Mahabharat 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, duryodhan says Krishna that he has made his arrangements in his castle Krishna says i will stay with mahamantri vidhur since he had been to virat with the suggestion of peace , karna greets Krishna n wishes him luck for the sabha the next day were peace will be discussed . in mhahamantris house Krishna is served ordinary food n asking why kunti says we have been eating such food since dut game how will we enjoy lavish food wen r hearts are deeply hurted n unhappy Krishna says tats truth but th era of happiness will be back kunti says on one side im worried abt the destroy of world while on other hand abt adhrama spread Krishna says war will take place in tomorrows sabha we will see it how n all begin their dinner.

Krishna enters the sabha , dritrashtra says dear vasudev Krishna plz show us a way to get out of this war situation Krishna says theres one n simple way give back pandavas their wealth n ask ur children have to be ready to sacrifice their ego n ask for forgiveness n be ready to face punishments n i ensure u war will be cancelled n ur sons lives will be saved duryodhan says dritrashtra is not the king of pandavas wealth its me n so pandavas have no right to fight Krishna says to fight against adharma needs no right so don’t blame them Krishna turns to dritrashtra n says all this would have never happened if yudishtir was given his rights he deserved n declared king but u didn’t dritrashtra says kings son is supposed to bre king so it was duryodhans right Krishna says u were never declared king don’t u remember mamashri says forget abt past lets discuss the current situation duryodhan says in dut game yudishtir by himself betted on his family so how is this adharma Krishna says adharma was insulting a women duryodhan says even she had insulted me in maya sabha Krishna says then y didn’t u fight against it at tat time u chose the path of evil bcoz u have no guts to fight for urself mamashri says in dut sabha we had bhishma dron in dut does it mean they belong to adharma Krishna says yes they clearly do, mahamantri says we shd not discuss abt dharma n adharma so lets discuss abt peace duryodhan says i don’t agree with Krishna so im leaving Krishna says if duryodhan leaves i will never come back n will meet u on war field dritrashtra orders duryodhan to stop n asks Krishna how can a soldier expect punishment Krishna says then how do u expect pandavas to ignore abt draupadis insult .

Krishna says go on mamashri imprison me fulfil ur evil plans .

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