Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Swayam was jogging in the basket ball court when he remembers all the discouraging words said by his father.He again starts jogging when Sharon comes in and says “boo” in order to scare him and laughs out.She has he was frightened nah.Swayam replies saying how much ever you want I’ll never be scared of you.Both start jogging when Sharon asks early morning jogging and all.Swayam says he his planning to put his energy in new ventures.He shows her his skates.She says rubbish.He puts them on and shows her some wonderful skits asking about her.She rotates her and is about to kiss her when Sharon hears her name being called up.She sees hear and there and Swayam asks where have you lost I was calling you from so long.He asks will she try and she says tomorrow as now its time for rehearsals.

Swayam is thinking when he says just a observation guys we are more into aggregation.Sharon agrees and says they must use fun element too.They ask Rey when he is lost.He then says Yes they are right.They must add fun element.The gang starts dancing to the tunes of mix from Student of the year.When it was Rey turn gang forces him when he says he he is not interested and moves forward.Aashi continues dancing when Swayam jumps towards Rey’s side and asks him if everything is fine.Rey says he needs to speak with him and both move.Neha is trying to do an aggressive dance with Vicky which Simmi and Rinni find and discuss will this work or not.

Swayam and Rey are in the atrium.Swayam tells to Rey that if he is worried about yesterday then he need not be.Rey decides not to tell Swayam directly as he is the brother and says Yes that what.He then questions him where was he why didnt he pick up his calls.Swayam says he saw his Thank you message.Rey says then why did he not reply.Swayam questions for a thank you message.Rey says Yes.Swayam says he is not his girl friend.Rey tries to ask Swayam must a girl not have carrier plan and only want to become someone’s wife.Swayam says no and all girls have their individuality.Rey says not all girls do.Swayam says then it must be new love as girls dream about Marriage a lot then.Rey gets a call and sees its from Swayam’s Dad.Rey gets up when Swayam says its just a call not his dad present hear personally.Rey sits down.Swayam asks why is his dad calling rey.Rey says he wants to go on lunch which Rey wont go.

The gang is in the class when Swayam mobile vibrates.He checks and sees Sharon’s message.She asks him to check his mobile through eyes.He sees her message asking where is Rey.He replies Rey was bit upset so may be he has bunked class.He then gets a message from Aashi asking where is Taani.He replies she is in meeting with VP.Sharon notices Swayam speaking with Aashi.Rinni does something in her mobile when Barath throws a piece of paper over her and when she sees he splits out the gum.Rinni shows him that she will slap him when Barath shows his chair.Amar notices this and both have a pull on fight.The professor notices this and says they are hear to study but all are buys in their mobiles.He is not blind.He is scolding when the bell rings and all shout.The are throwing paper planes around the class when Rinni comes to Sharon.She says that Her friend has her marriage today .Some team has ditched them.Sharon says she is not able to understand.Simmi says that her friend is getting married today.Vicky says they all understood that.Sharon stops them and asks Simmi to continue it.Simmi says that the team whome they have called for dance has ditched them.Rinni thanks Simmi for understanding and says they need to go for dance today.

Rey is in Car with Rishi when Rishi asks him if he is fine.He says good and its his pleasure.He remembers what Taani said and sent him saying Tauji is calling her and asking and she has lied enough.Rey asks her to say the truth.She says it will make a good impression and pleads Rey to go for her cause of which he is hear.

Precap:Team practicing Gujju style as the family is gujju and they have to show they are gujju to.Doli taro performance.Sharon asks Rey where is he.He says with Swayam’s father.Swayam comes to know it and thinks about what Rey Denied in the moring.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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