Qubool Hai 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 27th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Mamu nervously paces to his room, saying that he wont let humaira’s life be spoiled, and that he would stop haider from spoiling humaira, at any cost. His pagdi falls down and zoya notices it. she picks it up and is tensed. He enters his room, and says that he cant go to jail. Razia says that she too was saying this. He asks what has she thought then and has a conversation with Razia. Razia says that all of it, rashid, dilshad and asad linked to one particular person, and if she dies, then this whole case is shut down, and they would die of that torment. She says that to put this entire matter to rest, they should kill Zoya. He is shocked and worried too. Finally mamu makes up his mind and says that she can kill zoya. razia smiles victoriously.

She tells him that she has to make some important calls, and excuses herself from the room. He apologises to zoya in his mind, saying that he has to kill zoya, as he has to save humaira, and if he doesnt kill her, then he would land in jail, and be unable to help humaira. He is shocked, when zoya comes in with his turban, saying that it had fallen outside. He asks where and why is she doing the favour. She says that she respects him, even if he is her enemy, he is her daughter’s age. He thanks her for the respect, calling her as his daughter. zoya is tensed and walks out, while he stands shocked too. before leaving, she casts a glance at him and walks out, nervously. He turns to the door, and is tensed for the descision that he has taken.

The party begins and all come down dressed, greeting guests. Dilshad and zoya mingle amongst the guests. Razia eyes them tensedly. Razia is applauded that its a wonderful party. she vengefully eyes zoya. nazma enters and dilshad is very happy to see her. they hug each other. Dilshad says that she has grown a lot, as her daughter is now becoming a mother. asad too comes and hugs her. Imran smiles from a distance. they congratulate. Zoya goes onto her impromptu poetry…..

Phupi ki aankhon mein aa gaya hai, 2 litre water….
Emotions ka ketchup leke aa gayi hai tamatar…..

Zoya excitedly talks how much she is awaiting nazma’s child, and suggests the name of veggies for the child. asad asks about nikhat from nazma. All are tensed, as they ask about haseena and nikhat. chandbi tells them that they cant take nikhat everywhere as she has gone mad. all are shocked and asad asks what does she mean. She says that she doesnt listen to anyone, as farhan had to go outside, and says that if he wont, then she too wont go, and haseena stayed back for her care. They are tensed. Nazma asks about rashid, and in the meanwhile, rashid comes with badi bi in the wheelchair. nazma gets emotional and takes his blessings, as he complies with shivering hands, with a smile on his face. Chandbi congratulates rashid for his son, taking over the business, and that it was time for mamu to retire. she finds razia staring at her, and she excuses herself to meet her. razia lashes out at her for enjoying whats happening. Chandbi asks her not to mind and lightens up the mood. Razia eyes the happy family together around zoya, and thinks that they dont know that happiness doesnt last long, and theirs is also just for the night, and after that, there’s a lifetime of sadness and grief, and she promises them that.

Meanwhile, the guests are made to enter, after going through a metallic check, and the hired killer, is able to deceive the security and walk in. He eyes the crowd for his target. He stealthily lurks behind a pillar. Razia sees that a person, the hired killer, dressed in a coat, takes out the revolver camouflaged in the flowers and aims at zoya. razia gives him the go ahead. she goes to him and says that he just has half an hour to finish his work. he complies and sets his watch accordingly.

In tghe lobby, humaira wonders where’s haider and searches around for him. He lurks behind her stealthily and scares her. she turns around to be startled to find haider standing behind her. He asks who is she searching for. She starts fumbling, and haider says that she looks more beautiful when she lies. She starts to shy and he tases her at that too. mamu watches them from the balcony, and angrily remembers haider’s warning.

Meanwhile, people ask asad about his plans now. asad happily eyes zoya and says that the announcement tonight would change things and asks them to be patient for another half an hour. dilshad finds zoya tensed and asks her what happened. She says that she just remembered her parenst and excuses herself to be composed. Razia eyes her going and thinks that once zoya dies, they would be so helpless, that they wouldnt be hard to handle. The killer follows zoya as she walks upto her room, mingling with the guests, while the killer eyes his chance. she enters her room, and the killer follows after her, but she closes the door behi8nd him and he is unable to enter. Meanwhile, mamu walks in the lobby tensed for humaira and the crime that he has to commit due to that. The killer hides behind a pillar. As zoya takes out and hears to the tune of the dollpiece, mamu is shocked to hear it too in the lobby. he starts progressing towards the sound source. He and zoya are oblivious that the shooter, has taken his aim at zoya, from an open window, who is emotionally eyeing the dollpiece. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.


Precap: As the party continues, tanveer tells mamu, who’s standing in the balcony, that zoya is his daughter. he is overwhelmed and goes downstairs and to meet zoya. the lights go off, and when they return, zoya is nowhere to be found. razia is happy that her plan has worked and she has been able to get rid of Zoya. asad is tensed as to where she went. After much searching, Dilshad asks nazma if she found zoya. She denies. Nuzrat too comes down from her room, and says that she is nowhere to be found. All are tensed and worried for zoya.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. karmina Heeralall

    I hope the story changes here its about time

  2. where is shirin? When did she leave the house?

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