi to bring food. His mom says she will bring food as Mansi is not well. Shashank says his parents will be happy if they hear about Mansi’s pregnancy. He informs his parents that they are becoming grandparents. Parents get happy, but then thinks if kid is Raunakh’s.

Naren with Ankita goes to buy ring for Ahana/Pari. Sales girl shows a ring and says it will lood good on Ankita. Naren says Ankita is his assistant and he is buying ring for someone. He tries ring on Ankita though and selects one. Ankita remembers Naren buying a ring for her before. Naren buys the ring, he gives money to Ankita and asks her to go home via cab. She stands in the jewellery shop sadly.

Naren meets Pari and says he will give her answers of all her questions. He says he said his name as Aman Mathur he did not want her to love him for his money, but only him. He says he wanted to resue her during fire accident, but he lost his senses and was in state of shock, now he will complete the incomplete story which they left on accident day. He says for the whole world she is Pari, but for him she is Ahana. He shows her a ring and asks her if she will marry him. Pari says she cannot marry him as he is already married to Ankita. Naren gets shocked hearing that and takes Pari home with him. He asks Rushali if he is already married. Rushali asks him to calm down and asks Ankita to bring water for Naren. Naren says he does not need water and asks again if he is married to Ankita. Pari says sorry to Ankit for revealing the truth and says the whole story after the fire accident and he getting married to Ankita. Naren asks Rushali if it is truth. Rushali says yes.

Naren gets upsets hearing that and asks Rushali how can she let him marry Ankita, he says he loves only Ahana and nobody can come in between them. Pari says he has to understand that Ankita is his wife and he has to accept her. Naren says he cannot accept anyone as wife except her. Pari says marriage is the biggest bond in life, she is his past and Ankita is his present, so he has to accept Ankita. Naren insists he will not. Pari says he will have to and runs from there. Ankita sadly sits on the sofa and cries.

Shashank’s mom comes to Mansi’s room with laddoos and feeds her. She asks her to take care of her in pregnancy. She asks Mansi what did doctor say aabout the pregnancy. Mom thinks 2 months means Mansi’s rape happened 2 months back, so child must be Raunakh’s or Shashank’s. Mansi thanks mom for bringing ladoos for her. Mom asks if the child is Shashank’s or Raunakh’s. Mansi gts tensed hearing that and thinks this child is not Raunakh’s.

Naren is devastated after hearing the truth that Ankita is her wife. Ankita tries to speak to her. Naren shouts at Ankit and asks her to stay away and says she cheated him and not to come in front of him again ever. He says he only loves Ahana and when she knew it, why did she come close to her when he was mad. Ankita says she did not cheat him and married him, he himself came with marriage proposal to her home. She says he called her as only Ahana, but they time they spent together is more than that. Naren says he never loved her, so there is no relationship between them. He asks Rushali how could she allowed him to marry Ankita and asks her to kick Ankita out of his life. Rushali asks Ankita to go out of the house as Naren does not like her in this house. Ankita sys she cannot go. Rushali insists and goes to her room. Ankita gets out of the house and starts walking on the road. She remembers Naren’s words that he will be with her and then remembers him pushing her and asking her to get out of his life.

Precap: Rushali says Pari that Naren and Ankita have two sides of life like a coin, one which she saw before and another she will show her now..

Update Credit to: H hasan

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  1. fast plzzz

  2. this epi rocks!! Update faster…..

  3. This episode is so stupid stwwwww ughhh!!! I hate it, hurry n get ankita&,Naren back together asap -_- so not enoying this soaps anymore

  4. Ankita deserve whatever is happening to her and however loved Pari scene and as I am nobody fans either Ankita not even Pari but love the chemistry between Narren and Pari but other wise the story is big crap

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