Gustakh Dil 23rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 23rd January 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 23rd January 2014 Written Update

The show starts with Ishana giving Nikhil a shock after saying she’s getting engaged to Kunal.Nikhil says if she’s mad.. Ishana says the engagement is in a few days. Nikhil says if she wants him to be jealous.. Ishana says her life turns into a mess. nikhil says what does she want him to do.. if ever she wants him to ask for forgiveness or he should have cancelled the Goa trip. Ishana says that she does not like to lie she’s really getting married to Kunal. all the friends are shocked after Shreya telling them that Ishana and Kunal are indeed getting married. They think they must talk to them. Kunal enters and gives them a smile…
Nikhil tells Ishana to think about them.. Ishana says what remain to think of.. nikhil says their love dreams as she promised they will stay together. Ishana says it is impossible as there’s someone in between them.. they are no more only two. Nikhil says why is he saying so…

Nikhil says they are always together.. Ishana says she’s the same but he’s married and belongs to someone else Mrs Lajwantee Bharadwaj and she loves someone who’s already married.
Cobra tells Kunal why is he informing about the same today.. Kunal says everything just get plan in a jiffy. sweta says that Ishana loves Nikhil and Kunal says that Nikhil is married. Shreya says he must play some game to win Ishana. Ranjho says they know Ishana since a long time no one can force her. Kunal says exactly Ishana can’t be forced. Cobra says it is good Ishana will get a partner and Nikhil marriage will not break. Kunal says at least to congratulate him.
Ishana asks Nikhil since how long will they manage with Lajjo in between them. Nikhil wants some more time. Ishana says it is time which is running out of hand. what will her mother answer to the people that her daughter loves a married man. Ishana tells him that he can’t hold both his love and marriage he must chose one. So she decided to leave him. Nikhil says not to decicide so as he loves her. Ishana says she needs to answer to her family as her mother is so important for her she can’t hurt her. She bids goodbye to Nikhil wishing him a happy married life and leaves.Nikhil is hurts.

Ayesha is in the library waiting for his friends she’s tired waiting…Her friend arrives saying he heard that the rich people never wait for the poor. He asks if she was waiting for him. Ayesha asks him what does he thinks of him ?? he makes her wait for half an hour. He says he asked him to wait outside where he was waiting for her. They keep on having a tit for tat conversation. Ishana is back home and her mom opens the door for her(New mom) She asks Ishana what is the problem she runs in her room. Nikhil follows her but aditi stops him saying to leave as there’s no importance anymore. He pleads to ishana mom to meet her as she’s hurt. Nikhil says Ishana can’t marry anyone else. Aditi asks why not if he can married someone else and asks him to leave.

Lajjo comes in the kitchen and tells sheila to go and rest as she’s not well. The phone rings and Samrat answers, it is Anuradha. Lajjo also waits near Samrat hearing it is Anuradha… Samrat asks about baba health Anu says she’s there too take care of him not to worry. anu asks Samrat to give the phone to Lajjo as Saraswati is waiting…Saraswati asks if she does not think about them she never calls them. Lajjo asks about everyone health Saraswati tells her everyone is fine… She tells her that a friend of her’s is preggy and when will she gives them the good news.. Lajjo is shocked and says she will talk later.

PRECAP: Nikhil says meeting and marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life. ishana is getting married to someone else how will he see her with someone else and tells her to get out of his life.. Lajjo is shocked.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA13

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  1. Oh that Ishanna is so annoying

    Hopefully he realises that Laajo is the right one for him soon

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