Madhubala 1st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is sitting for the puja… Pandit puts Tilak on his forehead!

He asks her to put kajal on RK n RK says..its the rasam..where Bhabhi puts on Devar .. n Dips says.. JEE DEVARJEE!

Dips applies.. kajal on RKs eyes! Pandit asks to give NEK for it.. n RK asks for chillar.. n all lauf Radha chides him n he gives cash..!

Dips refuses… all are She applies kajal on other eye too! RK thanks her..!

Dips says.. kuch beeti suhani hawao ke naam aur kuch aane wali tez hawao ke naam..! Sikky chides her.for not taking money n Sikky pleads to God to have made him RKs bhabhi so he could have taken the cash!

Pandit asks Radha to put Sehra on him n RK says.. be back soon n leaves..! News channels report Rishbala wedding details ..! Reporter says.. RK will go to temple at 5pm n wedding rituals begin at 8pm!

Sultan comes… switches off the TV n asks Paddo why hurting herself? Paddo says..its too less a pain n asks him why he is not doing anything to stop the wedding?

Sultan says..he is going there n will stop Madhu n if that doesnt happen THEN … he promises.. he wont let anything happen to Madhu ..! Trish nods! Sultan leaves..!

Madhu is wearing wedding attire and RK comes n Madhu hides her face! RK says.. chand bad dua dega tumhe.. coz..after today. .all will tell Chand.. tum Madhu ka tukda lag rahe ho..! RK smiles..

Madhu tells RK that he broke all the atleast not see her in bridal wear.. n RK agrees.. ! He says..came to see if its for real or a dream Madhu says..NO ..its a REAL .. n will stay REAL .. n she wont let anything come between them..!

She asks him to go fast to temple n come back they can get married fast..! RK teases saying.. already ordering? He leaves..! Madhus finger is bleeding coz of a jewelery n RK rushes by her side n sucks the blood..! Madhu keeps her face hidden!

She says.. it seems the affect of his past life.. of being VAMPIRE has not gone ..yet..! RK asks what? Madhu says…he is after her blood n RK says..coz its so tasty! He removes the dupatta and sees Madhus face..! Eyelock..! RK says..all is true.. not dream..!

Madhu says..they are gonna be ONE!

RK thanks her..for loving him so much n bringing so much love in her heart for him! RK says..he is leaving all things behind and moving on with her.. n now no prem game.. n its a new start.. n now it will be them n a junoon bhara ishq..! He says.. I LOVE U Madhu..! Madhu is stunned..! RK excuses himself..!

Madhu feels guilty for not telling the whole truth to RK

Beautician comes..!

RK Radha Bittu are walking together n Radha asks RK ..why is he glowing n RK blushes.. n walks away..! Bittu says…coz..he got BHABHI JEE!

RK is surrounded by media n they ask for byte n RK says.. after being born.. do fall in love..or life will be incomplete..! RK-Radha-Bittu leave..!

Sultan is sneaking in.. n Bittu notices.. some movement n asks to stop him but is called by RK n he leaves..! Sultan is i the guise of a reporter

Madhus make up and hair is being set..! Madhu recollects her words.. to Paddo Sultan about punishing RK ..! RKs proposal ..n is all sad..!

Madhu rues that her heart is full of love for RK but she has not told that to RK yet! Dips self thot. .glad all left.. !

RK-Radha are at temple doing puja.. and Pandit asks to put Raksha sutra on RK n she does..! RK asks why is all so special? Radha says..coz he has taken RIGHT decision…! She says..he is Rishabh Mohan Kundra by DEED too..!

Part 2

Security tell Sultan someone else gave jewelery in the morning.. Sultan says..some pieces were left so…

He asks if he can go in? Security is not convinced..! Sultan threatens him saying if RK finds out any idea what will happen?

Security calls inside n Dips receives. .n asks to let Sultan in…!

Sikky asks who has come n she says…Sul n then says Sunhar.. for some left pieces..!

Dips smiles thinking… Sultan is here…!

Part 3

Sikky goes to meet the jeweler but Dips stops him n says.. not so soon..n starts to close in on Sikky n he is She says.. jabhi tumhara naam leti hun kuch kuch hone lagta hai..

Sikky asks WHERE? n then says..

Sultan reaches…outside RK mansion hall..!

The puja is on .. RK-Radha are totally focussed on it..! Sikky says.. tum meri baby aur main tumhara baba.. ! Dips asks Sikky to kep her eyes closed.. n leaves..!

Sultan is met at the door by servant n he is quiet..when asked who he is..! Dips smiles seeing him!

Precap — Madhu hears footsteps n thinks its RK n turns n sees Sultan n tells Sultan ..that she din want to do this..! Dunno how i did it..! Sultan says..he is here n RK wont be able to do anything..! Madhu asks him why is he here? Sultan says.. to take her home! Madhu is !

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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