Ek Boond Ishq 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Boond Ishq 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
bablu is tied with chair, kala’s servant tries to feed him food but he doesn’t eat being angry. otherside tara is about to eat food but thinks that don’t know where is mj, did he eat something or not, she doesn’t eat. mj says I will not eat , I am missing suseela, servant leaves. mj thinks that two days passed away and tara must be worried, how to inform her about me. tara is tensed.
kala is happy that nobody can be able to find me here, police will do search but will get nothing.
tara is tensed in her room, adi meethi and nimmo comes there, adi ask can we do something, tara says only we have to do something, mj must be in problem, he faced all problems but now I will face for him and will find him and for that kala should be caught, nandu will tell us about rudra.

Scene 2
meethi is happily cooking in kitchen, nandu ask her, she says I am happy as now with baba’s presence you will not lure adi, you are his brother’s wife inront of him and now I will get adi back, tara comes and scolds meethi that my sister doesn’t want to lure adi, she is very pretty, your husband is behind her, now cook food. she takes nandu from there. nandu says meethi was right, I cant even look at adi infront of jairaj, tara says yes when rudra will come then you cant even stand beside adi, you will have to act like good wife, adi will be lost, nandu thinks, tara says are you thinking to make rudra caught by police but you don’t know where is he, nandu says I know about him, he called me. tara says are you thinking to make kala caught by police so that he can never become rudra and your husband, but why will you that, nandu says I can do that because if kala goes in jail then this property and adi will be mine, tara smirks and says don’t say you will call police and tell them about kala, nandu calls police station.
next police is searching for kala at her den, kala listens dog barking and goes to see outside, she finds police outside and is stunned, she is tensed that how they came here, If I get caught then they will never get rudra and fi they will not get rudra then they will not free me, she sees police searching everywhere and says they have surrounded from everywhere. police open window and doesn’t find kala, one says that there is still room left, they comes upstairs to check in room, kala in room thinks what to do, she gets an idea, police opens room and finds rudra tied with chair, inspector opens his rope and informs police station that kala ran away but they got rudra.

Scene 3
in villa, jairaj is seeing mj’s pic, nimmo says you are missing him, jairaj sasy I made up my mind that he is dead but now I am back in this house so I remember him more, I still remember when we were celebrating adi’s birthday, mj was sitting in corner of house. flashback shows little mj asking jairaj why his birthday doesn’t come ever, I don’t cut cake like others, jairaj pretends and calls god, he ask when should we celebrate mj’s birthday, he says to mj that god said your birthday will be on date when you came in this house. mj hugs jairaj. fb ends. nimmo says you used to celebrate his birthday every year but I used to make excuse and never came in his birthday, I never appreciated him and now when he is not with us, I miss him a lot. jairaj tells her that tomorrow is same day when mj came in house and when I use to celebrate his birthday, nimmo thinks its also game of fate that the day on which mj born, the same day he came to this house after an year. if I tell you that I am real mother of mj, then will you forgive me.

Scene 4
rudra comes home, tara and nandu comes and are stunned to see him, tara ask whether there was no one with him, rudra ask who, tara says leader. rudra says to police that I don’t know whom kala you are talking about, I listened to man’s voice when I was kidnapped, police says that they got a wig and over coat from place so eunuch was there, tara thinks don’t know where he hided mj, inspector ask tara whether she wants to say anything, tara says I want to say that how kala can kidnap him when kala.. inspector ask kala what? rudra diverts topic and inspector leaves. tara says it feels good to see you again, rudra sees nandu tensed and ask are you not happy to see me, she says nothing like that, actually when your phone call came.. rudra ask whom did you tell about my phone call, nandu looks at tara but tara says to leav it, you know all were worried for you, rudra ask who all? tara ask nandu to tell him whom she is talking about.

Scene 5
nimmo is thinking, jairaj ask what are you thinking, nimmo says I want to say something, he says go ahead, nimmo says actually.. tara calls nimmo, jairaj and all in hall. rudra is shocked to see them, jairaj hugs rudra and says I was worried for you, I pray that kala never get peace, adi greets him and says kala should die like dog, nimmo says my heart prays ill for that kala, rudra coughs and says its feels good that you all are here, nimmo says its all because of nandu, she brought us here and said that she will not let tara do injustice, rudra looks angrily at nandu who is tensed, adi ask are you not happy to see us, rudra says no, it feels good to see all at home after long time, he hugs jaiarja and thinks that you all came here but will not stay here for long because my trump card bablu will be coming here but 1st I have to deal with this nandu.

PRECAP- bablu cries being tied at kala’s den and says grandpa please save me from this place, rudra comes and says nobody will come to save, bablu/mj looks at him, rudra says kala has send me to take you from here, mj thinks that if he is rudra’s getup then everything is going as per plan

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lol the way MJ acts as bablu its so funny just like in duplicate SRK acts as bablu a weird kind of stupid but cute guy

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