Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mayank faints with the smoke of the pooja. He falls on the ground, Gunjan runs to him, everyone else gather. Gunjan goes to call doctor but Guru ji stops her saying they don’t need a doctor when he is here and tells her to calm down.
Rachna comes to hospital, KT tells her where Rajiv sir is. She goes inside, Rajiv sir sits on the bed seeing her. She asks how you are, he says I am alive and is ready to start hockey classes again. She smiles and sits on the bench.
Guru ji reads something bent on Mayank and goes to sit on his chair. Mayank comes to consciousness. A follower tells them Guru ji took Mayank problem on him, nothing will happen to him now. Guru ji asks how is he feeling, he says he is absolutely fine. Seema goes to Guru ji’s feet and says when he is with them nothing will come to their family. Mayank comes to Guru ji and says he has firm believe in his abilities and he is lucky to have you near us. Guru ji says that good always come to good people. He tells Seema that this is the golden time for Mayank but to improve this, he will have to do some remedy. Seema asks what the remedy is, Guru ji begins to leave. Seema asks a follower what is the remedy he was telling her about; he gives her the visiting card of Guru ji.
KT sees Rachna and Rajiv talking to each other. Rajiv says he want to leave the hospital and stands up saying he is fit. Rachna is worried and sees KT and asks for his help. KT invites Rajiv to stay at his home. Rachna smiles and says thank you to KT. He thinks he can do anything for this million dollar smile of Rachna.
Pihu is leaving bidding farewell to everyone. Murli promises Bauji he will take good care of Pihu. After they leave Shayl and Bauji appreciates Seema and her Guru ji. Bauji asks Shayl for tea.
KT brings Rajiv to his home, Rachna sees him in pain while sitting and goes to help her. Rajiv asks KT to sit and thanks him for permitting in his home. KT says he is always welcomes and he is Miss Garg’s friend. KT and Rajiv have a formal introduction. Rajiv asks for water, KT goes to take it. Rachna thanks Rajiv for helping them with the police and asks about Vehan. He says Vehan is settled in UK. KT gets lost listening to all their talks.
Seema gets a call and says she can do anything for Guru ji. She takes out some jewelry from cupboard and thinks she can get Rs. 42,000 with this.
KT was lost in thoughts, water pouring on the table. Dadi comes there; KT takes her to meet Rajiv. He introduces Rajiv and tells Dadi he is Rachna’s friend and will stay here until gets alright. Dadi agrees, she says you are Rachna’s sir so he is not an outsider for them. Dadi goes to get fresh, her friend also leave. Rachna helps Rajiv to get adjusted on the sofa. KT doesn’t like this.
Mayank keeps chillis and lemon in his purse. Gunjan brings breakfast for him. He says he has kept a fast, and he has a presentation in front of chairman but he is not prepared. Gunjan says Guru ji said himself that he never wants to disturb all his work. Seema comes and scolds Gunjan and says that her Mayank has now got the blessings of Guru ji. Seema puts a tikka on his forehead, and tells him to take a ring from the jeweller she ordered for him. Gunjan thinks Seema is going to false belief on a person.
Rajiv says that it was a coincidence that he had an accident with KT’s car. KT says it was written to be. Rachna tells Rajiv that KT was going to let her meet his girlfriend. Rajiv asks KT to tell who that mysterious girlfriend is.

PRECAP: Mayank sees a baby’s pram going on the road unattended while a truck came from the other side. He runs after it.

Update Credit to:Sona

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