Madhubala 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with RK getting into the car. Madhu and Bittuji fill in RK on their plan. Bhujang’s men informed Bhujang about RK being dropped at the determined place.

KRK reaches the place and runs to save himself from Bhujang and his men who follow thinking it is RK. He falls by hitting a stone and Bhujang also reaches there. Bhujang is shocked to realise it is KRK and not RK. RK also comes there and Bhujang says he will kill both RK and KRK.

Before Bhujang could do anything police comes and arrests him. Police are about to arrest KRK but RK stops the police and questions KRK about his reasons to harm RK. KRK asks forgiveness and then says something for all the family members. He praises Madhu and RK also agrees to it.

RK enters RK Mansion after Madhu does the aarthi. RK reveals how Madhu saved him from jail. All do puja. Radhaji asks for forgiveness for Kuku’s behaviour and RK consoles her. This makes Madhu happy. Sikki asks RK what gift he will give Madhu. RK decides to name their daughter as Madhu. Pabho is unhappy that Madhu is being praised. All disperse and Madhu takes RK to her room.

Rishbala romance in their room. RK picks up Madhu but she wriggles away and runs away. RK comes and hugs her from behind. Madhu asks if RK was serious about naming their daughter Madhu. He says that he is. She asks how he will differentiate between the two. He says he will call one biwi and the other as beti. He tries to romance but sees a gift on the side table.

RK opens the gift. The gift is from KRK. KRK gifts Madhu an idol and daga for RK. RK allows Madhu to tie the daga. KRK also says he never crossed his limits with Madhu and that she is pure.

Precap: Pabho wants Madhu to give a fire test as she stayed with KRK in the bedroom. Radhaji defends Madhu but Pabho is adamant in her stand.

Update Credit to: Maria

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