Mahabharat 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, bhishma says i will kill every person who comes in way of hastinapur, im bound by my dharma, Krishna says no dharma bounds us, bhishma says don’t question my dharma Krishna im fulling my promise given by me to my father, Krishna but this promise of urs is putting the whole world in the path of destroyance, bhishma says don’t cross ur limits remember no one can kill me, Krishna says i can kill u n no promise of urs can stop me , bhishma lifts his weapon to attack, Krishna steps out of the rath n walk towards bhishma n says i need no weapon to kill u i can use the raths wheel to kill u n lifts the wheel, bhishma attacks n Krishna freezes the battle field except for bhishma, bhishma asks Krishna why didn’t his attack reach him, Krishna says im not a human n not Krishna im the universe its me who has given u life n its me as well who will give u death m the almighty, bhishma says forgive me i was unaware of the truth u can surely kill me but before that plz tell me the reason, Krishna says its unawareness u have never tried to learn the real meaning of dharma u have been selfish, bhishma says i have given my throne n never married, Krishna says that was selfless but ur promise has lead this war to lot of complications if ur promise was dharma it wouldn’t have lead to war so u have to learn its true meaning n so u need to go along the changes, bhishma says but till now i have been doing wat is right so how is all that adharma, Krishna says u have never taken any decisions was it ur decision to make pandu the king or abt dritrashtras wedding or the duts game n draupadis insult, this war , u had chances to stop all of this u never did so giving promise as ur reasons u had to learn the actualmeaning of ur promises, when i took promise did u know abt the future , the situations had been changing n since u didn’t change with situations we all are in this condition, bhishma says doesn’t promises have any importance, Krishna says they do but only till it has good effects , n if u couldn’t make decision to come to pandavas side atleast make the decision to give away ur weapons n accept ur death, bhishma smiles n say i accept my death n by ur hands it will be like forgiveness to my wrong deeds, Krishna says as u wish n the war begins again , arjun leaves his rath n falls in Krishnas feet n says u had promised u will not fight , Krishna says its time to break promise, arjun says give me a chance bcoz if u break promise for me people will curse u n i cant let that happen, bhishma says only shikhandini can kill me n so i will wait for her to enter the war n when she does i will give away my weapons n till then i will protect hatinapurs soldiers n none of pandavas soldiers will be killed by me nthis is neither my duty nor my promise but my decision.

PRECAP: Duryodhan says till ambas soul is in the body of a woman she can’t kill bhishma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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