Anamika 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Anamika posesses Rano the moment she steps out of the circle and starts telling Jeet that a bad spirit is behind her. she starts pointing in all random directions saying that bad spirit is following her. Jeet tries to take her home, but she says she has to stay behind for the ceremony to get rid of the bad spirit. Jeet shouts at her and starts walking away saying he is fed up. He then stops, and pulls Rano with him and brings her home.

Rano wakes up in the morning and again gets worried how to tell Jeet everything. Jeet tells her that he did not understand why she was behaving weirdly in the CD she gave him. He then asks her not to leave the house under any circumstance.

Jeet is worried about Rano, so Pratap tries to give him strength. Balraj informs them that doctor Kaur has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. Rano overhears it and gets upset. She tries to find some way to get rid of the bad spirit and finds out about some medium named Shalakha who helps people get rid of spirits. She calls her but she is busy in meditation so does not picks up her phone.

(CVs ne humari pyaari madhu ko kya se kya bana diya par lagta hai arnab ki knowledge ab madhu use karegi, but dekhna ye hai ki jo kaam arnab kabhi na kar saka kya woh madhu kar payegi. once again wish abhay cud come here too ).

Pratap tries to console Rano, but she keps crying. Guddi comes and runs away scared. Pratap gets a call from the hospital that Ritu’s condition is bad, Rano says she would come too. They go to the hospital where doctor informs them that Ritu’s condition keeps oscillating between good and bad.

Rano understands that Ritu’s condition is because of that bad spirit and she would somehow get rid of her. She leaves the hospital. Anamika is seen in her house laughing thinking that Rano cannot tell anyone the truth. She says she has forced Rano to keep quiet today and tomorrow she will make her quiet forever. The family which trusts you so much will stop trusting you at all really soon. She will be left all alone and so lonely that she would have no option left other than suicide.

Precap: Anamika possess Rano and Rano screams help and Shalakha (haye my Madhu ) comes in between and throws some kind of liquid at Anamika which causes her immense pain.

Update Credit to: –dishu–

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