Madhubala 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu looks at the dream home layout and feels guilty ..n says.. dun deserve u.. or ur love.. din recognize u…Madhu swears to make things right get RK released and put KRK behind the bars..  KRK returns to the room and Madhu fakes that she is asleep..He changes.. switches off light n goes n sleeps on the couch ..

She remembers how RK was asking her to believe him ..  Madhu searches for her phone.. n ends up finding a blue tie ..she put on RK during RKs party .. during the magic act..KRK completes praying in the store room and wipes off the tikka ..while returning.. to the room he runs into Madhu ..KRK asks u here? Madhu says came to meet u.. n KRK says.. was rehearsing puja scene! He asks why u dressed up? Madhu says.. to the market.. then bank for the papers..KRK offers to come but Madhu fakes that she is angry on him so.. n asks him to have breakfast and then go to work ..! Madhu shows the recording of the magic show to the magician and asks him .. who asked him to do this? He feigns ignorance n threatens to call cops.. ! Madhu says i will call them n get u grilled

Madhu asks who told u to do this? Magician says..THEY forced me..kidnapped my son.. ! He says the name Bhujang Shastri..n shows his image to Madhu Kuku warns KRK to get the file or his mom will be in danger n says then RK will be dead! KRK requests not to hurt RK .. n Kuku says.. do ur job. n RK will be done at 11am next day..! KRK asks Kuku why killing him?  Kuku says. ‘Bemari aur Dushman ka hal jitni jaldi nikalo. utna aacha.. warna pata nahi kab woh sur utha dega’  Kuku tells KRK to get the papers…! 

Part 2

KRK feels guilty .. n says.. they are gonna kill RK .. am stuck in this sinful rut..! He says …cant let this happen… will fix things…  He prays to Bappa to be with him …

Part 3

KRK comes home n Madhu greets him happily .. n asks to open her fast..! KRK is stunned! Madhu says.. the way we opened it is wrong.. have something urgent to talk to u ..! Madhu says. .no .. first open fast. KRK throws plate of food ..on the floor! Madhu asks why hesitating? Why not remember that three rooms were for our kids..! Madhu says .  Bhulne ke liye yad rakhan zaruri hota hai ..yad rakhne ke liye janna.. aur janne ke liye RK hona zaruri hai..!  KRK asks her to listen to him but Madhu says dare not.. n fumes on him … !  Madhu points gun at KRK .. 

Precap — RK asks why is he being asked to run away from jail? Constable says. .on Madhus orders! KRK tells Madhu the plan n says once RK is out of jail .. Bhujang tells Kuku we will burn RK alive..! 

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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