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Madhubala 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dida feeling unwell. She comes in the hall calling out Madhu and is about to fall. Madhu and Leela come. Madhu holds her. Dida says her BP is high. Madhu brings water. Ddia asks how is Bittu. Madhu says he is fine and signs Leela to hide the truth. Dida says Madhu will not tell me, you tell me Leela. Leela starts crying and says he is very critical, the doctor said we have to bail him, else he will be more serious. She says Madhu will not do anything, she does not care about him, she is adamant, but if anything happens to him, I will not leave you both. Madhu cries and leaves.

She comes out in the chawl compound and cries thinking about Bittu. She says he has always taught me to fight, as it has our patience, and it wins with us when we fight, I will fight to win. RK comes to her. She wipes her tears. RK says time is great, it does things and people have to follow it, even I was helpless, when Bai ji was critical, you did not give her blood, Bai ji left us, all because of you, you have killed her, but I can give Bittu a life. She says you won’t hear what I say, I know Bhanu came to me, he said Bai ji is ill, I did not know she needs your blood, else I would have……….

RK says you are clearly lying. Madhu gets lawyer’s call and RK sees it. He says talk to Advocate Sharma. Madhu talks to him and says we have to bail Bittu, we don’t have any other way. She leaves. RK smiles and says I have a way……. Madhu says Leela and Dida about the try she is doing to free Bittu by the legal way else she is ready to go with RK, to save Bittu. Leela smiles. Bhanu and Agni are happy thinking RK and Madhu are history now and will never come.

Dau ji is upset looking at Bai ji’s pic. He says I came here to city only to free RK from Madhu, and take him back with us to our village, but Bai ji died, I m going alone from here. He says we are going back today. Bhanu holds him. Dau ji asks where is Tara. Bhanu says you know her, she is counting jewellery. Dau ji takes Bai ji’spic and says tell her to get ready soon, I don’t feel good here now. Madhu talks to lawyer and says do anything and get bail for him. Sharma says we can free Bittu, lets hope for the best. She says fine, I will meet you in court.

Madhu tells them that Bittu will get bail, goodness will win. RK comes to Sharma and scares him showing the gun. Sharma gets tensed. Sharma says are you threatening me. RK says you can take me to court if you are alive, I want you to go home and rest. RK takes out the sim card and breaks it. He gives him some money and says my revenge is with Madhu, not with you, take kids for shopping, they will be happy, just go. Sharma looks at RK. Madhu comes home crying and says why, why did Sharma do this, why did he not come to court, I did not have any file to show the judge, now everything is finished.

Leela asks Madhu did Bittu get free, where is he. Madhu cries. Dida asks what happened. Leela says yes, tell me fast, where is he. Madhu says forgive me, I failed to bail him. Leela says I knew this and gets angry. She says you were shouting that you will bail him, then what happened. She says do anything but bring him here. Dida says now what will we do. RK comes and says Madhu can free him, Bittu did a lot for her, will she do anything for him. Leela begs Madhu to save Bittu. She says you have only one way now, agree to what RK says, go with him.

RK says you don’t cry, its not so tough, when Madhu enters my house, Bittu will come here. Madhu says fine, you bring him home. Leela smiles. RK says fine, I will bring him, you get ready, take Dida’s blessings, as if you run again, I will send Bittu not to jail, but to another world. He says save these tears, you will need them later. He says fine cry, I will come with Bittu. He leaves. Leela thanks Madhu. Everyone wait for Bittu. Leela is happy and says I will go and bring fruits, you make tea for him, when he comes, we will give him. RK says even I will have it. Everyone is happy to see Bittu. Leela says wait there, I m coming.

Leela touches his feet. Bittu says whats all this. She does his tilak and aarti. Bittu says I m fine. She says let me do this, come in now, sit. Leela talks to Bittu. Dida says thank Lord you are fine and back home. Leela thanks RK. She says you returned my sindoor to me, I wish you wishes come true. RK says my wish is to take my wife happily. Leela says I will keep my promise and will send Madhu with you. Bittu asks whats all this. RK calls out Madhu. Madhu prays to Lord and says I felt I will never see RK’s face again, you make the ways for us, if you want me to walk on this path, then fine, but I will only win, as I have nothing to lose now, give me strength to fight with them. She applies tilak to herself and looks on.

RK brings Madhu home. He asks her to sleep in living room and she should light the diya all night, if it blows off, then she will be punished.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. madhubalaRISHABkundra

    Not bad…try better…when ll madhu kno abt her parents??????????

  2. When did madhu & rk came 2 know about banus orginaal face????

  3. When did they realise their love 4 each other????

  4. When did they realise their love 4 each other????

  5. Nice story and plz romantic scenes zaroor dekha na ok ” bè$t òf lùçk”

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