Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th January 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Latika, Pratik and Diya cutting their anniversary cake together. Diya feeds her parents one by one after which Latika and Pratik wish each other. They sit down to have dinner together. Karan asks Pratik about Latika’s gift. Pratik gives her a gold ring which she doesn’t like much. She keeps it aside. Latika gives him a brand new luxury car. Suresh appreciates her while Pratik isn’t too comfy with the idea. We have a car already. Chirag teasingly asks him to keep it as even a bullock cart can take over your car. Pratik declines for keeping such an expensive gift. Sharda sweetly asks him to keep it as one doesn’t look at the price of a gift but we must look at the feelings of the one who is giving gifts. Latika has brought this for you with so much love. Pratik

finally agrees to keep it. Sharda gives them their respective gifts which they both like. Chirag now asks Karan if he has brought something for the couple or not. karan and Sakshi individually give gifts to the couple. Latika asks them why they are giving gifts individually. Sakshi smartly replies that we both liked different things. One must not force something on the other. Suresh is happy with it. There must be this much space and understanding in relations only then can a person live happily.

Sakshi sends a text to Karan. You keep doing foolishness and I have to make excuses. I told you I have bought a gift on behalf of both of us. Karan replies, I told you I will get it but you have to become heroine in everything. Sakshi reads the reply, looks around and hurts him on his foot (under the table). He shouts in pain which surprises everyone. Karan says, I got hurt a few days back which now I think has become permanent. I will slowly get used to tolerating it. Sakshi smiles and winks at him.

Everyone is all set to leave for home. Suresh and Latika thank / praise each other for the gesture and fun. Pratik still missed his MIL’s hand cooked food. Sharda assures him she will not make any such mistake in the future. Just then the same girl comes there asking Sharda if she will eat tamarind. Sharda gets tensed while everyone else is confused. The girl again happily tells her that she sold off all the stuff on which she had done embroidery for her. I have bought bangles for my mom using all that money. Latika asks Sharda about the girl. Do you know her? Before Sharda can answer, the girl replies that she knows me very well. Don’t you? Suresh replies having seen her with Sharda in the afternoon outside the coaching centre. She is the same girl right? How do you meet such people? That girl says this aunty goes to study in that ECG coaching centre but is not able to study. She does embroidery for me while I do her homework. Sakshi is shocked and so is everyone else. The girl appreciates Sharda’s handiwork. Just then her friends call out for her (her name is Pinky) so she has to go. She asks Sharda to come tomorrow as well. We will continue the same routine. She runs off to play with her friends. Latika asks for an answer. But Latika notices some Mr. Sharma (his colleague) coming so she and Suresh change their demeanour. Everyone leaves for home.

Suresh puts a notepad on table and asks Sharda to write her name. You have started studying right? Your name is very easy to write. When a kid learns to walk for the first time the people clap of him / her but if someone like you (this aged) starts doing the same thing then people mock at him / her. I don’t regret that you couldn’t write your name but what I regret is that you thought you should learn to write your name at this age. But you forgot one thing that there is one more name attacked with your name which is mine, Suresh Modi’s, which has been insulted by you. Karan is hurt by his word while Suresh continues. The bench outside that coaching centre on which you were sitting were given by me in your name as a donation / charity. The most hurtful thing is that you hid all this from me. this all will be cheating. I cannot understand if you had gone for coaching then what were you doing outside on the bench? She tells him she got scared and nods back when he deduces that she would have run off as she got scared. He laughs over it. I knew it and that’s what I told you that day only. You handle this whole house, the kids so well then what’s the point of going out? I know you more than anyone else here. I very well know you cannot study ever. I have some respect in this city please let it be. You are a good housewife just stay happy in this only. Forget all these studies. Dadi also agrees with him. forget everything and if you still feel like doing it then get enrolled in Diya’s school. Latika says Diya too will be embarrassed because of mom in front of her friends. Why did you do this mom? Karan and Sakshi are the only one who are getting hurt by each and every such remark made by everyone else. Latika continues speaking ill. Forget the insult that we had to face amongst outsiders but think about how much insulted I was feeling in front of Pratik. I had to send him and Diya home and come here to solve everything. What’s the point of studying in this age? Sakshi speaks up now. I forced her to study. I sent her there. But we dint want to hurt you. We were to tell you the truth at the right time. Latika doesn’t buy anyone’s point. You lied to us since so many days so that mom could study. Suresh says you must have felt like helping Sharda seeing her helplessness and must have thought to help her. but the point to think about is that she could have opted for studies in all these years if she would have really wanted it. You are very small in age and experience. Mistakes happen when you are young. But the problem happens when elders make mistakes knowingly. Now let me make this very clear that this mistake wont be repeated in this home ever. Everyone leaves from there one by one. Sharda too has to leave as Dadi calls out for her. Only Sakshi stands there all sad.

