Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona walks towards Chitrasi with the spade in her hand while Chitrasi starts running and runs into her room and tries to lock the room door where Sona comes and stops Chitrasi from locking the door. Chitrasi asks Sona to leave her alone as Sona keeps walking forward with the spade. Chitrasi takes something and throws towards Sona and Sona gets angry. Chitrasi prays for god to save her and Sona says that god only supports the one who is right. Sona holds the spade up saying do you remember what you did to me? Its going to repeat to you and no one will save you and Chitrasi runs out from the room saying please don’t kill me Sona! Chitrasi runs to the mandir and cries saying please save me god! Sona comes saying even god won’t forgive you now and Chitrasi falls on Sona’s feet saying forgive me. Sona says i would have forgiven you but you must reveal the truth!! Chitrasi says i did everything where i cut the railing at Shakti Dham as i wanted Kanhaiya to die but when i knew that all the properties is transfered under his name, i decided to marry him. But you were in between of us and i did everything from making you fall from the stairs so that you would not be part of the family portrait, dropped the fake snake so that everyone would think you dropped it on purpose. I myself cut the saree and put the stove in my room making everyone think that you were trying to kill me. I also wanted you to leave the house but Suhnaina came and stopped you in time. I called a guy asking him to fake a love story and you believed it and told to everyone. Everyone hated you for that and Kanhaiya himself wanted to divorce you. I did all this because you were in Kanhaiya’s life and i need to get rid of you for the property. But i never expected you to return as a ghost. Please forgive me and i don’t want anything now. I only want my life and Chitrasi hears Kanhaiya’s voice saying ‘Sona ji’ where Chitrasi turns and sees everyone. Suhnaina smiles while Chitrasi runs saying Sona is a ghost. Don’t go closer to her while Kanhaiya looks at Sona and says Sona! Where did you go and walks towards Sona. Chitrasi says don’t go closer to her as she is a ghost. Sona says i am not a ghost. I am still alive. Kanhaiya walks to Sona and asks where have you gone all this while? Suhnaina says Sona pretended to be a ghost all this while so that Chitrasi’s truth would come out in front of everyone. Chitrasi, everyone have known the truth now! Chitrasi thinks to herself that this means both Sona and Suhnaina made fool out of her. Written Update by Visha_Dhami. Chitrasi goes to Siddeshwar asking not to trust both of them as they made this on purpose. I will no longer stay here and Suhnaina smiles. Sona says i will tell you everything later but i need to talk to Chitrasi now and Kanhaiya follows. Suhnaina says the truth is now out to Siddeshwar. You thought of her as your daughter and you saw her true intentions?

Part 2

Chitrasi takes the phone saying i am going to call the police that you are trying to kill me where Sona takes the phone and throws it away and slaps Chitrasi. Everyone assembles at the main hall and Sona says your truth is now out in front of everyone and Chitrasi says she is lying. Don’t believe her. Siddeshwar shouts enough, i don’t wish to hear anything. Sona says Chitrasi, look into everyone’s eyes! If you don’t say its nevermind, i will reveal everything you have done. Sona says once i meet Chitrasi at Shakti Dham once i knew about her truth, i know she would do something. After that i tried revealing her truth evertime but she and her mother kept planning one after one things against me. And the recording! Her voice and Shakuntala’s voice was really recorded but she deleted it and changed the recording. And the lawyer who came for the divorce was called by her. After that i had only one way to plan against her. That’s why i pretended to drink fake poison. I know that she will panic to see me dying and try to hide my body. She did just as i expected. And with Suhnaina’s help, i and Suhnaina replaces the sack with a sand bag so that Chitrasi will assume its my body. And then i started acting as a ghost and made Chitrasi scared so that she will get scared and reveal the truth in fear of saving her life. And finally today, she have revealed the truth in front of everyone. Chitrasi says don’t believe her and Kanhaiya shouts enough Chitrasi! How could anyone fall so low like you? I could now believe that you are a innocent village girl? Because of you, i suspected my Sona ji! Luckily i never accepted you and you could never replace Sona ji’s place. Suhnaina says this lady have been ruining the family and its good the truth is finally out. She don’t deserve forgiveness but she deserves punishment. Bheema says what have we not done for you and how could you do this? Kamal says we never expected you itself to be like a poison. You have broken our trust! Siddeshwar says no more! Leave this place and never show your face again. I used to think of you as my daughter, i could not punish you. Leave the house and Siddeshwar holds Chitrasi’s hands dragging her and Chitrasi reaches Kanhaiya’s gun from his pouch and points it towards Kanhaiya and everyone is shocked. Chitrasi grabs Sona and points the gun on Sona’s head. Chitrasi says yes, everything Sona said was true and i did all this for the property. Don’t i need compensation for acting as a widow all this years? Everything was fine until Kanhaiya come and he came with his wife! How could i tolerate all this? Written Update by Visha_Dhami. Kannhaiya asks to let go Sona and Chitrasi asks not to come forward or she will shoot Sona. Everyone is shocked and Kanhaiya says i am warning you, i will never leave you if anything happen to Sona. Siddeshwar asks what do you want? I will give more than you ask for. Chitrasi shoots in the air and everyone is shocked. Chitrasi says i am warning you Kanhaiya, don’t come near and try to play with me. Chitrasi holds Sona and asks everyone not to move and Kanhaiya is shocked looking at Siddeshwar.

Precap :
Chitrasi locks herself in a room with Sona pointing a gun towards Sona while Kanhaiya, Siddeshwar and Suhnaina shouts for Chitrasi to open the door. Chitrasi asks Kanhaiya to prepare a car and cash for her to leave or she would kill Sona and everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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