Madhubala 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK looking at Madhu with anger. Dau ji says she was not running from home, but was going on jogging. Agni hears this and thinks where was she going. Dau ji says she is ahead of you, don’t be lazy and learn from her. He praises Madhu and says you made me happy, you should have 10 children, its my blessings. He leaves. RK looks at Madhu and brings her inside. He shuts the door and says what do you think you are, I saved you from snake, and you were biting me like snake, I feel to kill you and end this, but I m helpless, I can’t do this, I love you.

She says you can’t love me showing me gun, I hate you. He says I regard you my everything. She says you can’t keep me here for always, I will try to run again, and I will die but not be with you. She says husband and wife’s relation is of love and respect. He gets closer and says my love is like me, wild. He says if I don’t get my love, I will not beg for it, I will bound it. He ties her and says I will snatch love, as I know my strength. He says if you try to run again, and I will make this house a jail for you, think you want to become my Rani or a prisoner.

She looks on shocked. He leaves her and says understand my feelings. She cries. He says see I shouted on you and you are shaking. He says you hate us and my family, remove this poison and accept me as husband. He says love me and be happy and spend your life with me, its not hard. He says you don’t have any other option. Bhabhi hears this and feels sad. She leaves. RK goes out of the room. Agni is cooking in the kitchen with Tara and Bai ji. She speaks against Madhu. Tara says let her rest, she is newly married. Agni says its about breaking our rules. Bai ji asks what did she do now.

Agni says she was roaming without ghunghat. Tara says Agni is right, how can RK not see this. Agni says why is Dau ji not telling anything. She asks Bau ji to do justice, else they will also not wear ghunghat. Bai ji says I will see her.Bhabhi comes in Madhu’s room and sweeps the room. Madhu says stop this, sit. She gives her water and calms her down. Bhabhi cries. Madhu asks what happened, did I do any mistake. Bhabhi says what you are doing is not good. A widow means a dead body here.

She says I m unlucky, I request you not to see me with love and respect. Madhu says I know they are torturing you, I don’t know why do you bear all this, why don’t you go your home, your family will understand you. Bhabhi says I went home, but they asked me to stay here. She says my husband is not with me and you have RK with you. Bai ji and everyone come and are shocked to see Bhabhi there. Bai ji scolds Bhabhi. Bhabhi sweeps again and leaves.

Bai ji says she came to invite Madhu for the Jashan. Madhu asks what Jashan. Bai ji says to welcome you, you are my bahu, we have to tell the world about this. She asks Madhu to put Pallu on her head and she has to follow the rules. She says RK did not teach you anything, but I will. She dons the saree end on her head. Agni smiles.

Rk gives 10 mins to Madhu and asks her to get ready, else he will lift her in current clothes and take her outside.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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