Madhubala 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu walks past RK Bittu is confused and RK says… he is the biggest superstar.. and he knows how to sell a lie. .and same way.. Madhu is trying to sell a lie .. but is failing!

RK says.. Madhu says hate u…but when mangalsutra broken.. ties it.. says ..she wanna go away from him but ..cant see another girl with him …

RK says her mouth and heart are speaking different language..! Madhu is only an actor in this story.. someone else is writing this story..! RK says to expose the person.. he has to go out of the guy can meet Madhu .. n Bittu should keep an eye.. on her.. n keep him updated n no one should know of it..!

RK says.. after interval to The END .. RK will write the story..! RK says be ready for outdoor..! RK comes to his room and is packing

his stuff…! Madhu asks WHERE IS HE GOING? RK doesnt answer..! Madhu says towel? RK puts it in ..! RK says..going to the moon onion is cheap ..!

Madhu says need to know coz in 15days have to resolve this ..n RK says come together.. if wanna be together..! Bittu tells the details of the outdoor in front of Madhu ..!

RK tells Madhu to take care of herself. .n he will miss her.. n walks off..! Bittu tells Radha about RK going to outdoor…Radha fumes..! Dips asks Sultan what bakwas plan is this? RK leaving Madhu to go for outdoor is his plan? Coz RK would have either stopped Madhu from leaving or burn the world..! She says.. time for concrete action..! Sultan cuts the call ..! Sultan looks at the newspaper n crushes it..!

Sultan calls Madhu n asks alone? Why are her eyes.. looking for him? Why not divorcing? Madhu says trying.. but RK not signing! Sultan tells Madhu to come out of the mansion ..get in a rick n take a turn to reach him .. n says if she doesnt come.. he will reach RKs shoot..!

Bittu observes Madhu and informs RK … ! RK says keep watch will get a clue.! Rick driver gives Madhu a package.. its a burqa..! Bittu tails the rick ..! He is surprised to see Madhu in a veil … He informs RK ..! Meantime .. Madhu is surrounded by other ladies in veil n Bittu loses track..n follows a wrong lady…! Bittu deduces.. the guy who called Madhu is clever..!

Madhu reaches the location …and her n Sultan meet..! Madhu says told wont tell anyone.. She asks why called here? Sultan says. . no more waiting.. its about time to live together … n to take her with him ..right now.! A paper cannot change their destiny .. no more court.. lawyer.. only U & only ME ..!! Sultan to take u away from RK and near to self..! Bittu sees Madhu talking to someone…!

Part 2

Madhu says he cant do this.. give one day n he says.. she couldnt do anything till now..what will she do in one day? She has to come with him now..! RK calls Bittu n Bittu informs RK about Madhu talking to someone..!

Madhu asks Sultan to give her time to meet her mom ..sis.. Radha..! RK screams on Bittu to find out who it is..! Sultan tells she is lucky he loves much..! He says…to Madhu that pagal ho kar bhi tumhara dhyan rakhne ka hosh hai… given 2 hours..!

Sultan says from tonight.. ur MINE .. ONLY MINE ..!!

Part 3

Sultan tells Madhu to not do anything she will regret.. as he wont spare RK then..! He leaves..! Bittu tries to follow but loses track..!

RK says this guy is same who is forcing Madhu ..! RK tells something to Bittu …!

Bittu and Madhu run into each other…! Madhu asks Bittu ..what he is doing here? Bittu asks.. why will he.. he came to do reki ..for RKs shoot..! Madhu grills him..! He asks her to come with him..! In the car.. Madhu asks Bittu where are they going? Madhu asks Bittu to stop the car.. and Bittu says.. car will reach where it has to..!

Precap —- RK carries Madhu forcibly inside a house and puts her on a sofa..! She tells RK he cant do this to her..! RK asks who did? He only took advantage of being her hubby ..! Madhu says have to go back n RK says..he is here..she too why she wants to go? RK says.. she cant go till she talks with love..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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