Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Sanchi joins in everyone and asks what’s the matter? Everyone seems so happy. Mahi also returns. He congratulates Sanchiand apologizes for not attending her engagement. He asks her how everything was. Sanchi says, fantastic, but if you were there, then it would be more fun. Mahi says, it’s my bad luck going on and you got this time only to do your engagement. Daddu jokes, not a problem, we will do Mahi’s engagement as well, that way he will forget and won’t feel bad for not attending Sanchi’s engagement. Mahi remembers Aashima. Daddu then tells Sanchi to learn as much as she can from Anandi and make this family proud when she goes to Badi Haveli. Mahi too teases Sanchi. Ira then reminds Sanchi of Raksha Bandhan and family talks about that.

Nandu is playing with his sister without even changing school clothes. Dadisa comes there. Nandu drops a toy near her by mistake and Gehna shouts at him. Nandu cries. Dadisa says he didn’t do anything purposely. He loves his sister a lot. Dadisa then calmly explains to him to be careful. She then says, there is sweets for him and tells him to go and eat. Nandu is very sad as he leaves. Dadisa tells Gehna she shouldn’t have shouted like that. Gehna says, but he had to be careful. Dadisa says, before his sister came, you loved him a lot and now you’re giving all attention to Bhairavi. Pay attention to him as well. Gehna says, but he has grown up. Dadisa says, but he’s still a child. Sometimes situations like this make children feel that you don’t love them much. So love him more than your daughter. Gehna agrees.

Jagya calls Ganga. He asks why you didn’t call. Ganga says, I thought to set everything and then call. She says, Mannu was very happy as he sat in the train for the first time and I have sent him out with Ghanshyam kaka. She then asks if his engagement went fine and he didn’t get late because of her. Jagya says he didnt get late. Both are out of words now and very emotional. Tears are pouring from Ganga’s eyes. She tells Jagya she will call later and hangs.

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai song is playing. Mannu is clapping. Ganga tells Mannu, doyou know today is Raksha Bandha. I am feeling like talking to Dadisa. Mannu says, Dadisa? Ganga says, yes. Mannu takes phone and gives it to her. Ganga says, what if someone else picks up?

At Badi Haveli, Nandu comes running with a gift. He says, I will get Rakhi tied first from Bhairavi. Dadisa says, Jagdish is elder than you so it will be his turn first and before that she ties Rakhi to Basant and Bhairo. Dadisa then tells Sumi to tie Rakhis to Jagdish on behalf of Sugna and Bhairavi. She tells her to put Rakhi in Bhairavi’s hand first and then tie. Dadisa tells Jagya and Nandu that they will have to wait 3 to 4 years before Bhairavi will be able to tie Rakhi to them. Their phone rings. Sumi picks up. It’s Ganga. She remembers Sumi’s harsh words and doesn’t say anything. Sumi puts the phone down, but she didn’t disconnect. Sumi tells everyone that Sugna wanted to come but has to go for her child’s admission. Sumi is very sad. Dadisa explains when someone goes away, they send Rakhis thru mail. Dadisa tells her to tie Rakhi now. After Sumi ties Rakhis, Jagya asks her if he should give Sugna’s gift. Sumi says, it’s her gift.. save it for her. Jagya then gives a small gift (money) to her small sister. Gehna says, it’s not needed. Jagya says, don’t say anything.. its between me and my sister. Buy something for her. Ganga smiles hearing this conversation.

Now Gehna does Nandu’s arti and tilak. She says, your sister did your arti. She’s tying Rakhi now. Daidsa reminds her as well to put Rakhi in Bhairavi’s hand first. On the other hand, Ganga takes out the Rakhi and tells Mannu that she made Bhairavi touch it and now she will tie him as well. Ganga doesn’t have anything to do tilak to Mannu. She takes out her bindiya and puts it on Mannu. One side, Gehna ties Rakhi to Nandu and on the other hand, Gehna ties Rakhi to Mannu. Nandu takes money from Basant to give to Bhairavi. After he takes money, he says what she will do with money.. I will keep it and give her when she gets older. Dadisa says, so smart.. first took money and now saying you will keep it. What you will do with money? Spend on chhhipps? Nandu says, no I won’t spend it.. I will keep it safely. He then gifts Bhairavi a doll which he bought from his pocket money.

Dadisa is proud of Nandu and Jagya. She calls both of them to her and hugs them. Dadisa says, it’s true.. when it’s about sharing love, elders become children too. Everyone smiles. Other hand, Ganga too smiles. Screen freezes on Dadisa hugging Nandu and Jagya.

Voiceover: Something about Rakhi and brother-sister relationship.

Precap: Jagya tells his family that he is going to Mangalore to see Ganga. Everyone, especially Sumi, is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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