Sadda Haq 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 23rd January 2014 Written Update

Vidhushi tells Sanyukta she knew how badly she needed this scholarship, but she still didn’t let her win. Kaustuki comes to Sanyukta and congrats her. She says Randhir probably knew he won’t win so he didn’t come. Sanyukta says still he can’t even accept his defeat gracefully. Other hand, Randhir is upset and calls someone. But that person is down, drunk and doesn’t pick up.

Sanyukta calls her mum and tells her she won the scholarship. She asks her not to tell her dad. After that she is writing a letter to her dad. Kastuki asks her if she’s going to send cheque to her dad. Sanyukta says yes, she wants to prove that she didn’t want to hurt him and he must be proud knowing about scholarship.

Next day, Sanyukta and Kastuki purposely talk about cheque and scholarship loudly in the lobby so Randhir can hear it. Sanyukta talks about the girl power and Randhir loses his cool. He tells her that she should be thankful to him, she won it because of him. He also insults female s*x. Sanyukta decides to teach a lesson to Randhir.

In night, Sanyukta and Kastuki come to boys hostel. Two boys feel someone came in, but they go back to their room thinking it’s a ghost. Sanyukta and Kastuki come to Randhir’s room and using spray, they write on wall, “looser” multiple times. After they leave, Randhir gets up and finds Kastuki’s watch there.

Next morning, Jignesh wakes up and he thinks YoYo did that and decides he will prove to them that he’s not a loser. Sanyuta is excited thinking about reactions on Randhir’s face. Kastuki is worried as she can’t find her watch. Randhir comes and shows it to her. He says he will go to the dean. Sanyukta doesn’t want Kastuki in trouble because of her, so she also follows Randhir. They both come to dean’s office.

Sanyukta confesses everything before Randhir says anything. The dean asks her to call her parents tomorrow. Randhir has some other ideas. He tells the dean that they should let Sanyukta go. They shouldn’t give any punishment to her. Sanyukta says no, she did mistake so she deserves punishment. Randhir then tells the deal, if she really wants punishment, then they should make her paint his wall again where she wrote loser. The dean likes the idea.

Jignesh is still upset. He says he is not a coward and decides to propose Kastuki today. Kastuki is sitting alone in the canteen. YoYo and his friends wonder what she’s doing alone today.

Sanyukta is going to Randhir’s room. One boy asks her what she’s doing in boys hostel. Randhir says she is going to prove today that girls are better than boys. She will clean his room as boys don’t know how to keep their rooms clean.

Sanyukta’s bro receives the letter. He throws it away and just gives cheque to his dad. He says Sanyukta started sending money to home now. His dad gets angry. Later, Sanyukta’s mum finds the letter and gets emotional.

While Sanyukta is trying to get rid off paint, she receives a call from her bro. He is pissed at her and says her dad is also angry with her. Sanyukta asks the reason, but he doesn’t say. He says dad is already happy as he won award in some club. Sanyukta says that club is his and his friends’, then what award? Her bro gets mad at her. Randhir is still in the room. After call, Randhir and Sanyukta argue again. Randhir says exams are coming soon, that will prove who is best.

Sanyukta’s dad is talking on phone with someone for her rishta. He gets pissed and says no one wants engineer bahu. Sanyukta’s bro shows a photo of some guy and asks his dad to talk to him. Sanyukta’s mum asks him to first show photos to Sanyukta. Sanyukta’s dad says there is no need. Her mum takes her side, but in vain.

Sanyukta is very upset. She tells Kastuki she wrote such a sweet letter, then why her dad got mad at her. Everything is going wrong today.

Precap: Vidhushi decides to take revenge from Sanyukta for the humiliation she had to face. She says she will leak the exam papers and Sanyukta will be blamed. Sanyukta doubts Randhir and lectures him. Randhir says he didn’t do anything until now, but he will do it now. He burns Sanyukta’s admission form or something. Sanyukta slaps him. They both get physical. Everything is burning around them and seems like Randhir goes to kiss her.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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