Madhubala 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells RK that she has come back.. FOREVER (cups his face in her palms)n says.. she knows RK loves his Madhu a lot…! RK stays quiet.. Madhu hugs RK .. BG – Tere ishq pe …

RK comes to bed n finds Madhu asleep with pillow wall inbetween them n she tells RK that he can sleep at she wont go away from him.. PROMISE!

Sultan looks at the moon .. n thinks of Madhu coloring his face.. n all Madhus words to him Aryan comes n wishes him Good nite! Sultan asks Aryan if he can sleep with him in his room n Aryan asks him not to be scared ..

Next day morning RK calls out BIWI .. n he touches her nose n says..she is here.. din go.. its a reality..! Paddo walks in and shouts on Madhu n asks her to come with her..! RK snatches Madhus hand from Paddo n says..she cant forcibly take his wife ..! Radha asks RK to let Madhu go n he does n Paddo pulls Madhu away..!

RK wakes up n finds his bed empty n notices.. Madhu walking in with aarti thal .. BG – Tum hi ho! Madhu greets RK .. n asks him what he wants to eat in breakfast? RK back hugs Madhu .. n she says.. Bittu is coming n RK says..then he will return embarassed!

Madhu says.. to leave or she will shout n RK says..she should ..he is her hubby so he can tease her RK calls Madhu pari n asks.. why is she decked up? She tosses her wet hair on RK n says.. this pari has gotten her angel..! Madhu caresses RKs face..! Madhu says…she is his Jungli Billi .. RK closes in on Madhu .. BG – Tum hi ho. .eyelock!

Madhu is taking out RKs clothes n RK pulls her close.. hug.. n Madhu pushes him towards the bathroom..! RK returns decked up.. Madhu set his shirt collar.. ! Bittu comes n is embarassed to see them cuddling n says sorry n leaves.. both rishbala smile..!

RK Madhu come holding hands n eyelocks to the table .. n all watch Paddo comes screaming … n asks her what madness it is? She Madhus friend told her..she was in RK mansion..! Madhu tries to explain n Paddo says.. one more lie?

RK calls her sasu-ma n Paddo says.. NEVER dare to call that.. ! Madhu in tears Paddo asks Madhu if RK forced her over here? Madhu says. no n Dips says..yes . .RK says CHUP .. n then says.. YES .. did.. but last night Madhu came on her own!

RK tells Madhu to tell the truth.. that MADHU LOVES RK … n that got her back him FOREVER!

Part 2

Paddo is shocked asks the truth … ! Madhu is mum Paddo says.. RK forced her n RK says.. Paddo is forcing.. n alleging him..!

Paddo asks Madhu to speak up n then .. n RK says.. Paddo will send ‘Aashiq Pistoli’ to deal with him Madhu says..she knows what she is doing but Paddo doesnt agree!

RK tells Paddo that he is HER Son in law .. n Madhu is in love with RK!

Part 3

RK says.. to get a son in law like has to keep vrat for 16 mondays. .but seems Madhu got a hubby like him on sunday

RK says.. Madhu is a transmitter.. whose frequency has changed.. n she is happy with him

Madhu says..she is very happy with RK .. here!

Precap — Paddo tells Madhu that .. she does not consider Madhu as her daughter anymore… not as a mother or as a woman…coz. ‘Pyaar me mit jana.. alag hota hai. .aur bik jana alag’! ..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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