A very sad / hurt Karan looks at his family picture in his room. Sakshi comes there and notices him thus. She apologizes to him. I know my intentions were right. Karan too repeats the same thing. But at times nothing happens with only intentions. You don’t know me, my dad and my family yet so you cannot decide on anything on your own especially such a big one. I am not blaming you. You did the right thing by sending mom to the coaching centre but look at the consequences. Mom had to listen so much. I request you please don’t do any such thing from now on which can affect my mom. He goes from there. She says, she is my mom too. But you are right I might have chosen the wrong way to do the right thing but now I know what my mistake was. And I also know how to rectify it and I will surely do it.

Next morning, Sharda is all busy in setting the breakfast table. Karan comes down calling for her. he asks her to come with him to watch a comedy film. She declines. He insists so she asks him to take Sakshi along with him. He jokes I feel like I am not your real son. You brought a girl like Sakshi for me. You don’t worry about me. you must have got me from the stairs of some temple. She smiles. Sakshi is hearing all this from a distance. Sharda affirms she is worried for him that’s why I brought a girl like Sakshi for you who will take care of you and handle responsibilities for you and cook. He again jokes that after eating the food cooked by her I realise why people go on hunger strike. He again talks to watching a film together. Your mood will be all right too. She goes quiet. My son has grown up so much that he is trying to lighten his mom’s mood just the way I used to do when (papa used to scold me –Karan adds). They reminisce how he used to hide behind the stairs and she used to tempt him with chocolates and cartoons and finally with kheer. He doesn’t know how to make kheer that’s why he is taking her out for a film as yesterday dad (scolded you). They both go quiet / sad. Nothing has changed mom. You were equally quiet back then and today too. Dad has been the same angry man like he was back then. And I couldn’t say anything on my mom’s behalf back then and neither can I say something today too. I am very bad. She tells him not to talk like this. These are my values that you couldn’t and you cannot even today say anything against the elders. But I forgot to tell one thing. I dint bring you from temple. He thanks her for he knows this. She jokes that I got you from the vegetable market. All three of them smile though tears. Karan and Sharda share a sweet emotional hug with him telling her he loves her. sakshi wipes her tears.

Sakshi is feeding the pigeons. Sharda comes there as she has been looking for her. she apologizes to her. I dint want to hurt you. I went inside the class but I got scared so I ran off from there. I tried to tell you a lot many times but I couldn’t. Sakshi diverts her to the pigeons. I am giving them grains but they aren’t eating. I have changed it to a much better quality but still they aren’t eating them. You know why? It isn’t necessary that the thing which is good must be good for everyone. I sent you to the right place but that place wasn’t right for you. Its my fault. How could I think that it will be easy for you to study there? I am responsible for all of it. I have made a mistake but I only will rectify it. You wont go to coaching classes as you would study at home from today onwards. I will teach you.

Precap: Suresh asks Sharda about the book that she is holding in her hand. Sakshi answers on her behalf. I am teaching mom. This way she wouldn’t have to go out to study and your reputation wont be hampered. Suresh and Latika are not liking it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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