Gustakh Dil 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil talking to Rishi, Gunjan, Cobra and Rancho. He says its good to hear that someone has slapped the bad mannered salesman. He thinks about daring Lajjo. He tells ehtm about his promotion, high pay and now business trip to Dubai. Rancho says wow, I will tell this to Lajjo. Nikhil looks at her and asks what. She says I wished I could tell her. Cobra says what will you bring from Dubai for me. Nikhil says nothing. Rancho gives her shopping list. He says fine, I will bring everything and customs people will make me their son in law. Gunjan says come on. Nikhil says I m joking, I will bring everything for you all, and for Lajjo.

He thinks about Lajjo. He says he will go Sonbarsa. Gunjan says great idea, go and bring her, you are independent, you don’t need to answer anyone. Rancho gets tensed and reminds him of his promise.Gunjan says why are you saying this, you should encourage Nikhil. Nikhil says I miss her, I will go to meet her, so its final now, I m going Sonbarsa to meet her. Rancho gets worried.

Lajjo sees off her parents and sends them in the car. Her parents are very happy and are proud of her. Lajjo gives her dad her first salary. He says no way, I can’t take it. She says you would have taken if I was your son. He says its not like this. Lajjo asks her mum to take it. Her mum accepts it happily. She asks you do tuition here, then how did you get so much money, tell us the truth, we trust you won’t do anything wrong. Lajjo laughs and says I teach Sagar’s daughter Mili. Her dad says does he given him so much money. Lajjo says I work in his school.

Her mum says I met Nikhil, I saw in his eyes how much he loves you, he does not know you are here, don’t trouble him. Lajjo gets sad and cries. She hugs her parents. They leave. Ayesha holds her scarf and cries thinking about Adhiraj. Nani comes to her and understands she is not fine, she is hiding something. Why did you say yes to marry Karanveer, you did not even meet him. Ayesha lies to her and shows that she is very happy. Ayesha hugs her crying.

Nani senses her pain she is hiding. Ayesha thinks she wants to go very far where she will forget Adhiraj completely. Lajjo cries thinking about her mum’s words. Rancho comes to her and talks. She asks about her parents and is everything fine. Lajjo says she misses her family a lot. Rancho cheers her up telling about Nikhil. Lajjo says even I was there, see this bangles, he has given me this as he got promoted. Rancho looks at it and understands it was Lajjo whom Nikhil was talking about. Lajjo says he met my parents and I have hidden from him, what else would I do.

Rancho starts laughing and tells her about Nikhil saying about a girl slapping salesman and that reminded him of you. Lajjo laughs and says I was that girl. Rancho and Lajjo laugh out together. Its morning, Lajjo comes for the radio interview dressed in white shirt and jeans. She looks gorgeous. Anushka praises her. Lajjo says I m well prepaped, lets talk. Nethra comes there and brings Prasad. She asks Lajjo to have it as she went to temple to pray for her. She acts sweet and says we have to work together for our academy, have it. Lajjo eats the laddoo. Nethra thinks now Lajjo won’t be able to give the interview as it has Bhaang in it. Lajjo starts feeling losing senses and holds her head. She falls.

Anushka says what happened Trishna. Lajjo says I m feeling heavy head. Kabir and Ratri come there and are glad seeing Lajjo in his state. Kabir smiles. Ratri takes her pics and sends to Barkha. Lajjo tries to keep herself good. Anjali comes and says Trishna looking good. Lajjo laughs and falls. Anjali asks what happened. Lajjo gives a bag image of her. Sagar comes and sees Lajjo. He is shocked. Barkha smiles seeing the pics.

Sagar asks Trishna to go for the program. He is shocked seeing Lajjo in Bhaang effect.

Update Credit to: Amena

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